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Hey, all. I'd never heard of X-COM until a few years ago, when a message board I read suddenly became obsessed with it. It's a fantastic game with really amazing depth for its time.

I've seen that there are a lot of modern gamers who are really interested in playing X-COM, but don't have the skills or patience to jump through configuration hoops or use command-line utilities to get the best, most bug-free performance out of it. My goal is to make a launcher/mod that maximises accessibility and easy of use for modern users, optionally including various popular mods. I'm probably going to be using the DOS version as a base, since (via DOSBox) it's much more portable than the Collector's Edition, and doesn't have any problems with Vista.

My immediate project is a user-friendly patch that adds PlayStation CD music and the original alien-scream sounds to the DOS 1.4 version. If you want to help, or have ideas or suggestions, let me know! Phasma Felis 20:44, 6 June 2008 (PDT)

Here's some notes to myself about my work.

Explanation of "jmp short $+2"