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Battlescape Tactics

Geoscape Strategy


  • Managing the Item Limit - To make a lean mean fighting machine and eliminate redundancies at the same time.
  • Spring Cleaning Tips - Learning to cope and deal with the pressure of cleaning out the thousands of ammo clips littering the HWP closets and hallways, and deciding on what to keep.

Build Order

  • On higher difficulty levels, you'll want to make your base defensible early in the game. See Overhauling The Starter Base.
  • Your first base will need Stores, Alien Containment, and Living Quarters very quickly. It is strongly recommended you start building these three immediately after beginning the game.
  • You will also want an additional Laboratory as lots of scientists working is key to advancing quickly. 100 scientists will allow you to research all the most important technologies by June or so; 150 will shorten this to about May.