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UFO Classes

Hi all!

I recently finished a mod for UFO that adds class and level to soldiers based on their stats, called "UFO Classes". It would have been nearly impossible if not for all the reseach into game mechanics i gleaned off this site. Due to this it would seem somewhat hypocritical if i didn't make my mod publicly available.

So here it is: File:UFO Classes (Release v1.0).rar

The archive includes all source code, the latest version of the mod and a detailed pdf file explaining the mod.

The general idea of this mod is to add class and level to soldiers. This is achieved by automatically manipulating saved games.

As a user interface; soldier names are split into fields respectively for level, name and class.

This mod improves 5 aspects of an otherwise awesome game.

• Eliminates the tedious task of managing soldier roles.
• Increases soldier attachment, and thus adds extra tension during missions.
• Makes missions seem less repetitive.
• Soldiers are placed according to class and level in flight.
• Ordering a new batch of soldiers is actually fun!

Should make the game even more immersive!


• Designed for UFO Enemy Unknown / UFO Defence. Other X-COM titles are not supported.
• Supports both DOS and Windows versions of the game.
• Should be compatible with all mods that don't affect/depend on soldier names/soldier.dat entry indexes.

It should be mentioned that the classes used in this mod don't completely coincide with the soldier types mentioned in the tactics section.

Soldier classes: Assault, Sniper, Shock, Medic, Heavy and Support

If i did something wrong when posting this or if you have ideas, comments or bugs to report feel free to contact me (

--Necuno 11:52, 8 December 2009 (EST)