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Damn! It's been awhile! Everything seems to be in order (with me). Playing steam version of Apocalypse and I notice something in the firing arc mechanics. Doing testing now. I think the whole arc thing is borked! I have a car (go to point) that only fires north (overhead cityscape view) and the missile will 'sidewinder' northwards (no lock) with the target (Overspawn) being directly south (in range, low-mid altitude, aggressive) but if I 'go to point' south of the target and position northwards pointing, the Jani will lock and hit after coming out on the hovercar directly north.

Jani firing arc is claimed 3 and 4 (Apoc'd v3.06) and 135deg. The problem I have noticed is when the craft fires a missile it ejects it directly north irrelevant which way the air vehicle is pointing.

ALLRIGHTY... found a new bug!

If you 'go to map point' a vehicle (any aggression or altitude) to make it fire on an enemy (like a slow overspawn) then it will fire its guns (in this case I used a standard hovercar) like you'd expect but missiles will eject directly north of the vehicle irrelevant of arc setting or orientation of the launching craft. If the arc setting is 8,8 (Apco'd) then the missile will still eject directly north (the bug) but will fly a turn to bear down on the enemy. If the arc setting is 3,4 (default) then the missile will continue northwards in a sidewinder motion (ie: a no-lock dud).


if you use 'attack enemy' button instead of 'fly to map point' button then the missiles will fire directly at the enemy (as long as its arc setting allows it to relevant to the vehicle orientation) like normal and just like you'd expect!


Don't use missiles AND 'go to map point' unless your attacking vehicle is somewhere south of the target. A stationary gun platform in the air works well, just switch off the missiles unless its north of you!

Apoc'd v3.06 BUG

If you change the hostile value from -50 to -75 in Misc.Relationship Cutoffs and then go off and do a raid, the SOB files (which hold the item placements) do not get read.

I tested this with a new game each time. I start a new game with default -50 and the item placements appear in the raid. I change value to hostile -75 (I did not test any other numerical value, or change the allied cutoff) save, quit, then go start a new game, do a raid with one guy (as not to stress any limits) and the items do not appear. If I go back and change the value to its default of -50 (instead of copying over backups of tacp.exe or ufo2p.exe), then go do a raid as mentioned, the items appear. Tried different locales, different difficulties, enemy limit (apatcher) to 32.... irrelevant since items appear, but as soon as you change the Misc.Relationship Cutoff for hostile, the items no longer show up! I did empty the scenario folder when doing this, but eventually it made no difference. Enemy limits did not do anything either, 5 or 36, quantity of agents 1 or 30something no difference... USING: gog version of apoc that came with that bundle under XP-SP3 (whoa!). I don't expect any action with this, but just to get it known.

- just a quickie to mention that I did change the guard value in Organisations to 32 (in Apoc'd) after specifying 32 in Apatcher so 32 (+- 4) enemy does show up (confirmed with weapon count)


I think this one is due to the apocalypse code and not Apoc'D.

If changing the position of all the buildings in a cityscape map (citymap#.bld), don't move ***one*** of the xcom base buildings! I made a mod which works well (Hive-city) by changing all the positions and size of buildings within superhuman cityscape. The problem I face is "Warehouse 11" cannot be moved (building number 106 out of 108, I think) without the game not loading the map (new superhuman game). If I try to move the x-y co-ords of the last xcom buyable building then map loading fails (black screen with just cursor visible). I can increase the x-y sizes but not decrease the originals (being 75,53 & 77,56). This is just a heads-up to those thinking of drastically changing the cityscape. The map I have made is all underground (roads + tubes) with the only thing visible is grass and launch tubes. Every physical building is a slum tileset (you can't see them underground!) but original building purpose, if an overspawn goes for a stroll - nothing to destroy but also no easy road vehicle combat. I suspect it is due to the game code due to every start of a new superhuman game, I started in Warehouse 11 (the only one I didn't edit). I can buy the other buildings no problem, launch, fly, move (people or vehicles), raid, aliendrop, search etc. without any issues. If I move a building back to original x,y (an xcom building) and move warehouse 11, I now alway start in that restored position building and warehouse 11 is 'just another building'. It confirms something about the expectant starting positions.... only if I knew earlier.

Road War

The road system in the Superhuman Cityscape needs some corrections/additions to make the AI not so stupid with pathfinding (and preventing Ultra-fast timespeed). Use Apatcher to enabling citymap editing. Road connections that help the AI not be dumb: (x,y,z)

  • 29,88,1 join to 45,88,1
  • 64,82,1 join to 70,82,1
  • 88,52,1 join to 88,28,1
  • 58,40,1 join to 58,34,1
  • 58,64,1 join to 58,56,1
  • 44,52,1 join to 40,48,1
  • 09,54,1 join to 09,51,1
  • 14,46,1 join to 14,40,1

and possibly this, but not necessary:

  • 71,68,1 join to 82,70,1

Use road sections relevant to the local area and make sure to orientate the T-sections correctly.

Some sections of road could be improved. Any road going under the city wall should be either #17 or #19.


Should be #50

  • 51,06
  • 61,16
  • 63,43
  • 06,58

Should be #51

  • 62,15
  • 73,17
  • 88,06
  • 92,57
  • 64,77
  • 25,51
  • 45,87
  • 55,24
  • 83,87
  • 48,25

No Connection

  • 36,84,8 to 36,83,8

Missing Tiles

  • #528 at 12,83,7
  • #526 at 11,83,7
  • #524 at 10,83,7
  • #518 at 09,83,7

Copy the missing tiles to the other two buildings on the Superhuman cityscape.

Errors or missing entries possibly somewhere...