Vehicle Weapons (Apocalypse)

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Welcome to the Vehicle Weapons Listings! Here we have listed every weapon made for vehicles in X-Com Apocalypse.

FYI: I never use missile launchers as they tend to cost a lot to rearm. Stick with the Lancers, Bolters, and Disruptors, which recharge. They pay for themselves in ordinance alone. Also, ground vehicles can only go on the roads, so they tend to be sucky craft. Plus, if the road is blown up, they are instantly destroyed. Don't buy them unless you are transporting troops.

Aircraft Weapons

Bolter 4000 Laser Gun

Lancer 7000 Laser Gun

Rendor Plasma Gun

Lineage Plasma Cannon

Plasma Multi-System

Light Disruptor Beam

Medium Disruptor Beam

Heavy Disruptor Beam

40mm Auto Cannon

Janitor Missile Array

Justice Missile Launcher

Prophet Missile Array

Retribution Missile Launcher

Disruptor Bomb Launcher

Statis Bomb Launcher

Disruptor Multi-Bomb Launcher

Laser Defense Array

Plasma Defense Array

Ground Vehicle Weapons

40mm Auto Cannon Turret

Airguard Anti-Air Cannon

Ground Launched Missile Array (GLM Array)

Plasma Turret Cannon

Ground Launched Missile Air Defense (GLM Air Defense)

Rumble Cannon