Training Center (LWOTC)

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Training Center


The training center is a new building introduced in the War of the Chosen expansion replacing a part of the Advance Warfare Center in granting additional random abilities to soldiers which is now randomly rolled upon promotion and can be purchased with Ability Points, a new resource that soldiers gain as they promote in addition to having a global pool of points that can be used on any soldiers.

XCOM Row Perks

Each soldier class has a unique set of perks and can be viewed in their respective pages. Each soldier gains a set amount of AP based on their combat intelligence and can never change, can view what each level of combat intelligence amounts to here Stats. To obtain additional perks beyond their given AP, they will require to use points from the global XCOM pool.

Bond Training

The training center also allows to further strength a soldier's bond. Once a pair's cohesion has maxed out for their given level, they can strengthen it to a new level and obtain additional bonuses.


The training center is now used to respec a given soldier's ability tree, allowing to re-select their perks. Training time is based on 3/4/4/5 (based on difficulty) days per rank, meaning a sergeant will retrain much faster than a master sergeant