Torque (Chimera)

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Agent Torque
Agent Torque
Traits Enemy/Ally Repositioning, Poison
Weapon SMG
Torque is the only squad member with a tongue as sharp as Terminal’s, though she deploys it even more skillfully.

"Quotes? Sure, Whisper. Can you quote this gesture? How about two?"- Torque

Torque is a viper and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Torque is mobile, possesses innate Dodge, and has exceptional Aim, but has somewhat low potential for direct damage. Her signature ability is the ability to pull enemies or allies adjacent to her and to Bind adjacent enemies, disabling and damaging them for the duration; she is also able to inflict damage over time using poisonous attacks. Torque is naturally able to fit through vents that would normally require Infiltrator Weave armor, and is also immune to poison. When used in conjunction with Shelter's Relocate, she can rapidly transport a VIP from one side of a map to the other within a single round.


Health Mobility Aim Will Dodge Crit Psi
7 10 65 50 0 0 50


Rank Ability
Agent Bind

Wraps up an adjacent enemy, dealing 2 damage and preventing them from acting on their turn. Bound enemies cannot be targeted by XCOM for fear of damaging Torque, and the enemy will be freed if Torque is damaged. Free Action.

Tongue Pull
Pulls an ally or an enemy into melee range; if the target is an enemy, this will count as movement for the purpose of overwatch and will poison them if they are moved through a poison pool. Some oversized enemies cannot be moved.
Poison Immunity

Torque is immune to poison.


Torque can use Vent breach points without needing to equip Infiltrator Weave.

Deputy Agent Toxic Greeting
In Breach Mode, spits venom that poisons the target for 2 turns (2 damage per turn).
Field Agent Tight Squeeze
Bind deals 3 more damage (for a total of 5).
Hard Target
Gain a bonus to Mobility on the first turn of a battle and a permanent increase to Dodge.
Special Agent Poison Spit
Spits poison that expands into a pool, dealing minor damage on impact and poisoning all enemies that touch the pool. 3 turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Reinforced Scales
Torque no longer releases Bind if damaged and gains +1 armor when using Bind.
Synthetic Venom
Crit bonus against poisoned enemies, and ending the turn in a poison pool restore health.
Principal Agent Vicious Bite

A powerful melee attack that poisons enemies. 3 turn cooldown.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+1 mobility and +20 Dodge.

Training (Principal Agent) Tag Team

Allies targeted by Tongue Pull gain a free action.

Tactical Advice

  • Not all enemies can be Bound or Tongue-Pulled. Larger enemies (e.g., MECs) and Bosses cannot be Bound nor Tongue-Pulled, so plan accordingly.
  • Bind only works if Torque is directly in front of / behind of / beside an enemy; it will not work if she is at a diagonal.
    • The game will try to 'drop' a Tongue-Pulled enemy beside her; but if the target square(s) are occupied, sometimes the game will drop the enemy at a diagonal. This usually happens only if Torque is standing at a 'corner' made of 2 covers, or a squadmate is standing beside her.
  • Setting up another Agent to overwatch near Torque will force enemies to take hits when she pulls them to her, on top of leaving them exposed to further attacks. As Tongue Pull does not end her turn, this can be followed up by a regular shot, Bind, or Vicious Bite as needed.
    • This means that Torque should be placed as early as possible if the breach point provides the Watchtower perk (agents automatically going into overwatch after breaching).
    • The Tongue Pull can also trigger Godmother's Close Combat Specialist skill, which means that if you equip Torque with Reflex Grip, you can quickly deal a great amount of damage to a strong enemy: Torque fire at the enemy, Torque tongue-pulling the enemy, Godmother's CCS skill gets triggered, and if the enemy is still alive, Torque can continue with a Bind. Or you can start with Torque spitting poison to the enemy, which gives 2 additional damage per turn of a bound enemy.
  • Torque's innate Dodge stat can be combined with Mach Weave to great effect, allowing her to take significant enemy fire without receiving much damage.


Hatched in a New Arctic facility in 2020, Torque was assigned to hunt down and eliminate Resistance forces for ADVENT. After the war, Torque volunteered to participate in X-COM training exercises as OPFOR because in her words "detention is boring and this way I can still fight X-COM." She unexpectedly bonded with Colonel Kelly, and joined the Reclamation Agency when she became Director.