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Clearance Level: Stardust

100% PC Achievements for EU/EW and The Bureau (That's XCOM, baby!)

Second Wave: Not Created Equal, Hidden Potential, Absolutely Critical, Damage Roulette, New Economy, High Stakes

  • Slingshot DLC, done ASAP

XCM's Choice Late-game Squadron:


  • Abilities: Squadsight, Damn Good Ground, Disabling Shot, Oppertunitist, Double Tap
  • Equip: Archangel Armor, Scope
  • Technique: ghosting scout uses 1 move to locate unactivated alien squad: sniper 1 goes into overwatch, sniper 2 Headshots; one alien down. Alien squad activates, moves to cover: overwatch triggered, 2nd alien down. Scout finishes move, using ghosting's 100% Crit Chance to kill third alien.

2xAssault, Short Range Builds:

  • Abilities: Tactical Sense, Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Fire, Close Combat Specialist, Killer Instinct
  • Equip: Titan Armor (switch to Psi Armor for Final Mission), Alloy Cannon, Chitin Plating or Arc Thrower duty.
  • Technique: shove the barrel down their throat and pull the trigger.

Support (is it just me, or with Not Equal, are high-stat Support, especially female ones, really rare??):

  • Abilities: Covering Fire, Field Medic, Rifle Suppression, Dense Smoke for early game, Combat Drugs for late-game, Sentinel
  • Equip: Ghost Armor, Medikit, Scope
  • Technique: usually the Snipers' scout; mops up anything the snipers leave behind

EW: may switch out Support with a MEC Trooper


  • Abilities: Bullet Swarm, Suppression, HEAT, Danger Zone, Mayhem
  • Equip: Ghost Armor, Scope
  • Technique: a one-rocket wonder, but what a rocket! Excellent for clearing many weak enemies, or softening tougher enemies while taking out their cover: has turned the tide in quite a few skirmishes.

Exceptions: Light Plasma Rifles for Thin Man-infested Council Missions, Heavy gets a medkit to avoid poison, snipers either get medkit or kept far in the back to avoid poison spit. In early game, may go 2xSupport and 2xAssault (UFO raids to preserve materials).

Tools: When farming for good Psi canidates (get Iron Will and New Guy), get 2 pieces of paper, and list them by class on each side: Gender|1st Initial Last name|Will/Aim per ranking: Sq|Crp|Sgt|Lt|Cpt|Mjr|Col|notes (ie: high or low movement, low HP growth)

Long War campaigns completed: b9, b14i. B15f3 in progress: First base assault complete.

Pet Peeves:

  • UFO assaults that start my squad in the corner nearest the UFO, and it's a fucking huge map that I have to chase the wandering alien squads through. Fucking hate that, will savescum to avoid that irritation.
  • Except for Shaojie Zhang, the escort VIPs never shut the fuck up.
  • Everyone got pissed at the idea of a popular franchise getting a 3D FPS from a different studio, and said it was gonna suck before it even came out, pushing the developers to change things to sate the fans. People left Retro alone to do their work, and look how much Metroid Prime kicked ass.

Game Theory: Jake Solomon said the Volunteer disappears, not dies, at the end of the game. Perhaps he fell into the gaps of reality.... perhaps he'll appear in the other timeline of XCOM 2???