Vehicle Engines (Apocalypse)

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Faster ...FASTER!!

Vehicle Engines

The vehicles available to X-Com are combat orientated. Weapons and devices will help in a fight but a powerful and reliable engine will be the decider in manuovering to attack and effective evasion or escape.

  • Two styles of engines: Road or Air.
  • Any size of engine can be placed into a suitable vehicle. The larger the vehicle's engine-bay slot, the more choices available.
  • Fuel, Fusion Powerfuel, is common for both types.
  • Fuel capacity of any engine style, road or air, is very generous.
  • An engine's Top Speed rating is unaffected negatively by vehicle size or weight.
  • Top speed may increase with small and very light air vehicles.
  • Fuel consumption rate will depend on vehicle weight.
  • Acceleration will depend on matching the best engine to the vehicle chassis, and keeping the overall weight down to be as light as possible.
  • The best possible acceleration of an airbourne vehicle will allow quicker evasive actions and higher survivability in intense fights.
  • Top Speed of road vehicles is more important than acceleration.


  • Maximum = 10.
  • Minimum = 1.
Acceleration = Engine Power ÷ Vehicle Weight

Air Engines

All airbourne craft engines are made by Superdynamics, SD, with six styles available on the market:

An engine used for the Hoverbike.
Not used on any buyable air vehicle.
An engine used for the Phoenix Hovercar.
An engine used for the Valkyrie Interceptor.
An engine used for the Hawk Air Warrior.
Not used on any buyable air vehicle.

Road Engines

Most road-based vehicle engines are made by General Metro, Metro, with four styles available on the market
The most powerful road engine is manufactured by Marsec but is still keeps the Metro name.

An engine used for the Blazer Turbo Bike.
An engine used for the Stormdog.
Not used on any buyable road vehicle.
An engine used for the Wolfhound APC.
An engine by Marsec used for the Griffon AFV.

No Engine

alien-exotic dimensional power
All hybrid craft built by X-Com have an alien propulsion system instead of a typical engine.

  • Hybrids do not use fuel.
  • Hybrid craft can remain airbourne forever, if not needing weapon reloads or repairs.

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