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Wikis provide such a wide space to type up a profile. It's nearly scary.

I'm a computer nerd of sorts. I've been typing up programs since my age hit double digits, and can fix just about anything electrical - Sometimes just by walking into the same room as the afflicted device. About the one thing I can't do is make System Shock II run on an AMD processor, but then, nobody's perfect.

My user name comes from the game Bomberman. I discovered this game online at CyberJoueur, and when asked for a username to play under it was the first thing that popped into my head. Since then I've carried it with me where ever I go.

The first time I saw X-Com: Enemy Unknown was at a birthday party. It would have been much more impressive if someone had thought to bring a manual, as we didn't get past the copy protection. Later on I came across another copy and have been playing the game since.

Though "playing" is probably the wrong word. For the last year or so I've been working on a new game engine for it, and hence it's been quite some time since I actually sat down and enjoyed the blasting of a few alien invaders. Mostly I try to discover the meanings of the various bits and bytes that make up the game - Hence most of my Wiki contributions go into the technical categories. Currently my remake attempt is in the form of a map editer but I'm slowly progressing.

Some time after first playing UFO I started hunting around the web for relevant material, and came across X-Com Tactical Command (now StrategyCore). I can usually be found in the forum there, though I do frequent a handful of other places as well.