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Some time after first playing UFO I started hunting around the web for relevant material, and came across X-Com Tactical Command (now StrategyCore). I can usually be found in the forum there, though I do frequent a handful of other places as well.

These days most of my X-Com related time is spent decoding the UFO save files, though I do write the occasional mod/editer/logger. Many of these require the Sun Java VM to be installed.

UFO CE EXE Splitter / Merger
Splits the UFO executable. If any of my tools state that they require XcomUtil, this can instead be used as an alternative.

It's also able to "recombine" the new files, which is handy if you're edited them further and want them to act as one again.

UFO Saved Map Editer
Allows you to edit saved battlescape maps, including the positions of units and terrain. Check this thread for details and instructions.

UFO Custom Uniform Mod
Manages and implements custom uniform sets into UFO: Enemy Unknown. Also adds inventory screens for non-X-Com units, and re-introduces male civilians to terror missions.

UFO Damage Testing Tileset
Replaces your desert terrain with one which displays damage dealt to tiles. More of a tool then a mod.

BB Log
Logs stuff that occurs in UFO's tactical missions. The original in a growing set of loggers that I've started to lose track of.

PCK / GIF Converters
Command line tools to convert UFO's PCK files to GIF format, and back again. Made as a work around for a problem with Daishiva's PCKView program.

Combat Civilians
Gives civilians pistols in a given terrorist mission. Not really a proper mod (as you have to run it manually for each map), but I don't intend to update it... So here it is.

Apoc Flop
The only tool I've written for Apocalypse to date, though probably one of the oldest X-Com projects I've got on file. Switches control of units in a given battle so you can play as the aliens. Unpolished.