UFOs (Long War)

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  • Scout: Durability: Low. Armor: none. You can... somewhat... reliably take these 1 on 1.
  • Fighter: Durability: low. Armor: light. Use Stingray Missiles.


  • Raider: Durability: Moderate. Armor: Very light
  • Destroyer: Durability: Moderate. Armor: Moderate. Minimum 5-6 Stingray equipped fighters advised ready for combat when engaging. Higher technology level weapons strongly recommended.


  • Abductor: You won't be able to take these on any time early on. You'll need some experienced pilots in souped-up jets to have a chance. The hardest part is trying to catch them with multiple ships before they land (which immedialtey leads to an Abduction Mission.
  • Supply Barge: One is likely to appear in March, just to show you how far the Alien horde outguns you in the sky.

Very Large:

  • Battleship: Hell no.