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''[http://lenin.net/~daggar/xcom My annotated XCom FAQ]:'' Kasey Chang's old X-Com faq, with some additions by yrs. truly. Has been almost completely superceded by UFOPaedia. I do plan to bring over two sections that I believe are useful, with heavy, heavy revision:
*''[http://lenin.lenin.net/~daggar/xcom/starter.html Getting Started]:'' Too much detail here, doesn't leave enough to the player's initiative.
*''[http://lenin.lenin.net/~daggar/xcom/xcom9.html#9-8 Alien Threat Analysis]:'' An overview of who's who in the interstellar community.
** '''Done.''' In wildly revised form, now lives in [[Overviews of Aliens]].

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LOOKING TO BUY: Alien corpses in good condition. Minor powder burns acceptable. Will pay up to $20K per specimen. No questions asked.