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NKF (en-kay-eff) n

That guy with the face. Generally nuts, but nuts in general. Often confused for some poor sod known as NFK.

Has strong obsession with the UFO Laser Pistol. Also known to be a fanatic of the TFTD Gauss and Sonic Pistol.

Be warned: Will try to convince you that standard XCOM Pistol is useful. Will also try to explain that Smoke Grenades are useful (while TFTD dye grenades are trousers).

Try to ask me about cute Sectoid doodles on post-it notes.

Other places you might spot my activity:

Web Forums
Strategycore | XCOMUFO | Transformers New Zealand
Other Web services
Blogspot (enkayeff) (dead - I'm a social media troglodyte) | Photobucket (enkayeff)

If all else fails, try some good old fashioned e-mail correspondence via the E-mail this user link in toolbox that can be found on the sidebar. Or... well, use that link.