Verge (Chimera)

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Agent Verge
Agent Verge
Traits Psionics, Enemy manipulation
Weapon Rifle
Verge is polite and well-mannered, speaking in carefully measured tones intended to put humans at ease. He can tell if it’s working even without mind-reading psionics.

"I have my mind's eye on you." -Verge

Verge is a Sectoid and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Though he has low HP and is initially unable to deal much direct damage, Verge has powerful psionic attacks ideal for disabling enemies. Each enemy he successfully debuffs with his psionic attacks is added to his Neural Network- they cannot be targeted for a debuff a second time, but they grant Verge bonuses to his Aim as long as they remain alive and become vulnerable to his more powerful abilities.


Health Mobility Aim Will Dodge Crit Psi
7 10 65 50 0 0 50


Rank Ability
Cadet Neural Network
Verge gains +10 Aim for every enemy he has added to his Neural Network.
Stuns a target for their next two actions, and adds them to the Neural Network. This ability cannot target enemies already in the Neural Network.
Battle Madness

Verge forces an enemy to attack one of their allies, and adds them to the Neural Network. This ability cannot target enemies already in the Neural Network.

Deputy Agent Levitation

In the Breach Phase, lifts an enemy into the air, removing their cover bonuses and cancelling their Alert or Aggressive status if it is present.

Field Agent Crowdsource

Grants a further +5 Aim and +10 Crit for every enemy in the Neural Network.

Killing blows against enemies in the Neural Network will knock them unconscious instead.
Special Agent Mindflay

Inflicts mental damage on all enemies currently part of the Neural Network. Damage inflicted by this ability will KO enemies instead of killing them.

Senior Agent Network Healing
Verge regenerates 1 HP per enemy in the Neural Network at the end of his turn.
Enemies affected by Levitate will fall to the ground after the Breach Phase, taking 1-3 mental damage and joining the Neural Network. Damage inflicted by this ability will KO enemies instead of killing them.
Principal Agent Puppeteer

Mind Controls all enemies in the Neural Network for the duration of the turn. Once per mission.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+20 Dodge

Training (Principal Agent) Mind Lash

Verge deals +1 damage to enemies in the Neural Network.

Tactical Advice

  • Unconscious enemies are not removed from the Neural Network, allowing Verge to continue gaining bonuses from them. On maps with reinforcements, this can allow Verge to reach extremely high amounts of Aim. If Verge does not have Collar, consider giving at least one member of the squad Tranq Rounds.
  • Verge should be set up to breach so that he acts as close to the top of the timeline as possible; this will maximize the effectiveness of his abilities, especially Puppeteer.
  • Mind Controlled enemies retain their original position on the timeline. As Puppeteer attempts to Mind Control all its valid targets at once, this can potentially derail multiple enemy actions on that round and force enemies to move into convenient positions for follow-up attacks (e.g. bunched together to maximize damage from grenades or Blueblood's Phase Lance).


Verge participated in the initial invasion as psionic support for a Thin Man infiltration unit sent to subvert human governments. During the occupation, he was tasked with using his psionic powers to control an influential scientist who could convince the general public that the aliens were benevolent. However, he developed empathy for humans following his infusion with human genetic material and he secretly worked as a mole for the resistance during the later occupation and war. When X-COM discovered his service to the resistance, they agreed to let him serve with Chimera Squad.