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Your weapon and an ammunition count will be displayed as an icon set the right side of the screen, as a dial-like display over a weapon image. The dark number on the tan portion is how much ammo remains in your current clip, while the tan numbers below it show your total ammo reserves you can carry for that gun. You can reload at any time, but if the top number hits 0, Carter will automatically reload any remaining bullets.

Certain weapons, usually those with larger clips, tend to take longer to reload, and some weapons can be partially reloaded if you need to fire ASAP.

For all guns, you can only carry a certain number of rounds total (ie: the count in the clip, plus your carry, can only add up to a certain number). For example, you can carry 99 pistol rounds (9 clip, 90 carry), but if you got 3 in the clip, your carry can go to 96 if you pick up another pistol to top it off.

When a new weapon is discovered, picking it up and getting the notification "unlocks" it for the rest of the game (provided you don't die before the next checkpoint): you don't have to be carrying it when the level is completed to distribute it to your agents. They can be equipped with it (if they can accept it) at the next Supply Drop or at the base.

Types of weapons available on the Bureau:


In the Hangar 6 DLC only: