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This section is a collection hub for various articles that discuss the merits of the many weapons in the X-COM series. Weapons can range anywhere from hand-held firearms to aircraft weapons.

Contents of the respective articles are subject to change. Readers wanting to share alternate views or propose new topics are welcome to join the discussion on the talk pages.


Though Ufopaedia.org attempts to be factual in its core articles (with some artistic license taken for non-essential descriptions), the arguments presented here are strictly the opinion of the respective contributor(s). Readers are encouraged to form their own opinion based on the information presented.

Weapon Debates


Best Starting Weapons (EU)
Skipping Laser Weapons
Skipping Plasma Weapons
Heavy Cannon vs Auto Cannon
•Rifle Comparisons
Rifle vs Pistol
Rifle vs Laser Pistol
Laser Pistol vs All Predecessors
•Laser Rifle comparisons
Laser Rifle vs All Predecessors
Laser Rifle vs Laser Pistol
Laser Rifle vs Heavy Plasma
•Heavy Laser Comparisons
Heavy Laser vs Heavy Plasma
Heavy Laser vs Heavy Cannon


See also: Weapon Effectiveness (TFTD)

Best Starting Weapons (TFTD)
Skipping Gauss Weapons
Skipping Sonic Weapons
Sonic Cannon vs Displacer/Sonic
•Gas Cannon comparisons
Gas Cannon vs Torpedo Launcher
Gas Cannon vs Heavy Gauss
•Sonic Pistol comparisons
Sonic Pistol vs Heavy Gauss
Sonic Pistol vs. Gauss Rifle
Sonic Pistol vs. Gauss Pistol
Sonic Pistol vs Sonic Blasta Rifle
Sonic Pistol vs Sonic Cannon


Best Starting Weapons (Apocalypse)
Toxigun vs Devastator Cannon

General Discussions

Recommended Weapon Research Order
Weapons by Role
Weapons by Role (TFTD)
HE vs single target weapons
Tanks vs Troops

Cross Game Discussions

Stun Rod vs Thermal Tazer
High Explosive vs Magna-Pack Explosive
Pistol vs Dart Gun
Rifle vs Jet Harpoon
Heavy Cannon vs Gas Cannon
Auto Cannon vs Hydro-Jet Cannon
Rocket Launcher vs Torpedo Launcher
Laser Pistol vs Gauss Pistol
Laser Rifle vs Gauss Rifle
Heavy Laser vs Heavy Gauss
Plasma Pistol vs Sonic Pistol
Plasma Rifle vs Sonic Blasta Rifle
Heavy Plasma vs Sonic Cannon
Small Launcher vs Thermal Shok Launcher
Blaster Launcher vs Disruptor Pulse Launcher

Quantitative Analysis



Other Discussions