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Most of this info can be found on the wiki's Help:Contents section. Here's a few tips for starters. If you have any more questions or suggestions for the wiki please use the Discussion page.

  • The wiki norm for the game spelling is either XCOM or X-COM. Please don't use X-Com, xcom, XCom or any other variations.
  • For consistency try to refer to the game's currency using the game's terms: 'credits' or by the symbol '§.'
  • To use a Neutral Point of View when writing, without personal preferences and taking into consideration alternative viewpoints. That being said, have fun and be creative and open to discussion at the same time using the page's Discussion tab.
  • If you create a page like [[Berserker]] with Enemy Unknown 2012 content, please add the following game suffix (EU2012) to its name: [[Berserker (EU2012)]].
  • You should also add [[Category: Enemy Unknown (2012)]] at the bottom of the page to help categorize all pages. Both steps make it easier to categorize and organize the section and the whole wiki.
  • If you want to add any internal or external links simply add: [[Berserker (EU2012)|Berserker]].
  • To add your signature and timestamp, simply write ~~~~.
  • If you use original text from the game please mark it clearly using ''italics'' or '''bold''' by using this code:

{{Ref Open | title = <TITLE HERE> }} <TEXT HERE> {{Ref Close | source = XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)}}



Chryssalids etc etc etc etc etc.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


A list of all current templates used on this section can be accessed here: Category:Templates (EU2012)


  • Please do not include on the UFOPaedia's pages any copyrighted material from sources other than the game, being it text and/or images from published sources such as Bradygames recent XCOM: Enemy Unknown Official Strategy Guide. It is perfectly clear to use ideas and/or quotes from the guide (with the source properly identified) on pages, but it's a copyright breach if you simply copy/paste the guide's text.
  • All ingame images/text taken from XCOM:Enemy Unknown is copyright of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
  • All other content written at is copyright of their respective authors.