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Weapon Types

Reclamation's weapons are mostly X-COM surplus left over from the War for Liberation. Each type is used by a specific set of agents and can be improved to Enhanced and Mastercrafted versions to increase their damage. They can also benefit from Weapon Mods and Ammo types. Note that Androids, unlike agents who are always stuck with single weapon type, can choose SMG, Rifle, or Shotgun.

Pangolin Gauntlets

Damage: 3-4

Cannot be improved with weapon mods or upgraded, and lacks epic variants. Exclusive to Zephyr.


Damage: 3-4; Enhanced Pistol: 4-5; Mastercrafted Pistol: 5-6 + Shredder ability.
Clip Size: 5

Used by Blueblood and Cherub.


Damage: 3-5; Enhanced SMG: 4-6; Mastercrafted SMG: 5-7 + Shredder ability.
Clip Size: 4

Used by Terminal, Torque, and Shelter.

Assault Rifle

Damage: 3-5; Enhanced AR: 4-6; Mastercrafted AR: 5-7 + Shredder ability.
Clip Size: 4

Used by Verge and Patchwork.


Damage: 4-6; Enhanced Shotgun: 5-7; Mastercrafted Shotgun: 6-8 + Shredder ability.
Clip Size: 3

Used by Godmother, Axiom, and Claymore.

Weapon Mods

Just like in XCOM 2, you can modify the weapons of your team, although there are some changes. First of all, there are two mods slots (after Modular Weapons is researched), no matter of their level. Also these Mods can be freely swapped and uninstalled at any time without destroying them.

  • (Advanced/Superior) Scope: increases agent's Aim by 5/10/15%. Unlike XCOM 2, it can be installed alongside Laser Sight;
  • (Advanced/Superior) Laser Sight: increases the Crit chance by 5/10/15%, increasing further by up to 10/20/30% if close to the target. Unlike XCOM 2, can be installed alongside with Scope;
  • (Advanced/Superior) Expanded Magazine: increases the weapon's ammo by 1/2/3;
  • (Advanced/Superior) Auto-Loader: first 1/2/3 Reloads are free actions;
  • (Advanced/Superior) Stock: if agent's shot missed, it still deals 1/2/3 damage to the target;
  • Impact Frame: increases the Subdue damage by 2. Cannot be installed on Cherub's Pistol;
  • Reflex Grip: shooting as the first action does not ends the turn. Cannot be installed on Blueblood's Pistol;
  • Targeting System: hitting Holo-Targets the enemy. Subsequent shots at the same enemy grant +15 Aim, as long as they remain Holo-Targeted.