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{{Infobox open}}
{{Infobox open}}
{{Infobox module/itemcommon
{{Infobox module/itemcommon
| item =Vibro Blade
| item = Vibro Blade
| height =
| height = 2
| width =  
| width = 3
| weight = 10
| weight = 10
| damagethreshold =  
| damagethreshold = 20
| image = [[Image:Vibroblade.gif|100 px]]
| image = [[Image:Vibroblade.gif|100 px]]
| saleprice =  
| saleprice =  

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General Information

Vibro Blade
(h x w)
2 x 3 Vibroblade.gif
Weight 10
D. Threshold 20
Sale Price $
Damage 80 Drill
Action TU Accuracy
Attack 10% 150%
Cost $7,000
Technician Hours 150
Workspace 3
Materials 1 Zrbite
Key Features
Pros Cons

The Vibroblade is a melee weapon capable of dealing powerful attacks at close range. It is essentially a large drill with an ultra hard drill bit powered by a Zrbite power core.

While weakest of the drills, the attack of a Vibroblade is often deadly and will cripple even the strongest Lobsterman in a single attack. It is the fastest of the drills, making it well suited for scouts or anyone seeking to move quickly and perform a succession of rapid melee attacks. Be advised that the drills do not work against inanimate objects like walls or decorative fixtures.

The Vibroblade mainly fails against units with tough external armour, such as the Hallucinoids and Xarquids. For these aliens, the more powerful but slower Thermic Lance and Heavy Thermic Lance are better suited to puncturing heavy armor.

Despite being of alien origin, the aliens don't appear to have a clue how to use the drills for combat. Aliens armed with the drills are commonly grenadiers carrying four Sonic Pulsers. It is thought by some that the drill could be ceremonial or even a status symbol, though this is mere speculation at best.

The drill-based weapons were introduced in Terror from the Deep. They are the only forms of equipment to have no direct equivalents in the previous game, UFO: Enemy Unknown.

Vital Statistics


Vibro Blade

  • Damage: 80 Drill
    • Attack Cost: 10%
    • Base Accuracy: 150%
  • Weight: 10
  • Selling Cost: $1,500
  • Build Cost: $7,000 plus:
    • Technician Hrs: 150
    • Workshop Space: 3
    • Zrbite: 1

Usage notes

  • It is worth noting that the alien AI does not know how to use any of the melee weapons. A Lobsterman carrying a drill will only attack with its claws. Aliens with drills are always given four Sonic Pulsers, so it's safe to assume that any alien carrying a drill will be a grenadier and have no ranged combat abilities.
  • A limitation in the game engine's handling of melee attacks reduces the utility of the drills somewhat by preventing them from targeting inanimate objects like scenery objects and walls. They can only attack living enemy units.
  • While the lightest of the drills, at 10 Weight units, the Vibroblade is still somewhat cumbersome. It should only be carried by advanced soldiers who can handle the extra burden.

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