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Just a sandbox page for me to stick tables in while I go about harvesting tons of thumbnails to populate them.

This is all basically an excuse to document what it actually IS that each DLC adds to the new game.

Yes, these helms get coloured when you tint armour. The helmets are to match the "alternate" deco forms of certain armour suits.!

ESP comes with all pre-orders, can't deco or tint armour without it (does slingshot let you do that without ESP? must test) Box will have a sticker on the outside saying if it has the DLC code said it'd come with an extra soldier but didn't, really only gives the customisation

... I didn't pre-order but I got a pre-order code. I'm not sure if my box is "standard" or "special" edition. Think it's standard international.

todo: check whether slingshot without elite soldier pack grants armor deco + tints

If the first haircut is Zhang, suspect fem hair 18 will be for the chick from the next DLC, pictured among the achievement icons here:

those icons also suggest the next DLC will be near-identical to Slingshot in terms of giving a soldier and three missions...

DLC goes in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XComGame\DLC\PCConsole

DLC_PackIn is ESP, DLC_Day060 is slingshot, DLC_Day090 will probably give access to the last hidden achievements

SeasonPass seems to be a steam thing where you get multiple DLCs in one purchase

Dunno about DLC_PreOrder, suspect it might be for steam pre-orders as opposed to boxed ones, maybe make a forum thread about this asking if anyone has it instead of (or in addition to) DLC_PackIn

DLC_Day120 might be second wave?:

todo: facial hair gallery, armour gallery

tinted armour may be pushing it...

customisation seems impossible for multiplayer?