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Unarmored (a.k.a. "t-shirt")

Base cost (with minimum stats): 395

Standard Armor

Unarmored soldiers have the 2nd worst armor of the game, followed only by Sectoids. And, just like the original game it doesn't provide much protection against plasma fire or explosive ammo. But you can still implement the old "send the cheap rookie first" strategy, or the cannon fodder tactic.

Armour levels

  • Front- 12
  • Left- 8
  • Right- 8
  • Rear- 5
  • Under- 2

Standard Armor (a.k.a. "blue armor")

Base cost (with minimum stats): 705

Personal Armor

Standard armor can be quite useful and is medium priced. It can be difficult to kill the wearer with only one shot, which causes a better survival rate. However, when single handedly facing a power suit it will be at a severe disadvantage. Personal armor can survive long range fire from enemies but it is somewhat vulnerable to quickly suffering critical injuries, which will limit the accuracy of the soldier.

Armour levels

  • Front- 50
  • Left- 40
  • Right- 40
  • Rear- 30
  • Under- 30

Power Suit

Base cost (with minimum stats): 1105

Power Suit

The big X-COM armor. Units equipped with this armor are walking tanks due to their ability to take damage. Power suits can't be easily killed in one shot if they have intact armor on all sides. It is common for a soldier in a power suit to take hits on several locations and still stand until the a hit strikes it at an already damaged location. It is nessasary to concentrate large amounts of firepower onto one location to kill them. The power suits are vulnerable at close distances because even their armor isn't enough to protect them from laser/plasma rifles' auto fire at point blank range. Their cost limits their numbers, which can be a disadvantage, in part because power suits can be taken down more easily if they becomes outnumbered by less-armored units.

Armour levels

  • Front- 100
  • Left- 80
  • Right- 80
  • Rear- 70
  • Under- 60

Flying Suit

Base cost (with minimum stats): 1355

Fly Suit

Flying suits are power suits with the ability to fly and extra armor. The first characteristic can make them able to preform a variety of roles. However, cover is necessary to prevent enemy units to spot them on the air. Otherwise, if they're hovering on the open they are easy targets (the proverbial duck on the water).

Armour levels

  • Front- 110
  • Left- 90
  • Right- 90
  • Rear- 80
  • Under- 70



Base cost (with minimum stats) : 353

Sectoids are your standard little green man type alien. They have extremely low armor values, but it is matched by an equally low cost. Sectoids won't stand up in a firefight, but they do serve as good scouts.

Armour levels

  • Front- 4
  • Left- 3
  • Right- 3
  • Rear- 2
  • Under- 2


Base cost (with minimum stats) : 905

Mutons are large, scary aliens who can easily take a bruising and still fight back. They are the perfect addition to a team which requires some muscle or plans to get shot up. Mutons are a good choice if you don't want to spend the points for power or flying armor but you also want decent armor.

Armour levels

  • Front- 70
  • Left- 60
  • Right- 60
  • Rear- 50
  • Under- 50


Base cost (with minimum stats) : 605

Snakemen are predatory hunters who have armor that is just below human standard armor. They are good filler in any team because they have a low point value and only marginally sub par armor. Let's face it though, you should throw at least one snakeman onto your team for the pure cool factor that they provide.

Armour levels

  • Front- 40
  • Left- 30
  • Right- 30
  • Rear- 20
  • Under- 20


Base cost (with minimum stats) : 955

Ethereals are strange cloaked aliens who have slightly better than standard armor and the ability to fly. This gives them a strong amount of versitiliy when it comes to the roles they can play.

Armour levels

  • Front- 60
  • Left- 50
  • Right- 50
  • Rear- 40
  • Under- 40


Base cost (with minimum stats) : 615

Floaters are the cheapest flying unit in the game. Unfortinately this means that there armor isn't going to do them much more than humans with no armor. They make excellent scouts due to their mobility, and because explosions do not travel up they are excellent for hovering over the enemy and blowing them up.

Armour levels

  • Front- 20
  • Left- 15
  • Right- 15
  • Rear- 10
  • Under- 10

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