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Citizens of Mega-Primus use two types of vehicle. There are common road traveling vehicles that use a low cost anti-gravity system embedded in the road surface and airborne flyers which employ more sophisticated Elerium powered anti-gravity engines. The bold red military vehicles are available for X-COM to purchase.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Sleek, Fast and Retro. No License Needed! Every vehicle has its own robotic chauffeur.

X-Com Vehicles: Road And Air

A variety of vehicles available to X-Com on the market which will be the first line of defense against the alien threat. Each styled on 1950s era aesthetics armed with a mix of weapons ...wholly unsuited to fighting those strange mushroom shaped UFOs until better versions are invented.



Mega-Primus has limits on congestion, so only a maximum of 80 vehicles of any type will be allowed to exist.

  • Road vehicles are only limited to the road and cannot be forced to drive offroad.
  • Air vehicles may fly freely outside of the city walls but are are prohibited from moving too far away from the city.
  • Hybrid vehicles use an inter-dimensional source of power and don't have a removable engine. Fuel use is unlimited and these crafts can stay airbourne forever!
  • Any X-Com owned vehicle can be manually controlled with certain limitations.
  • Any vehicle type purchased will always have the same weapons and equipment. The components do not get upgraded due to X-Com's acquired knowledge.
  • Transferring bulk quantities of goods may cause a back-log of new vehicle registrations limitation. Transfer smaller quantities or do it when it is 'quieter' in the city.
  • Organisations do not change or upgrade vehicle components of their purchased vehicles. The default layout never changes.

Available Vehicles - Quick Reference

Craft Armor‡ Constitution Top Speed Weapons Slots Equipment Size Cost Passengers Availability♥
Apoc hoverbike icon.png Hoverbike 1/1/1/1/1/12516 ♣1x31x1$50002Week 1
Apoc phoenix icon.png Phoenix Hovercar 4/4/4/4/4/47013 ♣1x3 1x32x2$120004Week 1
Apoc valkyrie icon.png Valkyrie Interceptor 4/6/6/6/8/628015 ♣1x4 1x42x6$750008Week 1
Apoc hawk icon.png Hawk Air Warrior 5/5/7/7/15/746015 ♣1x4 2x3 1x44x4$10000010Week 2
Apoc turbobike icon.png Blazer Turbo Bike1/1/1/1/1/1208 ♣ - - $20001Week 1
Apoc stormdog icon.png Stormdog 2/2/2/2/5/5456 ♣2x21x2$60004Week 1
Apoc wolfhound icon.png Wolfhound APC 28/28/28/28/28/285507 ♣2x22x4$900014Week 1
Apoc griffon icon.png Griffon AFV 32/32/32/32/32/3270074x41x2$160004Week 1
Apoc dimension probe icon.png Dimension Probe 8/8/8/8/8/880192x2 - $6000 - Week 4
Apoc biotrans icon.png Bio-Trans8/6/8/8/12/5600152x24x8$120004Week 4♠
Apoc explorer icon.png Explorer 8/8/8/8/12/6400161x4 2x3 1x44x3$220008Week 4♠
Apoc retaliator icon.png Retaliator 8/11/11/11/14/11450152x4 2x3 2x44x4$350004Week 4♠
Apoc annihilator icon.png Annihilator 10/12/13/13/17/13700183x4 4x4 3x46x5$500008Week 7♠

‡ Armor Rating listed as: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear/Bottom. The in-game armor rating is the sum of these values.
♣ Engine upgraded to best version, acceleration depends on total weight of installed components.
♥ Earliest time when this style of vehicle is possible to research.
♠ Hybrid craft construction is possible if relevent UFO has been successfully recovered from a crash-recovery mission.

X-Com Chop Shop

The price of a vehicle is made up of its parts and chassis. Ammunition for each weapon and fuel for the engine is loaded to capacity for free! Components or chassis can be sold individually or in any partial combination.

Chop Shop: Air

  • Hovercar x12 fusion powerfuel, x24 Janitor Missile Array ammunition.
Profit: $2760
  • Hoverbike x8 fusion powerfuel, x300 40mm Auto-Cannon ammunition.
Profit: $1580
  • Valkyrie x14 fusion powerfuel, x24 Janitor Missile Array ammunition.
Profit: $2780
  • Hawk x16 fusion powerfuel, x24 Janitor Missile Array ammunition, x8 Prophert Missile Array ammunition, x140 Elerium (Rendor Plasma Gun).
Profit: $7200

Chop Shop: Road
Road vehicles are not very useful because all roads are too weak. The vehicles are good, the roads aren't.

Profit: $20
  • Stormdog x3 fusion powerfuel, x600 Air Guard 52mm Turret ammunition.
Profit: $4830
  • Wolfhound x5 fusion powerfuel, x12 GLM Array ammunition.
Profit: $1250
Profit: $60

A vehicle chassis with damage can be sold but at a discount depending on severity (constitution remaining). More damage = less money! Modules and weapons cannot be damaged or destroyed however any and all shield modules disappear if shield protection is reduced to zero from combat.

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