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Likes to use Large Rockets. Has been known to allow Terror Ships to land, just so he can go after them with a squad of his strongest soldiers, armed exclusively with Rocket Launchers.

Also known as The ufopaedia doesn't always agree with me about whether I am logged in.

Playing style

Level: Veteran/Genius

Questionable things I don't do:

  • Reloading when things go bad (The aliens don't do it after all (except when the game crashes, I suppose))
  • Accessing alien inventory (It's a bug!)
  • Walking through walls (ditto)
  • Throwing grenades through the ceiling
  • Throwing stuff through diagonal walls

Questionable things I will do:

  • Firing a rocket into a destructible ceiling in order to get an alien in floor above. (This is a slight cheat because the explosion occurs on the level the alien is at.)
  • Nuking the crap out of a battleship with blaster bombs. (Turn 1 goes like this: Soldier 1 fires launcher into top of UFO, drops it, steps back. Soldier 2 steps onto launcher, picks it up, reloads it, drops it, steps back. Soldier 3 steps onto launcher, picks it up, fires it through the hole the first guy just made and into the bridge.)
  • Mind-controlling all 4 bits of a terror unit and using it as a scout with massive TUs
  • Stunning aliens, reviving them with medikits, and using them for training purposes.

(Urgh, looks like I found a bug. How do I make that box go away?)

Delete the space in front of the text. It's a shortcut to turning 1 line into pre-formatted text without using the <pre> tags. If you prefer to put your list into bullet points, put a * at the start of each line. Feel free to erase my comment once you make your edit. -NKF
Thanks, that worked.  But the bug I was referring to is the thing that happens if text inside a box is too long; the text extends off the edge of the screen and out of the box.  Maybe I should get a bigger monitor or something, or perhaps I should be less of awindbag.  MB 11:55, 19 October 2006 (PDT)
AFAIK it's meant to be that way, MB. It's shorthand for telling the wiki to not do ANY re-formatting. Folks use it for e.g. tables as seen in Explosions or for pasting code, or anything else they don't want touched. There are probably ways to e.g. change the font to Courier but still allow other formatting (like word wrap). But I wouldn't know how. Check the wiki help page (see links under Help in the nav panel). Hope this helps? --MikeTheRed 16:26, 19 October 2006 (PDT)
Mediawiki (the software that this wiki runs) is designed to put an HTML <pre> tag around any text which begins with a space. Pre is explicitly meant to disable wordwrap and other formatting (and it always draws a hatched box around the text of screen width, whether it's long or --

It has a specialized use, which, as you've seen, gets ugly when used for other purposes.--Ethereal Cereal 10:56, 20 October 2006 (PDT)

Alien Entertainment

Has anyone noticed that terror units and alien entertainment are always found in the same places? That's not a coincidence. Terror units have nothing much to do in flight - it's not like they can operate the UFO equipment - and so they need to be kept busy somehow. Otherwise they get... cranky. And you don't want to be sharing a long flight with a bunch of cranky chrysalids.


Why is alien armour not listed in the articles on aliens? It would be useful to know, e.g. the uselessness of rifle vs cyberdisks.