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Buying And Selling

Money is the lubrication that makes the cogs move in Mega-Primus.


Mega-Primus's corporate prosperity depends on providing a commodity or a service. Everything costs someone something. Buildings, Weapons and Ammunition, Armor, Vehicles, Fuel, Devices, Repairs, ...even Relationships!


Everything needed by X-Com against the Alien menace is available if you have the money. An under-eqipped X-Com squad of agents battling Aliens with advanced and exotic weaponry is a dangerous, if not futile, one-sided battle since losses may be very high unless the appropriate (best) equipment is used.
Products available on the market may be purchased if they are in-stock and only if the manufacturer is not hostile to X-Com.
The Buy/Sell button is the main screen for:

  • Vehicles.
  • Agent equipment.
  • Vehicle Equipment: Air.
  • Vehicle Equipment: Road.

The Hire/Fire Staff button allows hiring/firing agents or technical personel.

Supply & Demand

The prices of every item within the Buy/Sell screen is subject to availability.

  • Stock is replenished each week (midnight Monday).
  • Buy or Sell price only changes at the start of a new week.
  • Generalised prices of all items have an upper and lower limit.
  • Items which do not sell well, or at all, have a limit to how many are available for any week: total market quantity.
  • Price will decrease for an item which has reached its total market quantity.
  • An item which is always purchased, the market depleted of stock and zero remaining at the end of the week, will force the price to rise quickly.
  • There is no limit to how much of an item may be purchased or sold * in the marketplace.
  • Excessive flooding of the market with bulk amounts of any item will decrease the selling price quickly.
  • Vehicles which are damaged will be accepted, but at reduced prices (price depending on vehicle Constitution).

* the internal game limit is 65535 items, in normal gameplay is never reached.

Future Availability

Items which are more advanced will be on the market in the future. Some standard (but advanced) items may also be acquired early if an X-Com base is raided by a heavily armed hostile (a Base Defense mission was successful and advanced items were recovered).

Items: Week Two

Items: Week Three

Hire and Fire

  • Agents and technical personel appear in their relevant section in random quantities every new day, at midnight.
  • Androids and Hybrids appear only if X-Com is Neutral, or better.

Mutant Alliance and S.E.L.F. may not allow new hires in a new game or if neutral.

Unconventional Tactics

  • A instant transfer method using a Buying and Selling method instead of Transtellar.
  • An underhanded Free Money exercise with standard vehicles and the Bio-Trans hybrid vehicle.

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