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I'm pretty much a newb here on UFOpaedia.

The first time I heard of the X-COM games was in a piece of fanfiction of (that involved X-COM: Interceptor, no less).

After reading up on the game series on Wikipedia (which led me here), I just _had_ to play the game. I looked on eBay for the Collector's Edition, but all the auctions I found were just too expensive And that's when I found out that I could download the Collector's Edition of the game off the Internet. If you have a problem with how I got the game, I'm sorry, but that's just how it happened.

Thus far I've played and beaten UFO Defense and TFTD, and I currently am working on beating Superhuman in UFO and analyzing gameplay information from TFTD on several difficulty levels.

This wikia helped me through UFO Defense, and so I believe that I should give something back. That's why I will be doing research in-game and adding to the TFTD articles, which seem to have been neglected in comparison to the UFO Defense articles . So far, I've added info to the article Survey Ship, and to do so, I uploaded the two terrain maps, thanks to MapView.

Also, I have recently finished a downloadable HTML USOpaedia for TFTD, similar to xcomufo's UFO Defense downloadable UFOpaedia. If anyone wants a copy, email me at cpj1227@, and I will try to get you a copy ASAP, or at least as soon as I happen to read my email (the only place I can do so is at the local public library).

Upcoming projects include adding to the other USO articles (I'm currently studying USO crew distributions) here and if I can get a copy of the CE version of X-COM Apocalypse, making an HTML UFOPaedia for it.

I have an account on the xcomufo forums, though I haven't accessed the forum in a long time, and have no posts there. My main forum is, and I have the same handle there as I do here.