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Various graphics files for the battlescape.


File Description
BGLOB.DAT Describes ambient light on map
DETBLOB.DAT Motion scanner "blips" and directional arrows
MEDIBITS.DAT Medi-Kit body parts
SPICONS.DAT Special icons

LBM (Atari Graphics File)

File Description
MOC1.LBM A partial jungle terrain graphic used for palette information. The game absolutely uses this, removing it causes the game to hang and supplying a different LBM will change the palette.


File Description
BIGOB_00.PCK to BIGOB_56.PCK Single image PCK files for inventory items. The indexes and pictures mimic the images in UNITS\BIGOBS.PCK and are used only in the inventory screen.
CURSOR.PCK Animated cursor frames
DETBORD2.PCK Motion Scanner background
DETBORD.PCK Motion Scanner frame. Probably short for Detector Border
HIT.PCK Melee (HTH) attack hits
ICONS.PCK Battlescape icons
INTICON.PCK Interception icons
MEDIBORD.PCK Medi-Kit frame
SCANBORD.PCK Top-down map frame or Scanner Border
SMOKE.PCK Fire, Smoke, Rank Badges, and Weapon hits
UNIBORD.PCK Stat background
X1.PCK Explosions


File Description
TAC00.SCR Turn background
TAC01.SCR Inventory Screen Icons


File Description
MAN_0F0.SPK to MAN_3.SPK "Paperdoll" inventory images


File Description
CURSOR.TAB Cursor frames
HIT.TAB Melee (HTH) attack hits
INTICON.TAB Interception Icons
SMOKE.TAB Fire, Smoke, Rank Badges, and Weapon hits
X1.TAB Explosion