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The true horror of the Alien invasion is revealed as one investigates a stunned Micronoid puddle.
#redirect [[The Real Alien Threat (Apocalypse)]]
The Aliens are not the creatures. They are the very cellular structure of the living tissue which all aliens are "made" with. Their blood supply is a hive of billions of organic cells which are all linked together via psychic link. All Aliens are made of a single consciousness, a single intelligence spanning two different dimensions of existence. When an Alien falls, the "Many" is weakened equal to the amount of cells dead. For every new cell, the intellect of the "Many" increases. The Mind has expanded enough to conquer it's home world, turning it into a single gigantic organic city with an army and fleet.
The dreadful fact is that it must have had contact with the Aliens of the first Alien War, as they have imprisoned Sectoids to kill for food. It must be that they have chosen us as their next host, both for reproduction and nutritional purposes.
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