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General Information


Alien craft use sophisticated computers to navigate on earth and through space. The system is based on optical processors arranged in network fashion. The control interface is relatively simple - the navigator controls the direction of gravity waves generated by the power source to move the craft in any direction. This system can be used easily by humans, and it can be reproduced using alien alloys and other components.

This item appears in UFO: Enemy Unknown. For the Terror from the Deep equivalent, refer to Magnetic Navigation.

Hint: Don't bother building them. Ever. Unlike the Power sources, UFO navigations seem to survive most crash landings. Plus, most alien craft carry several navigations and only one power source. Your X-com craft using alien technology need at most ONE navigation per craft, and usually several power sources. Hence, you will find yourself needing 2 power sources per one navigation, but actually finding something like... 5 navigations per power source. Feel FREE to sell off many many UFO navigations.

Additional Information

Types of UFO Navigation in the game.

The UFO Navigation is one of the three UFO Components you must have on hand to manufacture a new ship. It is the control interface of a craft.

UFO Navigations can only be obtained from UFOs or by constructing them yourself which requires 1600 man-hours, $150,000 and Alien Alloys. There are two flavors: wall mounted consoles found on the small-medium craft and the table which consists of 4 parts and is found on medium-large UFOs. While they are also found in an alien base control room, the tables are not recovered because they are reserved to be a mission-ending objective and are automatically destroyed by the game when all enemies are eradicated. Each Navigation on the battlescape translates to one back at base (for a 1:1 ratio) and sells for $80,000.

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