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 The purpose of this work is to make OpenApoc more balanced, to provide a variety of interesting gameplay solutions, and to make the game more complex and deep (especially in superhuman and god mode). Balance changes are designed to increase the number of viable strategies in the game, so that one universal set of equipment is not used for each agent and the same tactics in each mission. The document was written without regard to the difficulties of translating such ideas as an attempt to get closer to the ideal. An attempt was also made to develop the theme of the main antagonists of the game. A lot of ideas were borrowed from everywhere, if you find out or want to add your own idea - there is a Discussion. This work is dedicated to fans and developers of OpenApoc and Apoc and all XCom fans in general. 
 This page is mainly translated from Russian using translator sites and and some parts of the texts is manually edited to make it more clear. Please understand this fact, if you want to correct something, you can write in Discussion

Big Apoc Concept

  • This a WIP page, please feel free to add your own ideas here or in Discussion
  • Ⓜ - big changes in the code that require, most likely, a separate mod
  • Ⓒ - functions that were cut from the original or were in the plans
  • Ⓘ - features that have images in ufopedias and in the game and are already imported into OpenApoc but do not have mechanics

General provisions

  • I must say that in the future some of the original “problems” of the original could have been considered, of course, if not for the premature release of the game.
  • You need to create a simple intro video or a simple LORE Apo slideshow of factions of various types of sentient beings and the struggle between them.
  • You need to create a simple introductory video or a simple slideshow on the basics of tactical combat for task forces. studopedia.info/2-2651.html

Menu mechanics

The ability to arrange vehicles and agents in an order that I choose. I find it ANNOYING that my main team of 18 agents who I hired from the beginning, gets messed up by new hires being inserted between those agents.

Cityscape gameplay, ballance

  1. The armor and durability of UFO vehicles must be doubled - UFOs must pose a real threat and this is better than doubling their numbers.
  2. The very first types of UFOs should be types 3 and 4, and types 1 and 2 simply escort them in large quantities.
  3. Ⓜ XCOM can execute third-party contracts:
    1. reflection of the raid on the building of criminals using alien weapons,
    2. raid on clearing a building from a gang using alien weapons,
    3. raid on the cleaning up laboratory engaged in research and development of alien weapons
    4. capture of the leader of the organization that was captured by aliens (100%) after which you can start reducing the percentage of infiltration by aliens by conducting raids,
    5. saving the sectoids from research conducted over them to replenish psi recruits (and increase the rating),
    6. saving androids enslaved and used as machines (and rating upgrades),
    7. reflection of the attacks and raids of the Cult of Sirius on other organizations that they will start when the infiltration reaches 100%

Battlescape gameplay, ballance

  1. From the very beginning of the game, agents with high skills but for high salaries should also be available for hire.
  2. In the UFO ships from the very beginning of the game there should be random crews from all possible types of aliens, random numbers including Psimorph or Micronoid Aggregate.
  3. In each crew of a ship, a UFO must be at least 1-2 Micronoid Aggregate.
  4. Psimorph and Micronoid Aggregate should never attack first, and will go into melee only if all the other aliens are dead and there is no way to retreat.
  5. If Psimorph or Micronoid Aggregate is present on a mission, all agents should be seriously reduced in morale, as a result of its powerful psy field.
    1. Such a field is exhausting, therefore, Stamina and Bravery noticeably sags, first Stamina and after Bravery and Accuracy.
    2. Androids are immune to the effects of the psi field — another reason to take them on a mission.
  6. All psionics in the game must see the victim in person, or at least through the eyes of another fighter
  7. If Stamina drops to zero, then Accuracy should decrease dramatically.
  8. Androids should not be under the control of the Brainsackers
  9. If 30-50% of the aliens were killed in a collision with X-COM, the rest must leave the battlefield and move to another building.

Weapons and Technologies

  1. Anti-alien toxins are extinguished by shield-destroyers.
  2. "Toxin A" "Toxin B" "Toxin C" are blocked by shields-destroyers.
  3. Personal teleporters cannot be used for agents (only organic can teleport).
  4. Ⓜ Criminal gangs should have a lot of old weapons familiar to us (Kalashnikov or M16) which can be picked up from their dead bodies.
  5. Ⓜ Criminal groups should very rarely have weapons from the first wars against aliens, but not necessarily cartridges for them, you can pick them up from their dead bodies.
  6. Ⓜ The game should just have a black market
  7. Ⓜ Hackers. The ability of agents to break open at the beginning of the mission and take control of the building system: close doors and elevators, isolate aliens in separate rooms, only agents can use doors and elevators.
    1. Aliens will not be able to escape from the mission or the chance to escape will be reduced in proportion to the number of hackers.
    2. For this, you may need a hacker set in the form of a device like a laptop that the agent will hold in his hand for the hacking effect to work.
    3. The fastest hacking androids - another reason to take them on a mission.
    4. People crack the system longer but the chance for the aliens is less

Diversity on UFO crash missions

or [MOD concept] Diversity: UFO crash missions

Ⓜ Crash clearing missions can be random timers and triggers that can stop the timer. For instance:

There may be several timers and some hidden ones, and some timers will need a trigger for it to appear.

  1. Kill all aliens
  2. Kill all Psimorph or Micronoid Aggregate or both because they increase the strength of the psi field (the psi field exhausts and lowers morale so Stamina and Bravery noticeably sag, first Stamina and then Bravery and Accuracy.)
  3. Capture the UFO control room and Destroy the UFO control system.
  4. At least 3 agents must penetrate the first level of UFOs and hold it.
  5. If the timer does not stop the mission will be:
    1. failed and the UFO will fly away.
    2. The strength of the psi alien field intensify
    3. Aliens will begin a massive assault.
    4. is complicated by the arriving gangs of marauders.
    5. complicated by the arising cultists of Sirius.
  6. Types of missions UFO crash should be more diverse, for example:
  7. Landing a damaged ship is a very difficult task and sometimes a UFO can simply explode without coping with the landing (leaving nothing).
  8. A damaged UFO that has landed can be destroyed by the organization’s ship next to which the UFO fell.
  9. After an air battle and an emergency landing, the corpses of aliens who died during the air battle and landing scattered inside the UFO should remain (most aliens are alive).
  10. Ⓜ It may happen that a UFO will be visually badly damaged, and all that you find is a couple of units of unconscious survivors and a lot of corpses, or all will be dead.
  11. It may happen that it will be impossible to recover the UFO and the aliens will scatter into the nearest buildings, the UFO will remain empty or there will be only a few spitters and multiworms.
  12. Ⓜ Arriving on a mission to crash UFOs in slums, we can meet a team of numerous marauders of gang members (who will take aliens in number and leave a lot of corpses) who have already joined the battle from criminal organizations wishing to get alien technology, they can already be outside UFOs and kill several aliens, or already inside the UFOs and kill all aliens and share the prey (Use the weapons of aliens). It's up to you to either kill them or fly away.
  13. Ⓜ 2 criminal gangs fighting among themselves or a police squad pursuing a criminal gang may also encounter. Gang members attack in groups of 8-20 - Osiron groups are the largest, Psyke groups are the smallest.
  14. Ⓜ If a UFO crashed near an important public building on a mission, you will find the Security Guard squad holding back the alien forces from spreading.
  15. Ⓜ Arriving on a mission, we can meet the members of the Cult of Sirius who flew in hoping to make contact and help the aliens. It's not for nothing that UFOpaedia says "This represents a significant threat to X-COM because the cultists will do anything to assist the Aliens in their purpose, whatever that might be." Aliens will infect micronoids and supply the cultists with their weapons and will use them as cannon fodder. Cult members fight in groups of around 10.
  16. Ⓜ On a downed UFO, there may be sectoids for the rescue of which points will be awarded.
  17. Ⓜ On a downed UFO, there may be people captured from neighboring buildings for food and for the salvation of which points will be awarded.
  18. Ⓜ On the mission, there may simply be armed civilians belonging to some unregistered movements and not part of any corporations that are fighting against the total control of corporations (as private organizations, elevating a person over a person).
  19. Next to the crashed UFO may appear a mission where aliens from UFO storm the building and security reflects the attack.
  20. Around the crashed UFO can form dangerous abnormal zones (fire tornadoes, poison clouds, smoke, explosions) due to incorrect operation of the damaged ship.
  21. UFO casing can be home to small insect-like creatures (eg Skincrawlers or Swarm) that mend the casing and can be dangerous to humans by eating or replacing flesh.
  22. Each crew of a UFO ship (types 3-7) can have 1-2 Micronoid Aggregate.
  23. Each UFO crew (types 3-7) can have 2-6 Micronoid Headwrappers or Micronoid Mentor.
  24. Micronoid Headwrappers or Micronoid Mentor are 1/6 Micronoid Aggregate which are located on the head of other aliens and can carry out psi control of both agents and their carriers.
  25. A combination of different types of the above changes.

Immersion in the game on missions

or [MOD concept] Immersion: Missions

Immersion in the game will also help **quick pop up phrases** that agents or other characters will pronounce when they get into some kind of situation or interacting by clicking on the cursor as is done in fallout 2.

OpenApoc Concept Spot.png OpenApoc Concept Fog.png OpenApoc Concept Battle.png

Quick Phrases - This mod will help the player plunge into the atmosphere of the game even more with the help of **additional effects and sounds**.

The game has the disadvantage that agents are completely speechless like dolls. Immersion in the game will be helped by quick phrases that agents or other characters will utter when they get into a situation or interact by clicking with the cursor, for example, as done in Fallout 2.

  • The content and mood of the phrases may depend on the nature of the agent and its type (hybrid, human, android, alien), this requires a separate mod with the agent's biography ...
  • Random phrases of civilians when agents are close about aliens, about X-Com, about the situation in the city, about personal problems, about politics, shouts, questions, complaints, regrets, ridicule (due to species, race, etc.), admiration at PM celebrities, show off or show off, offer trade exchanges at PM prohibited,

The formula for a random phrase can be, for example, this (depending on the situation):

> Hold positions > (White): Shout (Chance 0%) + Swear word (Chance 50%) + Phrase (Chance 50%) + Stating 75% + * minor action (сhance 50%)

> Search > (White): Shout (50% chance) + Swear word (50% chance) + Phrase (100% chance) + Stating 25% + * minor action (50% chance)

> Combat and Spot > (Red): Shout (75% Chance) + Swear word (100% Chance) + Phrase (50% Chance) + Statement 100% + * Minor Action (100% Chance)

> Panic > (Blue): Shout (100% chance) + Swear word (75% chance) + Phrase (75% chance) + Stating 0% + * minor action (100% chance)

> Example of a phrase in battle: Aaahmm, + fuck, + I knew it, + I was wounded in my left arm + * presses the wound with my right hand

  1. Quick phrase color can show mood and intonation of pronunciation:
    1. White neutral mood
    2. Green good mood
    3. Orange enemy detection, alarm
    4. Red fight with the enemy, aggression
    5. Blue fear, panic
    6. Purple phrases under psi control
  2. Shout (Shout, shout, shout, shout, shout, click, whoop, shout, shout, chuckle)
  3. Swearing (usually one word depending on the situation)
  4. Phrase (statement, opinion of a being about a situation)
  5. Statement / report (short statement of what happened)
  6. There can also be minor actions from a third person, separately or added to phrases like:(they can also be unique depending on the type of creature (hybrid, human, android))
    1. Spitting (if without a helmet)
    2. Scratching
    3. Correction of armor or item
    4. Recharge
    5. Interception of weapons by hand
    6. Head gazing
    7. Humming or whistling motive
    8. Anecdote
    9. Clever quote from authors or bible
    10. Funny phrase (these psimorphs were fucking howling)
    11. Wish (now would be a beer)


Triggers for phrases can be (some triggers can be executed with a 50% chance, others 75% and 100%):

  1. 100% chance:
    1. Alien detection (different random set of phrases for a specific type of alien)
    2. Detection of a hostile person (a different random set of phrases for a specific type of person and his organization)
    3. Killing an alien (a different random set of phrases for a specific type of alien)
    4. Wounding the agent (a different random set of phrases for a specific place of injury or who wounded him, a request for help or anger and threats)
    5. Murder of a civilian by an agent
    6. Killing a civilian by an alien
    7. Killing a civilian by a hostile person
    8. Killing a hostile person (different random set of phrases for a specific target)
    9. Phrases of hostile people after detection, injury, killing of agents (a different random set of phrases for a specific type of agent (hybrid, human, android, alien))
    10. The agent runs out of ammo
    11. Agent hitting the target and wounding (a different random set of phrases for a specific type of creature and its organization)
    12. Agent hitting target protected by energy shield. Chance 70%
    13. Agent hitting a smoke screen
    14. Agent hitting a paralyzing veil
    15. Agent hitting a burning zone
    16. Hitting the agent by an entropy projectile of aliens
    17. Poisoning an agent with something
  2. Chance 50%:
    1. Capture an agent under psi control (a different random set of phrases for a specific type of target)
    2. Capture an alien agent under psi control (a different random set of phrases for a specific type of target)
    3. Capture by an agent of a hostile person under psi control (a different random set of phrases for a specific type of person and his organization)
    4. An agent who came under the control of a brainsucker (micronoids having access to human knowledge can speak)
    5. Throwing grenades by agent
    6. Throwing a grenade by an enemy at an agent that falls within a radius around the agent
    7. Explosion of a grenade harming the agent
    8. Grenade explosion nearby when the explosion touched the agent but did not harm
    9. Fall of the agent from a height after the destruction of the floor
    10. The agent picking up the found item
    11. Agent whose panic has passed
    12. Agent panicked
    13. An agent who woke up after falling into unconsciousness
  3. 70% chance:
    1. Long running agent
    2. Long sitting in one place
    3. Long stay of the agent in a particular position
    4. Long stay of the agent in a particular fashion
    5. A hostile person who woke up after falling into unconsciousness
    6. Agent after taking off
    7. Hostile people don't use flying armor ??
    8. Hostile person after taking off
    9. Switch to no shoot mode

In the UFO crash mission (not only here but also on the city map), you can add meteorological and other phenomena taking into account the post-apocalyptic state of the earth’s atmosphere and to diversify the game:

  1. Fog - will affect visibility and accuracy. Motion scanners come in handy here.
  2. Rain - affects the speed of movement and accuracy, the agent can also slip and fall. Adding rain sounds and sometimes thunder sounds.
  3. A strong wind, will have its overlay with an animated sprite, will greatly affect the accuracy of shooting. Add the sounds of the wind.
  4. Storm - rain and heavy rain, thunderstorm, lack of lighting and visibility due to heavy cloud cover. Adding sounds of rain, strong wind and thunder.
  5. Add sounds of a living city (sounds of cars, sirens, gunfights, and working factories).
  6. Add the occasional sounds of a damaged UFO similar to creature moans.

Additional weather conditions:

  1. Snow (falling or falling, or both) the accuracy increases if the snow does not fall. Add snow sounds for step
  2. Icing (frozen snow after warming) movement is very limited and the risk for the agent to fall.
  3. Large hail
  4. Solar radiation or storms.
  5. Emissions of radiation (local)

Nothing plunges more into the game than the sight of suffering and pain. A fight is never so clean. Aliens and people should not always die immediately, and sometimes shoot back with reduced accuracy (and you will have to finish them off so that they do not shoot or shut up). The wounded can moan for a long time, bleed and move a little, people can scream and call for help or swear using quick phrases. Puddles of blood under them can be added to corpses and wounded. When a bullet enters the body, add a small effect of tearing and scattering of blood and pieces of meat and clothing...

Final game and Alien dimension

Interesting extracts from the real history

  • Brief extracts from the history of the world, theory and speculation may stir up the interest of the reader
    • The briefing page for Commander Tells us that Megaprime has long been doing something that is not clear and that our main task is to investigate this difficult situation and take action, including the activities of cults. The X-Com Timeline page and Phoenix Point history that I want to associate with Apoca [PandoraVirus] and [Phoenix Point stories] may help to look deeper into the situation in MegaPrime.
    • From the story we learn that perhaps The cult of Sirius, founded in 2040., Has long been influenced by micronoids who were able to escape after the explosion of the city of T'letch. Perhaps the Cult of Sirius is a project whose goal is to overcome the overtone window, the framework of the permissible spectrum of opinions about aliens in public statements from the point of view of public morality, perhaps using new techniques and technologies to influence the subconscious, (alien) technologies.
    • The history also preserved information about a variety of other secret, hidden organizations (from ancient priests of Egypt to modern intelligence services), family clans (oligarchies of Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Venice, etc.), genetic lines of people who influenced humanity over the centuries and which are indirectly possibly associated with micronoids.
    • According to some information, micronoids are capable of preserving the body of their carrier for thousands of years and it is not clear how much remains from a person in such a being, but not everyone can survive the transformation of their body. Just imagine that such a person can, take a place at the very top of the pyramid of human society, using the psionic capabilities of micronoids, directing and implementing your plans for thousands of years, relentlessly dictating your will to millions of people, without managing conflicts and financial sphere ...
    • There is information that micronoids have mutagenic abilities, and perhaps those micronoids that remained on the earth after landing T'letch, guided the evolution of the biosphere and terraformed the Earth’s atmosphere all this time ... No one knows what these organisms are capable of and what forms take under the influence of various conditions. maybe
    • Perhaps after the activation of T'letch, the awakened micronoids and micronoids on the earth, preserved for millions of years, united and their activity intensified ...
    • Perhaps the city woke up cyclically, changing the face of the earth from time to time ... spreading various forms of life for thousands of years, doing hybridization and experiments, and then, perhaps, collecting the necessary information to improve and adjust their goals. technologies "nullified" the land in the next catastrophe. According to geological and archaeological data, the last known cataclysm was about 12-10 thousand years ago, which carried away a developed civilization, conventionally, the "Atlants", sweeping away the remnants of humanity and ancient knowledge, but thousands and thousands of ruins from megalithic and cyclopean clutches, hundreds of pyramids and giant statues throughout the land as the brightest evidence and witnesses of those times.
      • [Ancient authors described] those times, the Egyptian priest in a conversation with Solon: "Ah, Solon, Solon! You, the Greeks , always remain children, and there is no elder among the Greeks! " "Why do you say that?" - Solon asked. “All of you are young with your mind,” he replied, “because your minds do not retain in themselves any tradition, which passed from family to family, and any teaching that has turned gray from time. The reason is the same. There have been and will be multiple and different cases of death of people and, moreover, the most terrible - because of fire and water, and others, less significant - because of thousands of other disasters.From here and the story you have about the Phaeton, son of Helios, who allegedly once harnessed his chariot, but he could not direct it along his father’s path, and therefore he burned everything on three mle, and he died, Incinerate Lightning "... So, you store memory only about one flood, and in fact there were many before;
      • In the Necronomicon, a semi-mythical book, other dimensions and various creatures that live there are mentioned. In addition, various creatures and races that inhabited the Earth in previous eras are described. The author of the book spent the decade of the Arabian desert Dahna. According to ancient Arabic belief, it is in Dahna that the entrance to the mysterious city of Irem is hidden, where the knowledge of the Ancients was kept. In addition, on the pages of the manuscript, you can find a detailed description of the process of enslavement of human souls and instructions for creating a psychotronic weapon.
      • The books are not included in the Bible and other sources said that all knowledge was transferred to people by gods or angels. The bible says: “Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the living equations” or “Rephaim tremble under the waters, and those who dwell in them” (Rephaim are giants later called dead, spirits) (Torah Job 26: 5, Job Chapter 26: 5). The Ethiopian Book of Enoch. The third section. XVI Thanks to the knowledge inherited from the guards, the rephaim gained tremendous power over nature: they were able to "cover the firmament, contributing to the reduction of rain" (Breshit slave, 26, 17; Sotah, 34b). They were also engaged in the fact that in the surviving fragments of the Giant Book they are called the calculus of the whole earth: "Let them number all [the earth ...], let them calculate with the help of various calculations" (Giant Book). "[they] were born on earth [and grew up, and matured, and began to devour] (works of hard) labor of all sons of men, and [people] were unable to [feed themselves. And the giants] planned to destroy people [and devour them. And they began to sin and ...] against all the birds and beasts of the earth, [and the reptiles crawling on the earth and animals) in the water] and in the heavens, and sea fishes, and devour each other's flesh and drink blood] " (translation of the Aramaic fragments of the Book of Enoch from Qumran. Fragment 4QЕna ar 1iii 1-23).
      • Rulers and gods enlighteners with reptiloid, amphibian features that brought all knowledge to people at the beginning of foreseeable times (perhaps representatives of the antediluvian races that were used by micronoids during the floods):
        • Oann - The first of Abgallu who taught the Sumerians
        • Dagon - perhaps one of Abgallu, the god of the Philistines, after they were settled Canaan
        • Me Mystical Power and attribute of all the gods of Mesopotamia (perhaps there is a connection with Micronoids)
        • Abzu - the world's ocean of underground fresh water, gods and clay were conceived in it Abzu was created man, the divine "me" was kept there and the assistants of Enki sages Abgallu worked.
        • Abgallu - seven wise men -the helpers of the god of wisdom Enki, created by him, the founders of the seven first Sumerian cities, who taught people everything, they did not eat food, which every night went into the depths of the sea.
        • Enki or Ea - Son of Enlil, Deity of Wisdom, groundwater (fresh) and underground world, cultural inventions, the creator of the Tigris River; Had epithets "cunning, powerful, intelligent, Mind Extensive." The name Enki means "Lord of the Earth", "Lord of the Bottom"
        • E-engura - Enki submarine Which was made of metal, made a roar, its walls could give advice , swam to Abzu, "was under a divine ME", "In your heart, a high throne is erected, your door jamb is a sacred heavenly shutter." E-Engure was the abode of the god Enki and his inner circle. Enki did not allow anyone into his abode, including other gods.
        • Osiris - the god of Egypt who brought knowledge to people, with green skin or scales.
        • Fu Xi is the first emperor of China and his sister-wife who ruled from the depths of the sea .
        • Nagas of India - It is believed that the serpent-nag was a totem of one of the powerful ancient tribes, whose representatives were called Nagas. It is argued that the naga kept the truth secret until people were ripe for understanding.
        • Tsar Kekrops is the founder and first king of Attica and Athens, while Phaeton was killed during his death and Devkalion deluge occurred.
        • The symbol of Jesus was a fish
        • The Pope wears to this day, Mithra (infula) and the soutane and very much resemble the Sumerian priests of the demigods Abgallu.
        • Hero Nommo from the Dogon tribe (Mali, Africa) who flew from Sirius on his ark in which he brought all the ways of being, he is now on the ground and is waiting for a certain time to appear.
        • Quetzalcoatl - one of the main gods of the Aztec pantheon and pantheons of other civilizations of Central America. According to legends, Quetzalcoatl rules in Tula for more than 20 years, after which it sailed to East. The great ruler taught the people mathematics, medicine, astronomy, writing, jewelry, weaving. Associated with his name, the introduction of the calendar with a cycle of 52 years, the invention of the canons of music and dance. His syncretic and pacifist doctrine of the "tolkokoyotly" provided for the prohibition of human sacrifice, which was not strictly accepted by the priestly tip.
        • The goddess Api from the Scythians - the Goddess of fertility, is the same among the Greeks
    • Perhaps they are all these years, centuries or millennia ?, infiltrated various organizations, corporations and governments and have a wide network of agents of influence and incredible access to resources and knowledge.
    • Perhaps MegaPrime was their project, for themselves, perhaps it was they using earth technologies, and maybe gaining access to dormant ancient technologies, bases or satellites, associated with another dimension and are the reason why the Gate between Dimensions opened above MegaPrim. And no one can say for sure that the gate did not open ever in the past ..