Vehicle Repair Bay (Apocalypse)

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Apoc vehiclebay.png

The Vehicle Repair Bay is a large 2×2 facility, where damaged vehicles are repaired. Each Vehicle Repair Bay repairs 12 constitution points per hour.

Vehicle Repair Bays operate at peak efficiency when they are repairing one vehicle at a time. Further damaged vehicles will reduce the effectiveness of repairs by dividing the 12 repair points amongst the number of vehicles being repaired. For example, two vehicles being repaired simultaneously will be repaired at a rate of 6 points every hour.

The Vehicle Repair Bay serves as an entry point for invading troops. Careful placement and/or fortification with Defense Modules will allow you to better control the flow of incoming invaders.


Size (in base)2x2
Days to build5
Construction Cost$9000
Weekly Cost$500
Score points?

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