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Welcome to the Long War wiki once again and thank you for your interest in contributing. There is a lot to be updated, uploaded and created still and projects will be divided by category as per current structure. Major wiki projects will have separate categories. Projects will have a link/s to relevant articles and forum threads, finished projects will be marked with Yes .

Important: Please categorize new pages with at least a [[Category: Long War]] when creating them. Thank you.

Mod information

Gray Market

  • Create a list and add values for all items/artifacts.
  • Move this page to Situation Room subcategory, under XCOM Facilities.

Covert Operations

  • Expand info (e.g. intel scan timing).
  • Move to EXALT category.

The Council

  • Possibly create Council Requests page, detailing requirements for and values of requests.

XCOM Facilities

Mission Control

  • Page is lacking details.


  • Improve page, explain displayed info & stats etc.



  • Add info about Van Doorn, Friendly and DLCs' special soldiers, and their stat progression and applicable innate perks.


  • All new articles should be added to Navbar. It will be updated to contain Armor, Weapons and Equipment categories shortly.


  • Move Covert Operations subcategory to here.


  • Update needed on new EXALT nomenclatures.

Gameplay mechanics


  • Should be renamed to World Panic or Panic Levels as to not be confused with soldiers' panic.

Dev Console

  • Eventually add all commands.

Guides and Tips

Strategy Guide

  • Could use more details and updates.

Combat Tactics

  • Could use more up-to-date info and findings.

Custom Modifications

  • Some parts are outdated.
  • Needs formatting improvements.
  • Possibly add list of mods compatible with LW.

Extracting and uploading game and mod art

A lot of assets can be extracted from the game and mod and uploaded on the wiki in order to improve/create articles. This section will be updated as necessary.

  • An article outlining how to extract, where to look and how to upload assets should be written.