Tips and Tricks (Enforcer)

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Combat Tips

Terminal Velocity

Enforcer is rather durable, but it's not invulnerable. Long falls will cause damage to Enforcer(jumping off the parking garage will cause about 60 damage). However, landing on an alien will use them as a velocity sponge and transfer it to them, such that you can crush weak enemies by landing on them after even a relatively small jump!

Mouselook and XFreeLook

The Enforcer is taller than most aliens, and will often shoot over their heads. Activating mouselook and aiming downwards often assists in targeting. The default Laser Rifle/Auto Cannon and Shotgun are two good examples where mouselook is essential for attacking shorter targets in close quarter combat. The Mass Driver can also use the targeting crosshairs for making pinpoint attacks.

As an alternate to Mouselook, there is an XFreeLook mode detailed in the readme.txt file that provides a more traditional third-person shooter free-look mode to the default limited angle mouselook. In the game's folder, open system/user.ini and locate the key that you wish to bind and enter XFreeLook after the = symbol.

XFreeLookToggle is a toggle version so you needn't hold the key down all the time.

Hot Streaks

Every time the Enforcer defeats an enemy, a small part of the Hot Streak bar will increase. When damaged, a sizable chunk is taken from the bar. Once the bar is full, the Enforcer will receives some very useful benefits.

As long as it is full, all picked up weapons will be upgraded a level, if not already fully upgraded. Additionally, the Enforcer will start to enjoy the effects of a random power up at various intervals throughout the Hotstreak, such as the cloak, speed and damage multiplier. Not all powerups are available such as the Air strike or Invulnerator through this.


Teleporters are a major source of the mobs of generic enemies that you encounter through most of the game. Target them first to quickly quell the rush of enemies in the immediate area.

If you plan to farm data points from them, be mindful that this could be a slow way of raising data points and be mindful of what weapons you use to leave them unharmed.

Run and Jump

Enemies will be spawning around you and attacking from every conceivable angle. Always be on the move and if you can upgrade your thrusters you can jump to get out of the way of enemy projectiles.

While you should always be moving, be extra mindful of where you are treading. The random weapon drops can be very hazardous to your ability to deal with enemies and may break hot-streaks.

Research Tips

Controlling Random Weapons and Powerups

Weapon and powerups are teleported at random around the Enforcer during combat. Because it is random, the Enforcer can run into them at any time by mistake. This can be troublesome if it was an undesirable pickup that downgraded your formerly powerful weapon to a lesser weapon.

To control this a little, do not unlock every technology there is just for the sake of unlocking it. Instead, only unlock the ones you know you are going to use extensively during the current play through. This also has the advantage of conserving your Datapoints.

Limiting the types of unlocked weapons also limits the variability of what it teleported around the Enforcer.


If you are new to the game or have reinstalled the game after a long while and do not have any backed up Enforcer save profiles, consider playing through on an easier level before moving onto harder settings. Use this as a chance to familiarize yourself with the game as well as pick up researchable items.

While not everything is transferred you do carry over the base technology over and remaining Data Points. Technologies carried over will be locked, but it does mean you can pick and choose what technology to unlock during the course of your next game, and any further researchable-items you pick up will be worth 1000 data points.