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INT Files

All of the code/data on this page is taken from legacy code present in the following game files:

  • XComGame.INT
  • XComStrategyGame.INT

There are differences between these files on the demo and the latest patch. Demo code is listed in italics.

Various stages of development and features can be extrapolated from the data. Other references can be assumed to be related to the dropped 'Prestige' versions of the soldier classes (mentioned by Ananda Gupta on this video), which suggest that their development did go quite a bit farther than just the planning stages, and that some measure of programming into their abilites was in progress before the 'Prestige' versions of each class were dropped entirely.

Additional Continent and Bonus

Most likely for Australia - probably dropped for game balance/design.

  • ContinentBonusNames[eCB_Panic]="\"Tireless Diplomacy\""
  • ContinentBonusDesc[eCB_Panic]="The rise of panic is slowed worldwide."

Soldier Status

Additional soldier status while in the Barracks? Most likely was intended as a push to use a number of soldiers, rather than relying on a single elite squad (which might've helped players from getting stuck if said team was TPK'ed).

  • m_arrSoldierStatus[eStatus_Fatigued]="Tired"
  • m_arrSoldierStatus[eStatus_Exhausted]="Exhausted"

Soldier Attitude

An uncertain modifier, possibly related to different style of voice clips used by soldiers.

  • m_strAttitudeProfessional=PROFESSIONAL
  • m_strAttitudeBrash=BRASH

Staff Monthly Costs

As in the original game but it seems that it was later dropped.

  • m_strSalary="Staff Salaries"

Game Objectives

Most likely there was a requirement for a certain number of Shards before being able to research them and unlock the Alien Base. It may be also possible that there was more than 1 Alien Base present during the game.

  • GameObjectiveNames[eObj_ObtainShards]="Obtain More Outsider shards."

Transfer Jets to Nation

The same way that nations offer credits for the transfer of satellites, the same happened for interceptors.

  • m_strLabelFCFinishedJetTransfer="A Jet transfer has successfully taken place in <XGParam:StrValue0/>. Return to the Situation Room to claim your reward."

Extra aircraft weapons

The Stingray was a craft weapon from the original game. The UFO weapons may be used in the Overseer.

  • ShipWeaponNames[eShipWeapon_Stingray]=Stingray
  • ShipWeaponNames[eShipWeapon_UFOPlasmaI]="UFO Weapon I"
  • ShipWeaponNames[eShipWeapon_UFOPlasmaII]="UFO Weapon II"

End Game Stats include Playstyle

Additional end game stats. Seems to be determined regarding a player's priorites while playing.

  • m_strPlayLabel="Playstyle:"
    • m_strSummTitle="Game Summary"
    • m_strCombatTitle="Combat"
    • m_strSpecialistsTitle="Science/Engineering"
    • m_strResourcesTitle="Resources"
    • m_strLossTitle="Game Summary"
    • DAYS="Days"
    • PCT="%"
    • m_strWin="Victory"
    • m_strLose="Defeat"
    • m_aPlaystyleDesc[ePlaystyle_PerfectHero]="Immortal Hero"
    • m_aPlaystyleDesc[ePlaystyle_Underdog]="Underdog"
    • m_aPlaystyleDesc[ePlaystyle_Science]="Genius"
    • m_aPlaystyleDesc[ePlaystyle_Combat]="Warlord"
    • m_aPlaystyleDesc[ePlaystyle_Money]="Magnate"

Theses lines of code suggest that there was a complex player analysis planned instead of the Player/World results screen seen at the end of the full game: Immortal Hero may have been for a campaign completed without a single KIA, or with long strings of victorious missions, Underdog for heavy losses, Genius for high numbers of Scientists and Engineers, Warlord with large number of item/weapon builds, and Magnate for high levels of rescources/credits.

Different Research Path

Additional steps to rech Alien Materials, Alien Weapons and New Fightercraft

There are separate entries for Alien Alloys and Alien Materials, so it seems that there was an additional step for researching them. The same happens with UFO Flight, which was a research topic on the original game (UFO Construction) necessary before researching New Fighter Craft.

  • TechTypeCodeName[eTech_UFOFlight]="UFO Flight"
  • TechTypeNames[eTech_AlienAlloys]="Alien Alloys"
  • TechTypeSummary[eTech_AlienAlloys]="\"The alloys used in the fabrication of the alien weapons and technology are like nothing we've ever seen. Light, flexible, and considerably stronger than any known material.\""
  • TechTypeSummary[eTech_AlienWeaponry]="\"These fragments are all that remain of the powerful alien weaponry we've encountered so far. Still, there is much that we could learn from them while working to advance our own weapons systems.\""

Individual Research for Laser weaponry

Instead of the grouping of Laser Pistol and Laser Rifle into Laser Weapons, Laser Sniper Rifle and Scatter Laser into Precision Lasers and Heavy Laser and Laser Cannon into Heavy Lasers, all of them seem to have been separate research topics.

  • TechTypeSummary[eTech_Laser_Pistol]="\"The alien weapons recovered so far are remarkably advanced, so much so that we hardly know how to study them, let alone use them. However, just from our initial examination, we've already gained important insights into portable laser technology.\""
  • TechTypeSummary[eTech_Laser_Rifle]="\"Based on our research into the alien weapon fragments, we believe it's possible to develop rifle-class laser weapons with greater range and damage output. Our early prototypes have been encouraging, if a bit... inconsistent.\""
  • TechTypeSummary[eTech_Laser_Shotgun]="\"Although much of our efforts have been focused on harnessing laser weaponry for precision firing, we've theorized a number of other interesting variations. One of our more promising concepts is a hand-held weapon that generates a wide field of fire at close range, but rapidly diffuses over longer distances. This could prove to be a devastating close-combat weapon.\""
  • TechTypeSummary[eTech_Laser_Heavy]="\"Our experiments with extreme density power packs and enhanced optics have led to weapon design capable of dwarfing the output of our previous lasers. In addition to this heavy-class weapon, we may be able to adapt this technology for fitment on to our fleet of interceptors.\""
  • TechTypeSummary[eTech_Laser_Sniper]="\"With our continued advancement in the field of laser optics, we believe we've devised a power pack capable of generating a single focused beam that remains effective even at extreme range with minimal blooming.\""
  • TechTypeSummary[eTech_Laser_Cannon]="\"We've finally developed a plausible blueprint for an oversized lens that would allow for us to fabricate a vehicle-mounted laser weapon. Although it would obviously be too large for tactical use, we believe it would be ideal for one of our interceptors.\""

Unit Weapons and Items

Weapons and Equipment

Bait Grenade most likely is another name for Mimic Beacon. Possibly some kind of area-of-effect, accuracy-reducing item, akin (but in reverse application) to TK Field and Smoke Grenade

  • [XGAmmo_BaitGrenade]
  • m_aItemNames[eItem_FlashBang]="Flash Grenade"
  • m_strPenaltyFlashBang=Flash Bang

Hand to Hand combat?

  • [XGAmmo_PlasmaBlade]
    • m_strWeapon="Plasma Blade"

For science missions?

  • [XGAmmo_ScienceDevice]

There are separate entries for Stun Rod (from the original game) and Arc Thrower.

  • [XGAmmo_Stun Rod]

Battle Scanner seems to have been an item rather than an ability at one point.

  • m_aItemNames[eItem_BattleScanner]="Battle Scanner"
  • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_BattleScanner]="Battle Scanners"

Additional Grenades (Including Psi-Amp from the original game)

  • m_aItemNames[eItem_NeutronGrenade]="Neutron Grenade"
  • m_aItemNames[eItem_SectoidGrenade]="Sectoid Grenade"
  • m_aItemNames[eItem_FloaterGrenade]="Floater Grenade"
  • m_aItemNames[eItem_ThinManGrenade]="Thin Man Grenade"
  • m_aItemNames[eItem_PsiGrenade]="Psi Grenade"
  • m_aItemNames[eItem_PsiAmp]="Psi Amp"


Each advanced armor seems to have had several different versions, each with unique abilities. Note that the 3 versions of Carapace Armor are listed as "Level 2", and the Golem, Titan, Ghost, and Archangel were all "Level 3". For refrence; the Assault's Extra Conditioning ability gives bonus health in addition to each armor's normal Hit Point increase, in relation to the armor's level. In the full game, that ability gives the starting Body Armor 1 additional point of health, the Ghost Armor is actually considered a "Level 2" armor and gives another 2 points, and only the Titan and Archangel give 4 more to Assaults.

And while problably unrelated, note the "Goliath" armor: the Alloy S.H.I.V.s, when constructed, are named "GOLIATH-<production number>".

  • [XGArmor_LevelIIHeavy]
    • m_strName="Heavy Carapace Armor"
    • m_strNotes="The Heavy Carapace Armor allows a soldier to withstand heavy damage while wielding two weapons at once. Inventory and mobility, however, are severly restricted."
      • Implies that either equipping a pistol, on top of the primary weapon, was origionally to be "unlocked" thusly, or that two primary weapons could have been dual-weilded somehow. Interestingly, the description audio that Dr. Shen gives when you first equip the Titan Armor still has has a mention of carrying additional firepower. But then an Assault with two shotguns would be Contra 3, not XCOM.
  • [XGArmor_LevelIILight]
    • m_strName="Light Carapace Armor"
    • m_strNotes="The Light Carapace Armor is extremely light and flexible, while still offering a significant defense against alien weapons. A soldier in this armor can climb almost any surface, though they cannot carry as much gear."
      • Almost certainly the concept for the Skeleton Armor, which gives 1 less hit point than the Carapace, and contains the grappling hook.
  • [XGArmor_LevelIIMedium]
    • m_strName="Carapace Armor"
    • m_strNotes="The Carapace Armor is both stronger and lighter than our conventional armor, allowing soldiers to carry more gear even as they withstand greater damage."
  • [XGArmor_LevelIIIHeavy]
    • m_strName="Golem Armor"
    • m_strNotes="The Golem is impervious to damage."
    • m_aItemNames[eItem_ArmorGolem]="Golem Armor"
  • [XGArmor_LevelIIILight]
    • m_strName="Ghost Armor"
    • m_strNotes="The Ghost is capable of vanishing from sight."
  • [XGArmor_LevelIIIMedium]
    • m_strName="Titan Armor"
    • m_strNotes="The Titan armor provides an excellent defense against alien weapons."
  • [XGArmor_LevelIIIMediumAir]
    • m_strName="Archangel Armor"
    • m_strNotes="The Archangel is capable of flight."
  • m_aItemNames[eItem_ArmorGoliath]="Goliath Armor"

Alien Artifacts

Additional alien artifacts present during missions.

  • [XGArtifact_MummyPod]
    • m_strName="Mummy Pod"
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_MummyPod]="Mummy Pods"
  • [XGArtifact_Technology]

m_strName="Alien Technology"

  • [XGArtifact_CommunicationsDevice]
    • m_strName="Alien Communication Device"
    • m_strHelp="Using this loot will give +2 to the soldiers TAC for the remainder of combat. If not used, loot can be disassembled for parts back at HQ.
  • [XGArtifact_AlienSalvage_Food]
    • m_strName="Alien Salvage Food"
  • [XGArtifact_AlienSalvage_Technology]
    • m_strName="Alien Salvage Technology"
  • [XGArtifact_AlienSalvage_Entertainment]
    • m_strName="Alien Salvage Entertainment"
  • [XGArtifact_MedicalStation]
    • m_strName="Alien Medical Station"
    • m_strHelp="Using this loot will fully restore a soldier's hit points. If not used, loot can be disassembled for parts back at HQ."
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_MedicalStation]="Medical Stations"
  • [XGArtifact_Alien_Beacon]
    • m_strName="Alien Beacon"
    • m_strHelp="Use this beacon to deactivate the power core."
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_Alien_Beacon]="Alien Beacons"
  • [XGArtifact_Interact]
    • m_strName="Alien Console"
    • m_strHelp="Hack this console."
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_Alien_Console]="Alien Consoles"
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_Alien_Interact]="Alien Interactions"
  • [XGArtifact_Salvage]
    • m_strName="Alien Salvage"
    • m_strHelp="Take this salvage back to your base."
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_Alien_Salvage]="Alien Salvages"
  • [XGArtifact_UFO_I]

m_strName="UFO Hull Section"

  • [XGArtifact_UFO_II]
    • m_strName="Hyperwave Transmitter"
  • [XGArtifact_UFO_III]
    • m_strName="Plasma Cannons"
  • [XGArtifact_UFO_IV]
    • m_strName="UFO Power Core"


    • m_strName="Psi Link"
    • m_strName="UFO Hull Section"
  • [XGArtifact_AlienIntelligence]
    • m_strName="Alien Intelligence"
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_AlienIntel]="Alien Intel"
  • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_CommStation]="Comm Stations"
  • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_Alien_WeaponsLocker]="Alien Weapons Lockers"
  • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_FogPod]="Alien Fog Devices"
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_Alien_Storage]="Alien Storage"
    • m_aItemNamesPlural[eItem_Alien_Bomb]="Alien Bombs"
  • XGAlienLoot]
    • m_strAlienDeviceDefused=Alien Device has been defused!
    • m_strSFXBoom=... (BOOM) ...
    • m_strSelfBlowSingular=Turns until alien device self-destructs: <XGParam:IntValue0/>
    • m_strSelfBlowPlural=Turns until alien device self-destructs: <XGParam:IntValue0/>
    • m_strFoundAlienDevice=<XGParam:StrValue0/> found an Alien Device!

Item Properties

This property may actually be used with the Total Loss option of Second Wave

  • m_strArmorExplodeFragments=<XGParam:StrValue0/> armor explodes into fragments!

Battle Results

  • m_strUFO="UFO Intercepted!"
  • m_strTerror="City Defended!"
  • m_strActI="Alien Base Destroyed!"

*m_strActII="Alien Destroyer Neutralized!"

  • m_sAliensKilled="Aliens killed:"
  • m_sXComKilled="XCOM Casualties:"
  • m_strPanicReduced="Panic Level Reduced by"
  • m_strPanicUnchanged="Panic Level Unchanged."

*m_sBonusShortMission="Mission completed in 10 turns:"

  • m_sBonusNoCasualties="No XCOM Casualties:"
  • m_strBonus="Bonus!"
  • m_strPaniHelp="Shooting down UFOs is the easiest way to reduce panic."
    • Replaced with a straight grading in the Mission Results after loss/victory, as most missions don't involve the number of turns taken. There is an achievement for completing a Very Difficult abduction mission in 5 turns in Classic/Impossible difficulty: but like all achievements it does not affect gameplay.

*m_sArtifactsRecovered="Total Alien Artifacts Recovered:"

  • m_sArtifactTip="The Engineering facility can break down Alien Artifacts into parts."
    • Somewhat implies that non-reasearch artifacts (ie: Alien Surgury, Alien Stasis Tank) may have had parts to 'harvest' for research or engineering, or perhaps could have been broken for your Alien Alloy stores.

Inventory Item Slots

Several of the Unused Armor descriptions suggest that an individual soldier's inventory size used to be modular, and/or had body-part-specific item slots, similar to the original game.

  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_RightBack]="Right Back"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_LeftBack]="Left Back"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_RightHand]="Right Hand"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_LeftHand]="Left Hand"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_Grapple]="Grapple"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_RightThigh]="Right Thigh"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_LeftThigh]="Left Thigh"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_LeftBelt]="Left Belt"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_LeftBoot]="Left Boot"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_RightBoot]="Right Boot"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_RightChest]="Right Chest"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_LeftChest]="Left Chest"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_RightForearm]="Right Forearm"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_RightSling]="Right Sling"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_RearBackPack]="Rear BackPack"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_PsiSource]="Psi Source"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_Head]="Head"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_CenterChest]="Center Chest"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_ChestCannon]="Chest Cannon"
  • m_arrLocationNames[eSlot_None]="None"

Alien Flora

An unused Dr.Vahlen comment directed at some kind of alien flora and how it implies that the aliens may be trying to establish a long-term colony on Earth. This is likely cut because conquering Earth and establishing a colony contradicts the aliens' true motives.

[CS_ABM_Alien_Flora SoundNodeWave] SpokenText="Another intriguing discovery... that appears to be a form of alien flora. This could imply the aliens are attempting to establish a long-term habitat on Earth, with conditions more suitable to their physiology."

Zombie Autopsy

An unused research proposal, the research project itself was left blank, implying that this research option was cut early on. (Which is understandable. To autopsy zombies, you have to recover zombie corpses first. And if zombies have corpses, that means you'll be able to sell them in the Grey Market. Would you really want to sell the rotten, decaying corpses of random civilians/your former soldiers?)

TechTypeSummary[eTech_AutopsyZombie]="\"It's not clear what tangible benefits might come from investigating the human remains of the spider-like alien's victim, although the mechanism by which our troops are infected is worth studying.\""

Grey Market Facility

In the full game, the Grey Market is still technically "unlocked" when the Situation Room tab itself is unlocked, after the first Abduction mission

[Council_GreyMarketUnlock SoundNodeWave] SpokenText="The XCOM project has made excellent progress under your leadership, Commander. As a result of your efforts, this Council has agreed to authorize the sale of certain... extraterrestrial artifacts... exclusively to our individual member nations. Your... discretion... in this matter is expected."

Second Wave

Additional option: an increase of cities attacked under Abduction mission, probably removed for difficulty balance.

  • m_arrGameplayToggleTitle[eGO_MoreAbductionSites]=The Blitz
  • m_arrGameplayToggleDesc[eGO_MoreAbductionSites]=The aliens will target a larger number of cities every time they launch an abduction attack.

Additional Abilities

  • m_arrCategoryNames[eCat_Ability]="Ability"
  • m_arrCategoryNames[eCat_NewPerks]="New Perks"
  • AbilityAvailableMessages[eAAvailable_ErrRequiresPerks]="This ability requires training this soldier does not possess."
    • This entry suggests that Abilities were once set in distinct skill trees, akin to various RPGs (like the Diablo series), and that high-level skills required prerequisite abilities to be chosen (which itself suggests that both (more?) of a Class' Rank's ability could have been acquired).

Close Combat Mode

m_aExpandedLocalizedStrings[eELS_UnitInCloseCombat]="NOT USED ANYMORE: <XGParam:StrValue0/> entered close combat!"

  • Along with the dropped Plasma Blade item, this suggests that melee combat was once planned.

UPK Files



Lists upgrades for the Skyranger:

enum EDropshipUpgrade


Lists terrain types:

enum eTerrainType

Disabled/Unused Abilities

These abilities are presented/mentioned on the game code but they are deactivated - most don't seem to work and are merely listed for documentation. The activities whose status is Inactive can be activated through a game mod. For more details check this link [1].

Ingame descriptions appear on Italic text. The icons are taken from the textures present in the game files and are educated guesses based on the Abilities' name and description.

Ability Status Description Notes
Inactive* Increase Aim by 20 for 2 turns Holo-Targeting cousin/prototype?
Inactive* ????? Possibly an ability for the dropped 'prestige' version of the Assault class.
Inactive* Give a free move to any squadmate that has ended their turn. Probably dropped due to potential abuse: 5 soldiers could make 1 well-equipped soldier move and attack an absurd number of times.
Heat Wave
Disabled Can fire a devastating long-range wave that scorches and destroys virtually anything in its path. Takes one action to warm up. Possibly an ability for the dropped 'prestige' version of the Assault class.
Ready For Anything
Disabled Allows Overwatch after shooting, even if no actions remain. Description suggests something similar to how the Sectopod's Cannon Fire ability grants free Overwatch.
Too Close For Comfort
Disabled Aim penalty for close proximity is halved. Possibly a precursor to the Support's Covering Fire ability. Almost certainly an unused Sniper ability, as Sniper Rifles are the only weapon that suffer a proximity penalty. Perhaps replaced with Gunslinger, due to the relatively minor difference in aim it would make.
Disabled ????? Has icon
Psi Bless
Disabled ????? Almost certainly a precursor to Psi Inspiration, perhaps renamed to remove religious connotation?
Motion Detector
Disabled ? Early version of Battle Scanner?
Shot Paint Target
Disabled ? Early Holo-Targeting? - Has icon
Shot Paint Defense
Disabled ? A mass Suppression command?
Bottom Up
Disabled Apparently Sniper class
Damage Cover
Disabled Damage and potentially destroy enemy cover or other environmental elements. Evidently, an ability to intentionally (and reliably) destroy enemy cover with the primary weapon (since doing it on purpose with non-explosive weapons is near-random). This later became the MEC Trooper class' Collateral Damage ability in the Enemy Within DLC
First Blood
Disabled Allows a second use of Fire Rocket in each mission. Original name for Rocketeer ability.
HEAT Rockets
Disabled All attacks do double damage against robotic enemies. Original name for HEAT Ammo ability.
Flame On
Disabled Possibly an ability for the dropped 'prestige' version of the Assault class. Later became the MEC Trooper class' Flamethrower ability in the Enemy Within DLC.
Disabled If an enemy does damage to you or another nearby soldier, you get a reaction shot (with pistol, if you have a flamethrower) against it. You get a reaction shot against any targetable enemy that does damage to you or another soldier -- including cases where the damage kills you.
Shot Sniper
Shot SuppressII
Shot SuppressArea
Destroy Terrain
Disabled Destroy Terrain or other environmental annoyances at will. Another early version of Collateral Damage?
Tesla Hammer
Disabled Melee weapon?
Hot Potato
Disabled Possibly related to the tactic on the original game of tossing a primed grenade between soldiers to increase its range.
Disabled PFG = Primed Frag Grenade?
PFG Dropped
PFG CookedOff
Equip Weapon
Disabled Unequip the current weapon, and equip the <XGAbility:WeaponName/>
Psi Bolt II
Psi Bomb
Disabled Possible original name for Rift?
War Cry
Disabled Possible original name for Blood Call?
Disabled Has icon. Possibly a soldier's version of the Berserker's Blood Lust ability?
Reanimate Ally
Reanimate Enemy
Flare Shot
SHIV Cover
Disabled? Probably cut and replaced with the Alloy SHIV's ability to provide half-cover.
Modern Foxhole
Disabled? You can use a gadget to create a force shield that blocks movement and provides partial cover. It expires after 3 turns, or can be turned off. It can be destroyed by enemy weapon fire. Description suggests a moveable cover device: probably cut and replaced with the Alloy SHIV's ability to provide half-cover.
Disabled If you kill an enemy during your action phase, then immediately after it ends you may take a regular shot.
Disabled Recycled for the Enemy Within DLC.

The following icons are also present in the game textures. Several of those were replaced in the Enemy Within DLC.


Skirmish Mode

Skirmish mode can be used when activating the Developer's Console, so it is not a regular game feature. It allows to create single fights, choosing the squad, map and opponents.

Of note is that only the United States is in the list, and the State list is somewhat random in geographic location. Note that city #3 is Gallop, and not Gollop .

  • [XGBattleDesc]
    • m_strSkirmishOpName="Tactical Skirmish"
    • m_sLocation="%sCITY, %sSTATE %sCOUNTRY"
    • m_aCities[0]="Animosa"
    • m_aCities[1]="Liberty"
    • m_aCities[2]="Grapevine"
    • m_aCities[3]="Gallop"
    • m_aCities[4]="Kearney"
    • m_aCities[5]="Neosho"
    • m_aCities[6]="Oxford"
    • m_aCities[7]="Enid"
    • m_aCities[8]="Hayes"
    • m_aCities[9]="Woodall"
    • m_aCities[10]="Goodland"
    • m_aCities[11]="Excelsior Springs"
    • m_aCities[12]="Lexington"
    • m_aCities[13]="Empire Falls"
    • m_aStates[0]="Missouri"
    • m_aStates[1]="Iowa"
    • m_aStates[2]="Kansas"
    • m_aStates[3]="Nebraska"
    • m_aStates[4]="Minnesota"
    • m_aStates[5]="Michigan"
    • m_aStates[6]="Wisconsin"
    • m_aStates[7]="Oklahoma"
    • m_aStates[8]="Arkansas"
    • m_aStates[9]="Texas"
    • m_aStates[10]="Colorado"
    • m_aStates[11]="Utah"
    • m_aStates[12]="Idaho"
    • m_aCountries[0]="U.S.A"
    • m_aCountries[1]="U.S.A"