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Someone just made me smile.
"XCOM Geoscape map regions. A wonderful piece of work by Mvgulik"
(Thanks) :-) --MvGulik (talk) 17:23, 2 December 2017 (UTC)

GeoSphere Worldmap's


Zone mapping:
The Lon/X direction of a zone-rectangle is used to indicate a map-boundry crossing face.
P2x-P1x = pos = normal face, P2x-P1x = neg = map-border crossing. (the diff-value plays no role)
(TFTD seems to have some wrongly placed zones in relation to this)

Overlapping zones:
First(or lower id value) takes precedents over later zones.

No zone: (Regional zones Only)
In the case there is no Zone, the first zone in the list is taken as default fallback.
(in ufo this is only a small region, in TFTD this is a lot of space that is targeted as 'North Atlantic')

Probably wrongly mapped zones:
TFTD: 'ICELANDIC UNION' for sure, 'USA' looks odd.


WorldMap RegionalZones Ufo WorldMap CountryZones Ufo

WorldMap RegionalZones TFTD WorldMap CountryZones TFTD

Offsets Dump

Border/River | 0x074AD4 - 074DF7 (804) | 0x08AE00 - 08B00F (528)
CountryName loc. | 0x074DF8 - 074E57 (96) | 0x08B010 - 08B06F (96)
RegionalZones | 0x074F38 - 07508B (340) | 0x08B1D0 - 08B34B (380)
CountryZones | 0x075090 - 075201 (370) | 0x08B350 - 08B4CB (380)

Image Creation

alt text.alt text

X-COM GeoMapImager. (

Utility to convert X-COM UFO and TFTD Geosphere-Worldmap data into image-maps.

Supports CE And multiple Dos version's of UFO and TFTD.

For the image generating this program uses ImageMagick.
so before using XCOM_GMI you need to pickup a copy of ImageMagick and install it.

Supported data:
- Ground Map: gray-scale wire-frame only at the moment.
- Regional Zones: no Regional name tags, but zones use same colors as in X-COM.
- Country Zones: no Country name tags, but zones use same colors as in X-COM.
- Border/River lines.
maybe later:
- City locations/names.
- Zone name-tag locations/names.

Additional info:
- coordinate grid image generator.
- adjustable Lon/X offset.
- adjustable Face-Number render for Geosphere ground-grid. (merged or as separated image)
* generated images are uncompressed TGA's -> 175MB for a full set.

Program is written in AutoIt, and is limited to windows Xp and higher.
- so no Windows 9x or Windows NT 4.0 support.

- UFOpaedia: Main source of info and file data.
- BladeFireLight(UFOpaedia), For providing Dos version data.

Supported version's:
- UFO: 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, CE.
- X-Com: 1.0, 1.4.
- TFTD: 1.0, 2.0, 2.1(beta), Ital, CE.

Disclaimer: this software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. Use at your own risk.
- 37a20462fafb84ba815722c112f84375|331657  11:42.06 2010-01-25 XCOM_GMI.exe