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Use of Stats

Unit statistics define the skills of units and can be set individually by a player within certain limits. Currently all stats for the units fall between 50 and 80 with the exception of strength which falls between 25 and 40. Unit statistics are also used to determine the total point cost of each unit, and there are differences in their costs, which are summarized below:

UFO2000 Statistics
Stat Unit Cost Point Cost Minimum Maximum
Time Units 1 1 50 80
Stamina 0.5 1 50 80
Health 1 1 50 80
Reactions 2 1 50 80
Firing Acc. 0.5 1 50 80
Throwing Acc. 0.5 1 50 80
Strength 2 2 25 40
Armor 2 * * *
Flying** 150 NA NA NA
* Variable depending on the race/armor. Can't be modified.
** Flying ability only applies to Fly Suit, Ethereal and Floater. 

Unit Cost - indicates how much the stat adds towards the total cost value of the unit. If a unit has 50 reactions, then it adds 100 towards its final cost.

Point Cost - indicates how many of the extra points it is necessary to increase that stat by 1.

Extra points - each unit can use up to 140 extra points, which can be set by the players to customize the units. If all points are used up then it will be necessary to decrease first one stat before increasing another.

Base Values - The minimum values set to all units, regardless of their race, add to a total of 350 points. Armor and Flying Ability do not count for this total since your choice for those is limited by the available game races.

Armor and flying are included on the list only to indicate their cost. In the case of Armor the cost is multiplied by the sum of all armor (front, sides, back and under).

Types of stats

Time Units

determine how many actions a unit can preform in one turn. Different actions have different time unit costs. It is always recommended that you give your units as many time units as possible so that they can move more often. It doesn't affect how many times they can fire since that is determined by a percentage over the total TUs of the unit.

Stamina (Energy)

is the physical endurance of the unit. As the unit moves, its stamina goes down. A unit will not be able to move if its stamina is decreased too far.


determines how much damage a unit can take before dying. This statistic is important for all units, but it should be very high for squad leaders in games such as assassination and escape.

Bravery (Morale)

is automatically set to 100% under current game settings. It is reduced by enemy fire, and increased by death of a foe nearby. When it sinks too low, there is a chance that the unit will panic.


determines the unit's ability to fire during the opponent's turn if an enemy is visible. This is very useful for scouts.

Firing Accuracy

determines the unit's accuracy with firearms.

Throwing Accuracy

determines the unit's accuracy when throwing.


represents the amount of weight which the unit can carry. A high strength is often necessary for units equipped with heavy weapons. The strength statistic costs double points.


is divided into Front, Left, Right, Rear and Under. Armor protects the unit from damage, which must penetrate corresponding armor before applying to Health. Under Armor protects from High Explosive and Stun damage, others protect from Armor Piercing, Laser, Plasma and Fire damage incoming from corresponding direction. Armor levels are predefined for every unit race and are not modifiable by player (therefore points are not spent on Armor).