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Training Basics

  • There are two types of soldier training available in Apocalypse: Combat and Psionics Training. Combat training deals with exercising physical stats while psionic deals with exercising psionic stats.
  • Training is restricted to humans and hybrids.
  • Bases need to be equipped with a Training Area or Psi-Gym in order for soldiers assigned to them to conduct Combat or Psionics training.
  • Most phsyical stats can be actively trained in combat, however Strength must be trained in the Training Area.
  • The Psi Gym will only exercise an agent's psi stats up to 3× its base value.
  • Only uninjured soldiers can train.
  • Each area or gym can train up to 10 soldiers. It is possible to assign more than 10 soldiers but the effectiveness of training will be reduced.

Training Formulas

These formulas are taken from Roger Wong's Unofficial Strategy Guide for Apocalypse.

Combat Training

  • Every midnight each agent in combat training has a chance of having some of their physical stats improved by 1 point.
  • The odds are (100 - current stat value). Thus, the more improved the stats are the less the odds of them being increased by training.

Psionics Training

  • Every midnight each agent in psionics training has a chance of having some of their psionic stats improving: But psionics stats can only be improved up to 3 times their original values and the improvement is based on the agent's Psi-energy.
  • The formula for psionics training is 100 - (3* (current value - starting value)).
  • Psi-attack and Psi-defense values will increase by 1/20th of Psi-energy. Psi-energy will increase by 1 point.
  • Because of their low starting stat values humans will get almost no benefit from psionics training.

Training Strategies

  • Training is a long term investment. It will require some money to invest on facilities and soldiers but it will allow for large squads of trained personnel.
  • Every base should have a Training Area. That way soldiers assigned to them will improve their stats even if they are assigned merely on a garrison role. With time those agents will make great improvements on their stats, allowing for a large trained pool of rookie replacements.
  • A variation is to set a base as a Training base and built 2-3 training facilities with enough crew to use all training slots. It is important to keep those soldiers away from combat since injured soldiers can't benefit from training and it slows their improvement. Given enough time, trainees can even max their stats before going on their first mission.
  • Psionic training usually requires only 1 or 2 Psi-Gyms, depending on how many hybrids you are employing.
  • Hybrids should be assigned to either of the two gyms as early in their career as possible, as they will be spending the most time training of all the races. Either assign them all to the same gym, or split them and alternate at a later date.

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