UFO Interception

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This page is currently empty or currently missing key content. Possibly due to EXALT sabotage. Please help fight the alien menace by filling this page with relevant info. Remove this stub after the page has been completed to a minimum.

Quick Notes:

  • To intercept, select the global intercept command or click on the base you want the ship to be launched from. The second option only lists the ships at that base
  • While selecting the interceptor's destination, world time is halted. You can continue to scroll the map by way of the controls or the more recommended right-click centre-on-location command. This is a great way to pause the map in order to survey the globe if there are too many things happening at the same time.
  • The different firing modes have two effects. 1 - it affects the distance of the interceptor and the UFO. 2 - The closer you are, the faster the combat between UFO and interceptor. That is to say, both ships start firing faster the closer they are together.
  • Ship weapons will fire continuously at set intervals at an enemy target as long as it's within minimum firing range (represented by bars). Ship disposition mode only controls how fast they fire (and how fast the enemy fires back). Note, this controls the exchange of fire between individual interceptor and the UFO only. If you have two ships engaging the UFO at the same time, the one on standoff range will give and receive fire at a slower rate than a ship that's in aggressive range.
  • NEED TO CHECK: Multiple ships - do UFOs split fire between them or is this just an illusion when combined with the last point?
  • Multiple ships, up to 4 ships, can join the battle by way of minimising the controls while in stand-off.
  • When chasing a ship, if the UFO starts to back off and you minimise the window, you must wait until your interceptor starts to catch up with the UFO before you re-open the intercept window otherwise the interception will break off and will only start again once the UFO is back in stand-off range.
  • More to come.