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Vehicles will be the first line of defense against the alien threat. The moment those Alien ships come through those gates, your ships should already be launching and warming those guns. Expect a hard fight; the aliens ships are tough to kill. So brush up on each ship and what its got!

Quick Comparison Table

Craft Armor Constitution Top Speed Weapons Slots Equipment Size Cost Passengers Availability
Apoc hoverbike icon.png Hoverbike 62516 11x31x1$50002Week 1
Apoc phoenix icon.png Phoenix Hovercar 247013 11x3 1x32x2$120004Week 1
Apoc valkyrie icon.png Valkyrie Interceptor 3628015 11x4 1x42x6$750008Week 1
Apoc hawk icon.png Hawk Air Warrior 46460151x4 2x3 1x44x4$10000010Week 2
Apoc dimension probe icon.png Dimension Probe 4880192x2N.A.$6000N.A.2
Apoc biotrans icon.png Bio-Trans47600152x24x8$1200042
Apoc explorer icon.png Explorer 50400161x3 2x4 1x33x4$2200082
Apoc retaliator icon.png Retaliator 66450152x4 2x3 2x44x4$3500042
Apoc annihilator icon.png Annihilator 78700183x4 4x4 3x46x5$5000082
Apoc turbobike icon.png Blazer Turbo Bike6208 1N.A.N.A.$20001Week 1
Apoc stormdog icon.png Stormdog 18456 12x21x2$60004Week 1
Apoc wolfhound icon.png Wolfhound APC 1685507 12x22x4$900014Week 1
Apoc griffon icon.png Griffon AFV 19270074x41x2$160004Week 1

1 With engine upgrade

2 Needs to be researched.

See Also

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