Valkyrie Interceptor (Apocalypse)

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The Valkyrie Interceptor is a troop transport with some combat capabilities. It offers two long weapon hardpoints capable of mounting the long barelled Lancer laser cannons. It provides three standard modules worth upgrade slots. Because it's much larger than the Hovercar, and has a bad turning rate, it makes for a poor combat vehicle on its own. It's best used in transportation roles and for providing medium support fire for hoverbike or hovercar squadrons.

(Personally, UltimateKane99 does not like hovercar squadrons. They are weak and too pathetic to damage the larger Alien ships. Go for the larger craft and stick recharging weapons such as Lancers and Bolters on them so that they have good fire and do lots of damage in a 360 radius.)

Official Entry: "The Valkyrie is the standard military vehicle manufactured by Marsec. Its sleek lines appear reminiscent of old rocket designs, but it is a fully capable anti-grav dependent craft with a variety of engine configurations. There is space for many types of armaments and equipment loads. It is capable of solar system travel and is feared by the criminal cartels when it is used to police the space lanes to Mars and beyond."