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Battlescape Tactics

Geoscape Strategy

Research Tips


  • Managing the Item Limit - To make a lean mean fighting machine and eliminate redundancies at the same time.
  • Spring Cleaning Tips - Learning to cope and deal with the pressure of cleaning out the thousands of ammo clips littering the HWP closests and hallways, and deciding on what to keep.

Build Order

  • Your first base will need Stores, Alien Containment, and Living Quarters very quickly
  • If you have the cash, and don't mind abandoning the defensible base layout tip, you can start these three simultaneously.
  • You will also want an additional Laboratory as lots of scientists working is key to advancing quickly. 50 scientists will keep up with almost all your needs; 100 scientists may be overkill.

Manufacturing Base

  • When you have an extra 4 million or so, start a second base on another continent, and dedicate one to research (keep all scientists here) and one to manufacturing (keep all engineers here).
  • If your original base is dedicated to research, wait until the Workshop, Stores, and Living Quarters are complete in your new base, then transfer your engineers and dismantle the old base's Workshop to make room for Laboratories.
  • Manufacturing Bases will need a spare hangar to build new Craft.
  • Don't forget a garrison force of soldiers, and weapons for same.
  • more to follow.

Base Locations

  • In terms of radar coverage of wealthy funding countries, your first two bases should go into Europe (covering Britain to Africa) and North America (USA, Canada, Mexico). Both these bases should have Interceptors and Skyrangers.