Uplink Targeting (Aim) (EU2012)

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Uplink Targeting (Aim)

Activate this module during interception to provide an immediate, temporary boost to our unit's accuracy. The module will burn out after one use. Its technology is based on Sectoid implants, and allows us to send a data pulse through our satellite network.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

By routing information from our satellites to the interception craft, we can greatly improve the odds of a hit in combat.

When used during an interception, the next two attacks by the interception craft will be guaranteed hits. Each module produced in engineering is good for a single use and requires 3 Sectoid Corpses to make.

Not exactly the most useful boost, but still has uses. The best time to use it is if you're nearly out of time, and you think your next couple of shots will be enough to down the UFO. The main problem stems from the fact that you don't know if those next two shots were going to hit or miss anyways. Furthermore, it requires 3 Sectoid corpses to make, and even on Easy, Sectoids are pretty much gone by the fourth month.

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