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Training Center


The Training Center is a new facility introduced in the War of the Chosen expansion, partially replacing a the Advanced Warfare Center. Once built, soldiers can be trained with abilities outside their base trees, and bonds can be trained to levels 2 and 3.

XCOM Row Perks

Each soldier class has a unique set of XCOM row perks. Those can be viewed in the classes' respective pages of this wiki. Each soldier has a Combat Intelligence stat, which determines the amount of AP (ability points) gained on promotion. See Soldier Overview Stats for a table of AP gains. In addition to the AP bound to individual soldiers, there is a global pool of XCOM AP. AP is spent first from the soldier's AP, then from XCOM AP.

Bond Training

The Training Center also allows to further strength a soldier's bond. Once a pair's cohesion has maxed out for their given level, they can strengthen it to a new level and obtain additional bonuses.


The Training Center is now used to respec a given soldier's ability tree, allowing to re-select their perks. Training time is based on 1.5/2/2/2.5 (based on difficulty) days per rank, meaning a Sergeant will retrain much faster than a Master Sergeant.