Thermic Lance

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General Information

Thermic Lance
(h x w)
3 x 2 Thermiclance.gif
Weight 10
D. Threshold 20
Sale Price $
Research Vibro Blade, Gillman Autopsy
Damage 110 Drill
Action TU Accuracy
Attack 15% 160%
Cost $12,000
Technician Hours 220
Workspace 3
Materials 2 Zrbite
Key Features
  • Melee range only
Pros Cons
  • Mind controlled units can't use it on your troops
  • Can be a lifesaver in narrow passages during Cruiser Terror Missions, Colony Assaults and Artefact Sites
  • Lowest damage per Time Unit consumption compared to Vibro Blade and Heavy Thermic Lance
  • With 10 weight units, rather cumbersome for low strength soldiers
  • Cannot destroy terrain

The Thermic Lance is the next generation of the Vibro Blade, casting away the traditional spiral drill bit for a more powerful alien thermal rod.

The Thermic Lance is slower than the Vibroblade but has augmented stopping power that can kill the Lobsterman, one of the hardiest foes X-COM has encountered, with one well placed attack. Even large terror units with plenty of exterior armor don't take too kindly to the torque put out by this drill.

As with the other drills, the aliens haven't an inkling on how to operate these devices. More's the mystery as to why they are even brought into combat! Instead they arm themselves with four Sonic Pulsers.

One peculiarity the scientists had when studying the Thermic Lance was that in order to understand how to operate the device, a dissection of a Gillman was required. How the internals of a Gillman and the drills are linked is a rather bizarre mystery.

The drill-based weapons were introduced in Terror from the Deep. They are the only forms of equipment to have no direct equivalents in the previous game, UFO: Enemy Unknown.

Usage notes

  • While slower than the Vibro Blade, the Thermic Lance is not any heavier and as such strikes a good balance between power and weight. Still, it is not light and shouldn't be assigned to weak or rookie soldiers.
  • Compared with the Vibro Blade and Heavy Thermic Lance at a total use of 60% Time Units, the Thermic Lance deals the least damage of the 3 melee ranged weapons. With only 440 damage total (4 uses) it places last, followed by the Heavy Thermic Lance with 450 damage (3 uses), while the Vibro Blade places first with a total of 480 damage (6 uses).

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