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In hope that my work improves the best game of all time, for all the people who made this possible, I proudly present:

UFO Classes

Lets you manage the selection, deployment and training of soldiers via a concept of classes and levels, rather than having to micromanage soldiers based on all their specific stats.

This is achieved by automatically manipulating saved games. As a user interface; soldier names are split into fields respectively for level, name and class.

Improves 5 aspects of an otherwise awesome game:

• Removes the tediousness from the task of micromanaging soldier roles.
• Increases the RPG element of the game and thereby makes missions seem less repetitive. 
• Increased soldier attachment, combined with the inherent mortality of soldiers, increases tension during missions.
• Soldiers are placed according to class and level in flight.
• Ordering a new batch of soldiers is actually exciting!

Should make the game even more immersive!

• Designed for UFO Enemy Unknown / UFO Defence. Other X-COM titles are not supported.
• Supports both DOS and Windows (CE) versions of the game.
• Should be compatible with all mods that don't affect/depend on soldier names/soldier.dat entry indexes.


The only thing this mod does is rename soldiers and switch around entries in soldier.dat. No part of this mod does anything that you wouldn’t theoretically be able to do from within the game, except for renaming soldiers in transit and switching around soldier positions. No information that wouldn’t be available in game is used or made available.

It should be mentioned that the classes used in this mod do not completely coincide with the soldier types described in Squad Composition and Tactics. Soldier classes used in this mod include: Assault, Sniper, Shock, Medic, Heavy and Support. For class descriptions see ReadMe.pdf.

Not currently under development, will release fixes if bugs are reported. And yes.. i know the name "UFO Classes" is misleading.


UFO Classes Screenshot.png


Latest version 1.3 -- 01:37, 27 February 2010 (EST)

File:UFO Classes.rarFile:UFO

The archive includes:

• All source code.
• The latest version of the mod.
• A detailed .pdf file explaining the mod.