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[[Category: Long War]]
[[Category: Long War]]
[[Category: Overview (Long War)]]
[[Category: Overview (Long War)]]
==Iago van Doorn==
https://i.imgur.com/pLpFgIM.jpg oh snap. Info needed, and a clear picture.

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Welcome to the Long War wiki once again and thank you for your interest in contributing. There is a lot to be updated, uploaded and created still and projects will be divided by category as per current structure. Major wiki projects will have separate categories. Projects will have a link/s to relevant articles and forum threads, finished projects will be marked with Yes .

Important: Please categorize new pages with at least a [[Category: Long War]] when creating them. Thank you.


Yes Troubleshooting Guide to be added.

  • Create an Overview category and Navbar for easy navigation.

Mod information

  • Current article contains no viable information. It should contain mod requirements (game version and patch), differences between EU and EW version of the mod, best install practices and how to report bugs.
  • A good addition would be to add patch notes for all released versions.

Bug list

Yes Current list is relatively up to date and if you have time, always check the current post by Johnny to verify whether new bugs have been confirmed.


Many pages are not updated to Beta 14.

  • A Council Requests page detailing requirements for and values of requests.

HQ Facilities

Yes The Facilities article requires reconstruction. Description should be moved to individual articles and a table should be created, containing key information - research to unlock, costs, upkeep, building time, synergy, effect (+power/research/lower building costs etc.) When possible, add an image of each facility.

Yes Added new Facilities page to replace the old one. Made old page into a redirect to the new page. Updated links from the old page to the new page. New page could use verifications.

  • Navbar should be added for the whole section. All separate articles should be expanded using the Facilities Infobox and said Navbar.
  • Hangar article should have all text information on aircraft, weapons and modules merged with the tables. The tables should be improved.


  • While the numbers are correct, the type of materials required to research Alien Propulsion and Mind and Machine are unknown. These should be verified and updated. - Mind and Machine updated.
  • The requirements and advancements for storybased Research Projects, such as Alien Communications should be clarified. For example, which projects must be completed before players can perform an Alien Base Assault, which is required for Alien Communications.
  • Council Requests need verification. Research Credits could use verification as well.


Class trees

  • After the ability templates are done, all current descriptions in the tables should be replaced with those templates for easier updating in the future as well as consistency of descriptions.
  • New icons should be added to level-up tables.
  • All MEC classes are in need of update, but not before the ability templates are finished, since you will be just wasting your time.


  • A separate article should be created for each armor, containing - armor description, armor box with all armor attributes, full-sized in-game item card, aligned to the right, two pictures showing the armor being worn by male and female soldiers.
  • All new articles should be added to Navbar. It will be updated to contain Armor, Weapons and Equipment categories shortly.


Add and verify alien perk and stat



  • Create an article outlining all maps in use and which type of mission uses them.

Gameplay mechanics

Guides and Tips

Perk/Ability templates

Yes See Tactical Sense for an example. The idea is to make template for each perk which afterwards can be used in Class trees, equipment tables, Alien and Exalt abilities tables and much more. Thus when a perk requires to be updated, you will have to go the template and edit once, not having to revisit each article making use of the perk.

Note that the current base template has two parameters:
- "align" with "center" as a default value. You can use to change the alignment of both icon and text, thus using the template in either class trees or ordinary tables.
You can use it as such : name of template |align = left/center/right/justify
- "text" which is used to display the description of the perk. By default it is switched of therefore in order to display the description you should add - name of template |text=1

Do not be surprised if you see on the template page no description. It is there and you can browse/edit it by going to the edit screen.

Yes All perks/abilities should eventually be added for easy browsing by users in the Abilities list article.

Extracting and uploading game and mod art

A lot of assets can be extracted from the game and mod and uploaded on the wiki in order to improve/create articles. This section will be updated as necessary.

  • An article outlining how to extract, where to look and how to upload assets should be written.

Iago van Doorn

https://i.imgur.com/pLpFgIM.jpg oh snap. Info needed, and a clear picture.