To Do List (Apocalypse)

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Please add your suggestions to this informal page

To Do

Pick One!

  • Turn-based page needs in-fill from someone who uses it. Real-Time page is done.
  • Overspawn walks thru some, demolishes others. List which is which. Add solution to Apoc'd Edits page.
  • Weapon damage types icons added to Damage page.
  • Armor page four into one - forgot to list this one, but now its done.
  • Buildings: combat tactics and general building interesting features text In-fill to each building page.
  • Better pics of various plant growths which have an effect of some sort. New pics of all with black background.
  • Bio-Chemistry and Quantum Physics pages: split up the chart into sections to make it easy to search.
  • Agent Equipment: "UFOpaedia pic + Reticulan fonts" of weapons and ammunition.
  • Agent Equipment: icon pics of weapons using yellow background. Shows easy comparable scale of item.
  • Cut Content page: go thru and removed repetative mention of <text in-game: none> and debug also etc. after the equip listing.
  • Use XME to go thru all battlescape segments and list which ones are never used, then add to Cut Content page
  • Alien Ship Technology: Propulsion, Energy, Control pages need alot of work finishing. Better pics
  • Base Locations: add percentage frequency to each layout shown, of getting a particular building for each difficulty.
  • Better pics (black background + resize 200%) all unit 360deg. collage
  • Cityscape and Tactical pages: pics with pink arrows and boxed text pointing to buttons could use a more thorough explaination.