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Enemy Within poster
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Gene Mods and MEC Troopers insignias
Enemy Within Game Menu

On August 21st, Producer 2K revealed during Gamescom 2013 a new expansion/DLC for XCOM: Enemy Unknown called XCOM: Enemy Within. It is available also for consoles and was released on November 12th, 2013 on the US, and November 15th internationally. Enemy Within came to the iOS App Store one year later on November 12, 2014

An initial list of details was revealed on August 21st on this video, along with these articles from Polygon and IGN. For the latest details check the official Enemy Within FAQ thread on the 2K's forums [1]. For what looks like a tutorial on the various new components see [2].

You can also take part in an interactive trailer here.

Warning: this page is being updated as new info is gathered from the game. ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** - Read at your own risk!

General Details

  • The PC version costs $30 and the Console $40
  • The PC edition is sold as traditional DLC through Steam but the console owners will have to buy the Commander's Edition, consisting of Enemy Unknown, plus the Elite Soldier Pack, Slingshot and Enemy Within DLCs.
  • Enemy Within is available for iPhone and iPad on iOS. iTunes link: [3]
  • When launching the game it is possible to select between playing vanilla Enemy Unknown or the new Enemy Within.

The Meld

Main article: Meld (EU2012)

The Meld is an alien substance introduced in the Enemy Within DLC whose precise origin and composition are unknown but which allows the aliens to perform cybernetic and genetic modifications on life forms, including humans. After its recovery from a battlefield and upon completing the necessary Research, the Meld can be used by XCOM to transform soldiers into MEC Troopers or to perform genetic augmentation on different parts of their bodies.

The Meld will mainly be recovered from the aliens, during Abductions or UFO missions, where there will be canisters spread around randomly on the battlefield. The containers are equipped with self-destruction devices with timers so it will be necessary to reach the canisters before time runs out to capture the substance. Explosions, and misses from any sufficiently powerful weapon may also destroy them.

Certain aliens (Mechtoid and Heavy Floater) will also provide small quantities of Meld with their corpses, upon completion of a mission.

While 'Paedia and in-game descriptions include "self-destructs" and "explosions" as the canisters count down, this is not the case: it appears that the canisters seen in the field are possibly dispersion systems. In the overarching plan (caution: spoilers) the aliens have, it seems more in line that deliberate manipulation of Earth's biology is the intent for the sometimes haphazard placement of the canisters.

Conveniently, once captured or timed out: the canisters can still be used as cover, and destruction afterwards does not reduce the amount of Meld recovered.

Gene Mods

Main article: Gene Mods (EU2012)
Translation: "To Change the Custodians"

Gene Mods are unlocked after capturing Meld and finishing research on the Meld Recombination project. It is also required to build the Genetics Lab before it is possible to apply any Gene Mods to your soldiers.

Gene Mods cost both credits (§) and Meld and be can applied to the following categories: Brain, Eyes, Chest, Skin, Legs, with 2 options available for each (and that can be swapped at a cost).
Gene Modding

Gene Mods Soldier Icon
  • Up to 3 soldiers (from Squaddie upwards) can be modded each time on the Genetics Labs and it takes 3 days for each individual mod, installing 5 on a soldier will take 15 days to complete.
  • Modded soldiers will have a specific icon, with their class icon superimposed over it (unless they are Rookies).
  • Modded soldiers have a different appearance than regular soldiers, with less armor plating being shown.


Body Part Name Prerequisite Cost Description
BRAIN Neural Damping
Neural Damping
Berserker Autopsy §35, 20 Meld Neural Damping Confers +20 Will when defending against psi attacks, and immunity to panic. If the soldier is Mind Controlled, the control is cancelled, and the soldier is stunned for 1 turn instead.
BRAIN Neural Feedback
Neural Feedback
Sectoid Commander Autopsy §35, 10 Meld Neural Feedback Causes damage to psi attackers and puts all of their psi attacks on cooldown. This effect does not reduce the attacker's chance of success.
EYES Hyper Reactive Pupils
Hyper Reactive Pupils
Meld Recombination §15, 5 Meld Hyper Reactive Pupils Confers +10 Aim to any shot after a miss.
EYES Depth Perception
Depth Perception
Meld Recombination §15, 5 Meld
Depth Perception
Height Advantage confers an additional +5 Aim and 5+ critical chance.
CHEST Secondary Heart
Secondary Heart
Cyberdisc Autopsy §75, 15 Meld Secondary Heart Causes soldiers to bleed out instead of dying the first time they go to zero health during a mission. The bleed out timer is extended for 2 turns. Prevents loss of will from critical wounds.
CHEST Adrenal Neurosympathy
Adrenal Neurosympathy
Muton Autopsy §10, 25 Meld Adrenal Neurosympathy Overloads the soldiers adrenal glands: when a kill is confirmed the soldier emits pheromones that grant offensive benefits to all nearby squad mates. Cannot occur more than once on every 5 turns.
SKIN Bioelectric Skin
Bioelectric Skin
Chryssalid Autopsy §35, 15 Meld Bioelectric Skin The soldier projects an electric skin from his or her skin, revealing but not alerting nearby enemies, and is immune to strangulation.
SKIN Mimetic Skin
Mimetic Skin
Seeker Autopsy §75, 35 Meld (Pre-1.6 Patch)
§150, 65 Meld
Mimetic Skin Confers the ability to change skin pattern to match cover. When a soldier moves to high cover, enemies without special abilities will not target soldier. Does not work if any enemies have line of sight to the soldier's starting position. Leaving cover or firing will break this concealment.
LEGS Muscle Fiber Density
Muscle Fiber Density
Thin Man Autopsy §60, 25 Meld Muscle Fiber Density Confers superhuman leg strength, enabling the soldier to reach high positions without the need for ladders or other climbing aids.
LEGS Adaptive Bone Marrow
Adaptive Bone Marrow
Meld Recombination §30, 15 Meld Adaptive Bone Marrow Wound recovery time is reduced by 66%. Soldier regenerates 2 HP per turn up to the HP max without armor.

MEC Trooper

Main article: MEC Trooper (EU2012)
A MEC Squad
MEC Trooper
Translation: "Warrior in the Machine"

The MEC Trooper is a new class of soldier that is introduced by the Enemy Within DLC. A MEC Trooper requires Meld and can be created from any of your existing soldiers (from any class, except Psionic) after building the Cybernetic Lab. It costs §10 and 10 Meld to transform a soldier into a MEC Trooper. The soldier will lose all of its existing abilities but see its HP increase and will have its own abilities tree, starting with Collateral Damage.

MECs are walking tanks that are usually used for either Fire Support or Close Combat. Tactically they're a mixture of the Heavy and Assault classes, being built for frontline roles. Since MECs can't use Cover like regular soldiers they're equipped with specialized armor to be deployed, in the form of the Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit (MEC Suit). MECs can't carry regular items but the MEC Suit offers a choice of two different Tactical Subsystems at each tier level.

Primary Weapon: Minigun, Railgun and Particle Cannon.
Tactical Subsystems:
MEC-1 Warden: Kinetic Strike Module or Flamethrower, §25, 40 Meld
MEC-2 Sentinel: Grenade Launcher or Restorative Mist, §32, 60 Meld, 10 Engineers
MEC-3 Paladin: Proximity Mine Launcher or Electro Pulse, §106, 100 Meld, 25 Engineers

The MEC's Ability choices are mainly divided between Fire Support or Survivability stats/abilites on each tier, giving the player the choice of either going full defence, high damage or a trade of between both. MEC Troopers gain a total of +10 Aim points upon reaching Colonel rank, together with a total of +4 HP and +14 Will through promotions.


As part of the conversion process, each soldier turned into MEC will gain a bonus ability based on its former class and will retain its previous rank, replacing its previous abilities with MEC ones:

  • MEC SHOCK ABSORBENT ARMOR.png - Assault: Shock-Absorbent Armor - Damage received from enemies within 4 tiles is reduced by 33%.
  • MEC BODY SHIELD.png - Heavy - Body Shield - The nearest visible enemy suffers -20 Aim and cannot critically hit this unit.
  • MEC PLATFORM STABILITY.png - Sniper: Platform Stability - Any shots taken without moving have +10 Aim and +10% critical chance.
  • MEC DISTORTION FIELD.png - Support: Distortion Field - Nearby allies in cover receive +10 Defense.
Rank Ability
Collateral Damage
Area of effect attack that destroys most cover and hits all eligible targets for 34% damage. This attack cannot cause critical hits.
Advanced Fire Control
Shots from Overwatch no longer suffer any Aim penalty.
Automated Threat Assessment
Confers +15 Defense when in Overwatch. Cancelled when the MEC fires.
Vital-Point Targeting
Confers 2 bonus damage against targets that have been autopsied.
Damage Control
When the MEC takes damage, all further damage will be reduced by 2 on the following 2 turns.
Jet Boot Module
When activated, confers the ability to jump to normally inaccessible heights for the rest of the turn. Has an unlisted 1-turn cooldown.
One For All
When activated, the MEC becomes a high cover element. Moving or using an arm-based weapon will return the MEC to standard posture.
Repair Servos
Confers 2 health recovery at the start of each turn. A total of 6 health can be regenerated per battle.
Expanded Storage
Allows additional uses of Restorative Mist, Grenade Launcher and Proximity Mine Launcher in each mission, and increases primary weapon base ammo by 50%.
Firing the MEC's primary weapon as the first action no longer ends the turn.
Absortion Fields
Any hit that makes 33% more damage to the MEC's maximum health is reduced to that number.
Reactive Targeting Sensors
MEC gets a free shot back at the first enemy who attacks the MEC each turn, providing there's enough ammo do to so.

Tips & Trix

  • MEC Troopers can be created from any soldier above rookie rank, but they'll lose all abilities they previously had. For example, if player sacrifices a Sergeant-ranked soldier, he/she would get a Sergeant-ranked MEC, along with the ability to choose skills from the first three ranks.
  • A MEC Trooper who is converted will retain their stats from before conversion, meaning you may want to put off augmenting your (non-Heavy) soldiers until already high ranked, since the Support, Assault and Sniper classes have better stat progression than the MEC Trooper class.
    • Heavies are best augmented at Lieutenant rank to ensure additional stats, especially with Second Wave options enabled.
  • The Cybernetics Lab can augment 3 soldiers at a time and it costs §10 and 10 Meld units. The process takes 3 days and soldiers will lose all Gene Mods when augmented. The process is irreversible. Take note that wounded soldiers can also be augmented.
  • Any soldiers tested positive with Psionic ability are automatically excluded from MEC conversion, and MEC soldiers can not be tested whether or not they are gifted.
  • Any medals given will remain after conversion, and MEC soldiers can still be awarded medals (remember that a MEC can't go into cover, so giving it the defensive bonus while in cover is pointless).
  • If the damage suffered is in excess of the MEC Suit's HPs then the soldier will have to endure wound recovery time.
  • If the MEC Trooper is killed, the MEC Suit has to be repaired with small cost.
  • MECs are very expensive to purchase, costing up to 200 Meld to create a MEC and equip it with the most advanced MEC Suit.
  • MEC Suits came with the Minigun as its default Primary Weapon: more advanced primary weapons need to be manufactured in Engineering before being deployed.
  • They are immune to fire, strangulation, and poison but can still be psi attacked (and mind controlled) by Psionic units.
  • MEC Troopers can be healed with Medikits, Restorative Mist, Improved Arc Thrower and by captured Drones. Repairing with Arc Throwers is arguably more efficient, since if you don't stun any enemies, an Arc Thrower could be used to heal your MECs and save Medikits for your other soldiers. Deep Pockets will increase Arc Thrower usage to three, which could allow for seven healing uses between Field Medic and Medikits.
  • MECs can't use Cover (so they can't be flanked). To compensate that they have Hardened ability present on S.H.I.V.s and alien robotic units that gives increased protection against critical hits.
  • MECs can climb over half cover berms and up ledges, but are too heavy to use ladders and drainpipes to scale buildings, they can however use alien grav lifts.
  • MECs rely on the Foundry for several essential upgrades through different projects:
  • MEC Troopers get monotone, Robocop-esque voice.

MEC Trooper Rank Progression

Rank and Stats Bonuses
Class RANK SQUADDIE.png Squaddie RANK CORPORAL.png Corporal RANK SERGEANT.png Sergeant RANK LIEUTENANT.png Lieutenant RANK CAPTAIN.png Captain RANK MAJOR.png Major RANK COLONEL.png Colonel Total
MEC Trooper
Health Points + 1
Aim + 0
Will + 2
Health Points + 0
Aim + 1
Will + 2
Health Points + 1
Aim + 1
Will + 2
Health Points + 0
Aim + 1
Will + 2
Health Points + 1
Aim + 2
Will + 2
Health Points + 0
Aim + 2
Will + 2
Health Points + 1
Aim + 3
Will + 2
Health Points + 4
Aim + 10
Will + 14

Primary Weapons

Main article: Minigun (EU2012)
Minigun (EU2012).png
  • Effective range: Medium; 4-6 base damage, 10% critical chance, 8-10 critical damage
  • Only equipped by MEC troopers
  • Risk of catastrophic overheating precludes suppression with this weapon
Main article: Railgun (EU2012)

This high-powered, recoiless slugthrower can be fired in short bursts to devastating effect, although the sizes of its housing and power supply require it to be mounted on a MEC. Prior to our research on heavy lasers, we had no access to a small enough power source.

  • Effective range: Medium; 6-8 base damage, 10% critical chance, 11-13 critical damage
  • Miniaturized power supply derived from laser tech.
  • Only equipped by MEC troopers
  • Risk of catastrophic overheating precludes suppression with this weapon

Particle Cannon

Applications of our heavy plasma technology permit the creation of a burst-style particle beam, capable of unprecedented focused energy output. Its heat dispersal would be highly dangerous to an unmodified soldier, but a MEC suit is capable of mounting the necessary systems.

  • Effective range: Medium; 9-11 base damage, 10% critical chance, 15-17 critical damage
  • Devastating plasma-based MEC weapon
  • Only equippable by MEC Troopers
  • Risk of catastrophic overheating precludes suppression with this weapon

MEC Suits

Main article: MEC Suit (EU2012)
Base Augments
  • MEC Troopers wear their cybernetic base augments when not in combat
  • The arms and legs lack the necessary flexibility for use in the field; hence their removal when the MEC Trooper interfaces with a MEC cybersuit
  • Ideally, they will permit MEC Troopers to resume normal lives should XCOM defeat the invaders

After a soldier is converted into a MEC he/she will wear a metal endoskeleton called Base Augments as its body Instead of armor, MEC Troopers use the Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit into battle. It is not possible to deploy a MEC Trooper without a suit.

MEC Suits are built in Engineering. There are 3 tiers of MEC Suits which can be customized, each unlocks a choice between two new tactical subsystems, allowing for 8 different builds of MEC Suits. The first suit, MEC-1, can be built immediately after the first soldier is augmented on the Cybernetic Lab but the next suits require further research in order to be developed. If a MEC Trooper is killed the MEC Suit will become damaged and will have to be repaired on Engineering.

MEC-1 Warden
Main article: MEC-1 Warden (EU2012)
MEC-1 Warden
  • The Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit, or MEC, has access to heavier primary weapons than unaugmented soldiers can use
  • As XCOM's MEC technology improves, MECs will gain access to a variety of useful upgrades
  • Soldiers must undergo cybernetic augmentation to become MEC Troopers before they can wear a MEC in combat
  • A MEC's combat profile is too large to make effective use of battlefield cover


Research Required Meld Recombination
Base Costs §25
40 Meld
Health +8
Defense +10
Movement 0
Will +10
Systems Kinetic Strike Module

Tactical Subsystems
System Description Tactical Info
Kinetic Strike Module
A powerful arm upgrade for the MEC, allowing the wielder to pulverize adjacent cover and enemies. Also boosts mobility. *Powerful melee attack that can damage an enemy unit as well as any intervening cover
*Can knock most enemies back, causing additional environmental damage
*Supporting joint and skeletal reinforcements enhance the MEC's mobility, allowing it to close to melee range more easily
*Unlimited use, deals 12 maximum damage
*Increases movement by +4 points (3 tiles)
Allows MEC to lay waste to a cone-shaped area. Flame can spill outside the aiming area. *Devastating cone-shaped flame attack
*Burns the area the MEC can see and that is within the aiming template
*Flame will then spill up to 1 tile further, if unimpeded
*Does not affect robots or other flame-immune units
*Affected units will run in panic
*Can be used twice per mission, 6 maximum damage to units in the cone
MEC-2 Sentinel
MEC-2 Sentinel
  • The MEC-2 is capable of deploying a wider variety of weapons and devices than its predecessor
  • Soldiers must undergo cybernetic augmentation to become MEC Troopers before they can wear a MEC in combat
  • A MEC's combat profile is too large to make effective use of battlefield cover


Research Required UFO Power Source
Base Costs §32
60 Meld
10 Engineers
Health +12
Defense +10
Movement 0
Will +15
Systems Grenade Launcher
Restorative Mist
Tactical Subsystems
System Description Tactical Info

Grenade Launcher
MECs can make for their lack of thrown grenade capability with a long-range grenade launcher. *Launches grenades much further than an unmodified soldier can throw them
*Uses regular grenades, but will automatically upgrade to alien grenades if that technology is developed in the Foundry
*2 grenades carried, each deals 4 damage

Restorative Mist
Medikits require fine motor control; instead, the MEC can spray Restorative Mist to heal all nearby allies. *Releases a cloud of mist that heals, similar to the Medikit
*Affects all nearby allies instead of a single target
*Single use only, heals 4 HP to all units in the cloud

MEC-3 Paladin
MEC-3 Paladin
  • The MEC-3 is capable of deploying several powerful weapons and devices in addition to the main gun
  • Soldiers must undergo cybernetic augmentation to become MEC Troopers before they can wear a MEC in combat
  • A MEC's combat profile is too large to make effective use of battlefield cover


Research Required Titan Armor
Base Costs §106
100 Meld
25 Engineers
Health +16
Defense +10
Movement 0
Will +20
Systems Proximity Mines
Electro Pulse

Tactical Subsystems
System Description Tactical Info
Proximity Mine Launcher
Proximity mines can be deployed at medium range, and will wait nearby enemy movement before triggering their explosive charges. *Deploys an explosive mine
*The mine will detonate when an enemy enters its activation radius
*If the mine is in any explosive's blast radius, it will detonate
*3 Mines carried, each deals 8 damage
Electro Pulse
MECs can stun organic enemies and damage robotic ones with this area-of-effect electric shock device *Discharges a violent electromagnetic pulse
*Damages all nearby organic units, including allies
*Stuns robotic units for one turn
*Deals 5 damage to all units on its radius

New Aliens


Main article: Mechtoid (EU2012)
The Mechtoid

The Mechtoid is a MEC developed by the aliens for the Sectoids that appears on Enemy Within DLC. The Mechtoid has an ability called Plasma Barrage which allows it to fire twice in a turn if it doesn't move and Sectoids (including Commanders) can mind merge with it and give it a 6 damage reducing shield. The Mechtoid won't die if the merger is killed, but it will lose the shield and take damage.

Mechtoids can be fearful foes due to their resilience and firepower and will start appearing halfway through the game, with 1 or 2 Sectoids. After the Alien Base is assaulted you'll see them on the company of Sectoid Commanders, which turns them into a deadly combination of firepower and psionic powers.


Main article: Seeker (EU2012)
The Seeker

The Seeker is a biomechanical hover unit with a squidlike design, somewhat visually similar to TFTD's Tentaculat (reinforcing this, the Autopsy's project name is "Lovecraft", whose writings were a primary inspiration for TFTD). Its specialty is the ability to become invisible to your soldier's eyes. It was introduced in the Enemy Within DLC.

Seekers operate as hit and run units that will use their stealth (a.k.a. Cloak) to approach lone soldiers (such as Snipers with Squad Sight) and then use their special grappling attack. The victim will not die immediately, but cannot undertake any actions and will take damage each turn until the Seeker is killed or releases its victim. After a soldier is released from strangulation they will have to catch their breath, taking heavy penalties for the next two turns. Seekers also have a weapon similar to a Plasma Pistol that they will use on any target they cannot effectively isolate or grapple.

Seekers are immune to the Flamethrower. They can be detected through the Battle Scanner and the Bioelectric Skin. The Cloak depletes during movement, behaving rather like the flight mode of Archangel Armor than the cloak of Ghost Armor.

This last characteristic can also favor mobile squad tactics rather than fighting from a fixed position since it forces Seekers to spend more of their Cloaking ability to approach a soldier and risk running out of cloak upon open sight of your troops. That is, assuming soldiers are running away from the hidden Seeker rather than towards it.

The Seeker's Strangle ability cannot be used when the Seeker is visible, and it is the only enemy that can occupy the same space as another unit. It cannot grapple the heavier late-game armours, and MEC Troopers are also immune.

Other Alien Changes

  • Muton Elites Health Points have been increased to 18 on Classic (from previous 14) and 20 on Impossible difficulties (up from 18).
  • The first Mech alien was based on the Muton but the idea was dropped because of the Muton's already big size.
  • Sectopods have also been improved to balance the addition of the new features. Sectopod get a new passive ability called Reinforced Armor which will cut all incoming damage in half. Additionally, the tactic of having an MC'ed alien suicidally stand right next to a Sectopod no longer works: it will not receive the splash damage.
    • The Sectopod's Cannon has been also changed to remove the Area of Effect (AoE) damage: upon hitting the shot will not deal additional damage to any units close to its intended target.
  • Additionally, AI for old enemy types has been slightly tweaked.
  • Existing aliens are getting more "death" animations as development team had to create a new set of MEC related death sequences
    • Berserker: brawl and Achievement.
    • Mechtoid: headgrab
    • Sectopod: Donkey Kong's Smash Bros attacks, basically. (warning, Sectopod explosion now does 5 damage)
  • Sectoids (normally phased out within a few months) and Sectoid Commanders (normally only in UFOs after the Alien Base Assault, but before capturing the Ethereal Device) will now be regularly fielded alongside Mechtoids (the Commanders, of course, only after the assault).
  • No change to the Temple Ship's layout or enemy composition, except that the Uber Ethereal's cutscene has Inception-esque music that apparently had been missing, and the apparent glitch of the sight of the altar and Volunteer flashing before the credits, has been fixed.

EXALT (New Faction)

Main article: EXALT (EU2012)
EXALT insignia

"Scientia Potentia Est" ~ Knowledge is Power; emblem motto in EXALT HQ.

EXALT is a new global human threat introduced in Enemy Within DLC. EXALT is a paramilitary secret society that seeks to use alien tech to enrich and technologically change themselves and gain world domination. They will carry out anti-XCOM operations until their base is found and destroyed.

EXALT wants the aliens to genetically perfect mankind and sees XCOM as an obstacle to that. While EXALT agrees with the aliens, it will avoid working with them and disrupt XCOM efforts's to fight the invasion instead. Despite sharing some common goals, the Aliens and EXALT will not cooperate together and appear together on any mission. EXALT will even try to outsmart the aliens during Operation Progeny in order to gain access to a high value weapon.

The nature of EXALT's threat is similar to the one posed by the Cult of Sirius in X-COM Apocalypse. However, one major difference between the two groups is that the religious structure of the Cult speaks of humans subjecting themselves to their new alien overlords, while the extravagance of the EXALT Headquarters suggests powerful people in black market and clandestine circles, groups whose interests tend to lie in acquiring power for themselves.

The first EXALT mission takes place on May, the day depends on the difficulty level. To completely eliminate the EXALT threat, XCOM will have to discover and raid their base.


Main article: EXALT Units (EU2012)
EXALT Soldiers

EXALT operates with a similar class structure as XCOM, fielding 4 types of soldiers: Sniper, Heavy, Operative (like Assault) and Medic. As the game progresses its units will be upgraded to Elite versions of all classes, using additional Genetic improvements and Class abilities. However, unlike XCOM, EXALT doesn't use MECs Troopers.

EXALT weaponry will be conventional at first, but starting in July (October in Second Wave's Marathon) they will field Elite units, upgrading their weapons to Lasers and using Gene Mods to enhance their soldiers. EXALT Elite units use the following EXALT Gene Mods, 3 of which are unique to them:

Depth Perception Depth Perception (Elite Sniper)

Adrenaline Surge Adrenaline Surge (Elite Operative)

Iron Skin Iron Skin (Elite Heavy)

Regen Pheromones Regen Pheromones (Elite Medic).

EXALT Unit Stats

EXALT Units & Attributes
Unit HP (E/N/C/I) Aim (E/N/C/I) Defense Will Movement Weapons Abilities Gene Mods
7/8/9/10 50/50/60/65 0 50 12 EXALT LMG
EXALT Rocket Launcher
Frag Grenade
Fire Rocket
6/7/7/8 45/45/55/60 0 50 12 EXALT Assault Rifle Smoke Grenade
Covering Fire
Field Medic
EXALT Operative
6/7/8/9 50/50/60/65 0 50 12 EXALT Assault Rifle
Frag Grenade
EXALT Sniper
5/6/6/7 60/60/70/70 0 50 12 EXALT Sniper Rifle Headshot
Damn Good Ground
Snap Shot
EXALT Elite Heavy
Elite Heavy
9/10/11/12 55/55/65/70 0 80 12 EXALT Heavy Laser
EXALT Rocket Launcher
Alien Grenade
Fire Rocket
Rapid Reaction
Iron Skin
EXALT Elite Medic
Elite Medic
8/9/10/10 55/55/65/70 0 80 12 EXALT Laser Rifle Smoke Grenade
Covering Fire
Field Medic
Smoke and Mirrors
Dense Smoke
Regen Pheromones
EXALT Elite Operative
Elite Operative
8/9/10/11 60/60/70/75 0 80 12 EXALT Laser Rifle
Alien Grenade
Adrenaline Surge
EXALT Elite Sniper
Elite Sniper
7/8/8/9 70/70/80/85 0 80 12 EXALT Laser Sniper Rifle Headshot
Damn Good Ground
Snap Shot
Depth Perception
(E/N/C/I) = Easy/Normal/Classic/Impossible difficulty levels

EXALT Weapons

EXALT units use a varied assortment of class-specific weapons. When killed they will drop their unique weapons which can be retrieved after a successful mission and used instead of XCOM's models, with the exception of the grenades. Their versions are functionally identical to XCOM's models, for both conventional and laser weapons (which need the matching Laser research before use).

They can be sold for varying prices on the Grey Market, and occasional Council sales, albeit at vastly lower prices. The Council Requests pay a little bit better (not by much, though) than the Grey Market does. At the same time, it's easy to build up a nice stock of EXALT Laser Weapons, which can be useful in outfitting your scrubs and bench warmers if materials are thin and getting enough Plasma weapons is proving difficult.

EXALT Weapons
Weapon Base Damage Listed Crit Damage 1 Actual Crit Damage 2 Critical Chance Range EXALT Class
EXALT Assault Rifle 2-4 5-7 4 or 6 10% Short Operative, Medic
EXALT Sniper Rifle 3-6 6-8 6 or 7 25% Long Sniper
EXALT LMG 3-5 6-8 6 or 7 0% Medium Heavy
EXALT Rocket Launcher 6 NA NA NA NA Heavy, Elite Heavy
EXALT Laser Rifle 4-6 8-10 7 or 9 10% Medium Elite Operative, Elite Medic
EXALT Laser Sniper Rifle 5-7 9-11 9 or 10 30% Long Elite Sniper
EXALT Heavy Laser 5-7 9-11 9 or 10 0% Medium Elite Heavy
Frag Grenade 3 NA NA NA NA Operative, Heavy
Alien Grenade 5 NA NA NA NA Elite Operative, Elite Heavy
1 Listed on the Barracks on the Enemy Within DLC.
2 Actual mission results (EU and EW DLC), bold value more likely to appear. See Random Damage for more details.

Covert Operations

Security Breach Trailer
  1. EXALT operates with cells. Initiate covert ops missions to neutralize individual cells. Eliminating those cells will recover intel you will need to locate the EXALT base.
  2. EXALT cells are not always visible. Purchase an intel scan to reveal them. Hidden cells can hurt XCOM or the countries they are operating in.

Covert Operative

Keys to Cover Operative Deployment
Security Breach Trailer
  1. Covert operatives are limited to pistols; pistol tech and Foundry upgrades may be useful.
  2. Covert operatives have a powerful in-mission ability. "EXALT Comm Hack". If you can find an EXALT comm array, you covert operative can hack it, disabling all EXALT forces weapons for a short time.
  3. Heavy soldiers and MEC Troopers are ineligible for covert ops duty.

Covert Operative


  • Covert Operatives are deployed individually to countries in Covert Operations to disrupt EXALT Cells. They need to be retrieved by an XCOM squad after 6 days, otherwise they'll be permanently lost (KIA).
  • When a squad is deployed to retrieve a Covert Operative it will generate either a Covert Data Recovery or a Covert Extraction mission.
    • While survival of the Covert Operative is required to successfully complete a Covert Extraction mission, the same does not apply to Covert Data Recovery mission.
  • The Operative may not start with your main squad specially on Covert Data Recovery missions, where it will usually start on the Transmitter area.
  • Your Covert Operative can be any of your soldiers. However, because they cannot use Pistols, Heavies and MECs are excluded.
  • As mentioned above, Covert Operatives are limited to the Pistol, the Foundry upgrades can make a big difference. Make sure they're equipped with your best model. Tactical Rigging can also help them out quite a bit as well.

Comm Array Hack

EXALT Comm Array
  • COMM ARRAY HACK.png Covert Operatives have the Comm Array Hack ability. This allows them to hack the active EXALT Comm Arrays that are present during all Covert Operations missions and disrupt EXALT communications and prevent them from using their main weapons during the next turn.
  • There will be 4 active Comm Arrays on Data Recovery missions and 2 active (and 2 inactive) during Covert Recovery missions. They provide full cover to adjacent unit and are immune to damage.
  • If the Covert Operative is adjacent to one, they can use it with the left mouse button, the same way you power down bombs or claim Meld Canisters. This immediately sets to zero the ammunition of the main weapons carried gives all EXALT units present on the map, forcing them to reload their weapons during the next turn.
  • Once a Comm Relay is hacked, it cannot be hacked again in that mission.
  • Note that the Comm Array does not restrict use by EXALT of their other weapons like Rocket Launchers or Grenades; most notably, EXALT heavies may be more likely to use their Rocket Launchers since you just disabled their LMGs.
  • During Covert Extraction missions, approaching the active Comm Arrays will activate EXALT reinforcements so be aware.

Covert Extraction

Mission Brief & Objectives
Covert Extraction

Our Covert Operative is ready for extraction. The operative holds intel about the location of the EXALT base, so safe conduct back to base is essential.

  • Rendezvous with our covert operative
  • The operative you sent early must hack two EXALT comm arrays
  • After the intel is secure, escort our operative to safety
  • Elimination of EXALT forces is not a primary objective


Active Comm Relay
Evacuation Zone
  • During the mission there will be 4 Comm Arrays present on the map, and 2 specific ones (they will be marked) will have to be hacked by your Covert Operative.
  • There will be 2 pods of EXALT agents starting on the map but enemy reinforcements will be triggered when the Covert Operative approaches the active Comm Relays and the evacuation zone.
  • After the operative hacks the 2 specific Comm Arrays it will have to get back to the extraction area for the mission to be complete.
    • Hacking the active Comm Relays will result in all EXALT units present in the map being unable to shoot their main weapons during the next turn.
    • Once the operative is clear at the Evacuation area, you are offered the choice of either moving other soldiers back there to leave the combat zone, or of eliminating all remaining EXALT forces on the map.
  • It may be a good idea to bring a Support class soldier with the Revive ability, in case the Operative gets knocked down but not killed.
  • Besides the EXALT base clue, this mission will also have a reward of §100 and a -1 reduction in panic on the country where it takes place.

Covert Data Recovery

Mission Briefing & Objectives
Covert Data Recovery

The covert operative has finished setting up the encoder and transmitter, but EXALT is inbound. Protect the intel assets by eliminating all EXALT forces in the AO.

  • Prevent EXALT from hacking our encoder, so as to stop them from learning the transmitter's location
  • If that fails, protect the data transmitter until EXALT forces are eliminated
  • Neutralize all enemy units


  • During the mission there will be both an Encoder and a Transmitter located on the map with a marked area around both. XCOM's previously deployed Covert Operative will start close to the Transmitter.
  • There will be 2 pods of EXALT agents (total 6 units) starting on the map but enemy reinforcements will arrive regularly.
  • EXALT will first try to hack the Encoder, by having at least one of its agents for 2/3 turns on the marked area encircling it, without any XCOM soldiers also present in the area.
  • If both XCOM and EXALT have units on the marked area, it will be contested and no hack is possible.
    • Any XCOM unit will block the hack, even SHIVs. In fact, this might be a good time to dust off any Alloy or Hover SHIVs the player might happen to have lying around:
      • High movement speed, especially with Advanced Servomotors, allows them to reach the Encoder quickly.
      • High durability, especially with Shaped Armor, will keep EXALT busy long enough for XCOM soldiers to pick off the opposition.
      • If the SHIV happens to have a Sentinel Module, the first EXALT trooper who enters the hack area each turn automatically gets shot in the face, regardless of whether the SHIV is on Overwatch or not. Additionally, the module also regenerates up to 6 HP, making the SHIV able to lock down the Encoder even longer.
      • Even if EXALT manage to take out the SHIV with concentrated fire, it's much cheaper and faster to replace than an experienced soldier.
    • Alternatively, consider bringing along a Support soldier with Sprint and movement-boosting armor to make a dash for the Encoder. A MEC Trooper with Advanced Servomotors and Kinetic Strike Module also works well, especially in terms of durability.
  • After EXALT gains control of the Encoder, it will know the location of the Transmitter and will try also to place 1 agent on the marked area around it for 3 turns. If EXALT is successful in controlling the Transmitter, the mission will be a failure.
  • The player will be warned by Bradford whenever an EXALT agent enters any of the marked areas, with counters indicating the number of turns remaining for EXALT to control those marked areas.
  • The Encoder and the Transmitter are fire-resistant (use a MEC's Flamethrower at will to burn any EXALT units nearby) but they can be destroyed by explosions, so take care when using explosives. If the Encoder is destroyed, EXALT will zoom in immediately on the Transmitter afterwards. If the Transmitter is destroyed, the mission will be a failure for XCOM.
  • Besides the Encoder and Transmitter, there will be EXALT Comm Arrays on the area. If the Covert Operative reaches one of those Arrays, it can hack EXALT's agents, causing all their hand weapons to jam for 1 turn.
  • Survival of the Covert Operative is not required for mission success. Those Rookies may look good on the Covert Operative's new jacket look...
  • You get a small amount of bonus credits (§50) at the end of the mission if EXALT is prevented from hacking both the Transmitter and Encoder and both are still intact. Otherwise you'll only gain §100 from completing the mission, plus the EXALT base clue and a -1 reduction in panic on the country where it takes place.

EXALT Base Raid

Mission Briefing & Objectives
Exalt Base Raid

Under your direction, our covert ops section has located the EXALT base. It is hidden in plain sight, atop a skyscraper. Knock it out to deal a decisive blow to EXALT.

  • Gain entry to the EXALT facility
  • Eliminate all EXALT elements


  • The EXALT base is in a large cubic map, in an office/residence atop a Skyscraper. You are dropped off near a Helipad. Inside consists of a foyer, that splits to a library/sitting room and a sparse Situation Room (where Annette's photo is visible) (rooms and floor plan are symmetrical), and to a large sunken central room (with surrounding high hallways) with EXALT's own bootleg Hologlobe.
    • There are paths that reach around on the outside of the building on the perimeter, but no EXALT members are hidden out there and approaching from there doesn't give many more tactical options than a frontal assault.
    • The roof is accessible and there are also no EXALT there. You may have some success firing down through the skylights for the elevated bonus, but the line of sight from the skylights to ground level is quite restrictive.
  • Overhead images of the base can be found at EXALT HQ Assault map page.
  • There are no airdropped EXALT squads.
  • Expect several squads of EXALT Elite units inside.

XCOM Changes


  • Barracks capacity is now limited to 70 soldiers instead of the 99 possible on EU.
  • S.H.I.V.s can also be further upgraded, based on the new MEC abilities.


  • Assault's Close and Personal has now been redesigned to - The first standard shot made within 4 tiles of the target does not cost an action. Cannot combine with Run And Gun.
    • You can run up to an enemy shoot it and then run back into cover.
    • The free shot can only happen once per turn, if a soldier is within range of multiple enemies the soldier does not get multiple free shots.
    • Cannot always be combined with Rapid Fire (unpredictable).
  • Assault's Extra Conditioning HP bonus has been changed. The new values are +1 for Body Armor, +4 for Carapace, +2 for Skeleton Suit, +4 for Titan, +4 for Archangel and +2 HPs for Ghost (and presumably for Psi Armor as well).
  • Support's Covering Fire now allows the unit to fire before the enemy uses its weapon.
  • Support's Smoke and Mirrors now gives 2 extra uses of smoke grenade instead of 2.
  • Support's Deep Pockets now reads: All limited-use items in your inventory receive one extra use.
    • Applies to all grenades, Arc Thrower and Medikits. Does not apply to abilities like Smoke Grenades, Rockets or Battle Scanner. No info if it affects Combat Stims.
  • Sniper's Snap Shot now reads: Removes the sniper rifle's restriction on firing and Overwatch after moving. Any shots taken suffer a -10 Aim penalty.
    • Penalty reduced from -20 to -10 Aim.
  • Sniper's Squadsight now reads: Allows firing at targets in any ally's sight radius, but these targets cannot be critically hit unless using Headshot.
  • Heavy's HEAT Ammo now reduced to 50% extra damage, it reads: Confers +50% damage against robotic enemies.
  • Heavy's Grenadier changed to: Allows 2 grenades in a single inventory slot. Frag, Alien, and Needle Grenades receive a 1 damage bonus.

Soldier Rank Progression

Soldier rank progression has been delayed to balance the new MECs and GMods.

In general, Experience Points (XP) requirements have been increased from 20 to 30%. MEC soldiers gain only 50% of the normal experience points received through kills. Psionic XP requirements have not been changed.

XP Required per Rank
Rank Points Required Points Required (EW DLC)
RANK ROOKIE.png Rookie 0 0
RANK SQUADDIE.png Squaddie 90 90
RANK CORPORAL.png Corporal 300 480
RANK SERGEANT.png Sergeant 510 700
RANK LIEUTENANT.png Lieutenant 745 925
RANK CAPTAIN.png Captain 1100 1380
RANK MAJOR.png Major 1560 1840
RANK COLONEL.png Colonel 2150 2550
CLASS PSIONIC.png Psionic* 0 0
CLASS PSIONIC.png Specialist 50 50
CLASS PSIONIC.png Operative 120 120


Main article: Medals (EU2012)
  • Medals can now be assigned to soldiers on the Enemy Within DLC. They appear as a new option in the Barracks menu.
  • Medals will be received upon completing certain objectives on missions. There is a cap on the number of medals that can be present on the entire pool of live soldiers.
  • The name of the medals can be changed and there is a choice between 2 options that will increase the soldier's stats upon receiving it.
  • There is a limit of the number of medals that can be issued. However, if soldiers with medals are killed the medal will be available again for awards 2 missions afterwards.
    • Soldiers who are dismissed (rather than killed) take their medals with them, effectively removing those medals from your pool forever.
  • Will bonus from medals does not affect psi combat.
    • Thus, if your soldiers are immune to panic due to Defender's Medals or Neural Damping, you can consider ignoring medal effects that improve will.
  • If using savescumming and Hidden Potential to get the most out of leveling, keep in mind that some of the medal powers will change the stats of your soldiers.

Names and Types of Medals

Urban Combat Badge
  • Urban Combat Badge
    • Urban Combat Badge 1 (EU2012).png +5 Defense when in cover.
    • Urban Combat Badge 2 (EU2012).png +5 Aim against enemies in full cover.
    • Maximum of 5 medals issued. Each medal is unlocked after 3 missions have passed?

Defender's Medal
  • Defender's Medal
    • Defenders Medal 1 (EU2012).png Never panic as result of allies getting wounded or killed.
    • Defenders Medal 2 (EU2012).png Medikits and Restorative Mists heal 2 HP more when used on this soldier.
    • Maximum of 3 medals issued. Each medal is unlocked after 3 missions take place? Can be given after a successful mission where a soldier is killed or critically injured. Sometimes, you can get it when a soldier is injured but not critically.

International Service Cross
  • International Service Cross
    • International Service Cross 1 (EU2012).png +2 Will per different nationality in the squad.
    • International Service Cross 2 (EU2012).png +2 Aim per continent bonus XCOM has earned.
    • Maximum of 2 medals issued. Unlocked after 7 missions take place? Requires performing missions on 3 different continents.

Council Medal of Honor
  • Council Medal of Honor
    • Council Medal of Honor 1 (EU2012).png +1 Aim and Will for each mission completed with no soldier deaths, up to a maximum of +10.
      • Bonus is dependent upon when soldier is awarded and each mission awarded soldier participates in. If awarded soldier only participates in two missions out of X missions, the soldier will only receive +1 Aim & Will on the second mission. The awarded soldier must participate in eleven missions without any soldier deaths to receive maximum benefit (+10 Aim & Will).
      • Bonus can take effect on the second mission after being awarded, and does not take into account missions completed prior to award.
    • Council Medal of Honor 2 (EU2012).png Provides 10 Aim and Critical Chance if not within 7 tiles of an allied unit.
      • Bonus offers instant utilization without much drawback or relying on soldier mission attendance. Best awarded to MEC Troopers, Shotgun Assaults or Squad Sight Snipers as these soldiers tend to be apart from other soldiers.
    • Maximum of 2 medals. Unlocked after 10 missions take place? Complete 3 Terror/Council/Covert Operations missions?

Star of Terra
  • Star of Terra
    • Star of Terra 1 (EU2012).png Entire squad receives +5 Will and +5 Defense in battle. Robotic units receive only the Defense bonus.
    • Star of Terra 2 (EU2012).png All soldiers in the squad at Lieutenant rank or lower gain +25% XP for completing missions.
    • Maximum of 1 medal. Complete XCOM Base Defense mission.

New Items

Needle Grenade

Needle Grenade

A variant on the Frag Grenade, this weapon does equivalent damage over a much larger area but the projectiles cannot damage cover. Thus units in cover related to the center of the blast area will be unaffected.

  • Increased blast radius compared to standard frag grenade
  • Like frag grenade gives 3 base explosive damage to units in radius
  • Units in cover relative to center of blast radius will not take damage


Research Required Chryssalid Autopsy
Base Costs §40
5 Alloys
2 Chryssalid Corpses
7 Engineers
Abilities/Stats See Description
  • The blast will not destroy cover or terrain.
    • So, feel free to fling these around inside a UFO without worry of destroying precious Power Sources or Nav Computers.
  • The blast radius is about 2 to 2.5 times the size of a normal grenade, and about the same size or slightly larger than a Danger Zone rocket.
  • Think carefully about producing these. Chryssalid corpses are fairly rare and difficult to acquire, and also necessary for Chitin Plating.

Flashbang Grenade

Flashbang Grenade

Enemy units inside the blast radius suffer significant Aim and movement penalties during their next turn. Robotic and advanced psionic enemies are immune.

  • Enemy units inside the blast radius suffer significant Aim and movement penalties during their next turn.
  • Robotic and advanced psionic enemies are immune.


Research Required Experimental Warfare
Base Costs §35
5 Engineers
Abilities/Stats See Description
  • Although the alien will have an Aim penalty it will still be able to shoot.
  • The penalty is 50% movement and -50 points of Aim. While the alien may still be able to shoot, if you're in cover, it probably can't hit you.
    • Units under the effect of a Flashbang Grenade show a distinctive tendency to suppress enemy units instead of attacking them outright.

Gas Grenade

Main article: Gas Grenade (EU2012)
Gas Grenade

Our advanced research in alien physiology has allowed us to synthesize a modified version of the poison projected by the Thin Man, and containerize it in grenade form.

  • Creates a poison gas cloud at impact site
  • Affects all targets in blast radius
  • Poison lasts 1-3 turns, doing 1 damage each turn. It also reduces Aim by 20 points.


Research Required Thin Man Autopsy
Base Costs §35
2 Thin Man Corpses
7 Engineers
Abilities/Stats Poison Cloud
  • Robotic units, Thin Men, and MECs are immune.
  • The poison cloud will still affect your soldiers moving through it, unless they have a Respirator Implant or Titan Armor.
    • As opposed to the fairly low damage over time, it's probably better to use this for the -20 Aim that poison status inflicts.

Ghost Grenade

Ghost Grenade

This grenade contains elerium-infused particles that, when diffused into our soldiers, causes them to become invisible. These particles will lose their elerium charge after a brief time, and competing energy sources - such as weapons fire - will disrupt them.

  • Confers temporary stealth on all friendly units in blast radius
  • Stealth lasts until the start of the unit's next turn
  • Attacks from stealth receive a substantial bonus to critical chance
  • Does not affect Seekers or units with Mimetic Skin


Research Required Seeker Autopsy
Base Costs §200
25 Elerium
4 Seeker Wrecks
10 Engineers
Abilities/Stats Ghost
  • Gives friendly units on its area of effect the ability to become invisible for a turn.
  • A cheap alternative to Mimetic Skin or Ghost Armor. However, after you've developed and deployed either one of those improvements, you may want to bring another item instead.

Mimic Beacon

Main article: Mimic Beacon (EU2012)
Mimic Beacon

This device has been programmed to mimic the auditory cues the invaders appear to use in the field. It can be used to attract their attention to an area.

  • Thrown like a grenade
  • Emits sounds that correspond to alien tactical cues
  • Causes aliens within radius to approach the beacon for 2 turns
  • Enemies already in combat are less likely to be fooled


Research Required Sectoid Commander Autopsy
Base Costs §50
5 Engineers
Abilities/Stats See Description
  • These "grenades" will show as two when equipped, allowing an additional use despite not being clarified in purchase screen.
  • Can be thrown on the map into a square within the player's moving range.
  • The mimic beacon will send out a signal that tricks aliens, drawing them towards it and away from any nearby player units.
  • Robotic and psi enemies aren't fooled.
    • EXALT is not fooled either. The story does imply that EXALT does not seek to interfere with aliens and their work.
  • Very useful for terror missions as aliens will spend both actions to move towards beacon, even to the point of being out of cover.

Reaper Rounds

Reaper Rounds

Experimental ballistics have led to this specialized conventional weapon load. It can cause substantial extra damage to affected targets, but the additional casing elements make it less accurate at long range. The rounds will not work with pistols, though.

  • Affects conventional weapons only
  • Adds 20% to critical chance against organic targets
  • Doubles the weapon's range penalty


Research Required Experimental Warfare
Base Costs §30
6 Engineers
Abilities/Stats +20% Critical Chance
  • Reaper Rounds are designed to balance the increased research time of laser weapons and more varied early game tech tree allowed by Enemy Within, allowing you to deal with slightly tougher enemies (particularly Chryssalids) without lasers.
    • When your first terror mission appears, if you don't yet have laser weapons then equipping your troops with these is recommended to allow you to take down the comparatively high HP Chryssalids and zombies you'll encounter.
  • Snipers with Squadsight are not hampered by weapon range penalty, although Squad Sight still prevents the crit bonus. However, the bonus will be applied if enemies move within visual range or if Headshot is used with Squad Sight, allowing for an even higher crit chance.
  • Soldiers will not be able to equip this weapon if they are using Laser or Plasma weapons. If Reaper Rounds are equipped, switching to non-conventional weapons will automatically unequip Reaper Rounds.

Respirator Implant

Respirator Implant

We can fabricate a module that will automatically detect chemical and physical threats to a soldier's oxygen supply, and deploy uncomfortable but potentially life-saving oxygen tube shunts in a matter of seconds. This module will fit all of XCOM's armor designs.

  • Confers immunity to poison and Strangle
  • Confers 2 extra health


Research Required Seeker Autopsy
Base Costs §35
5 Engineers
Abilities/Stats See Description
  • After Titan Armor is developed and deployed, this device is still useful with Psi armors. Even with Titan Armor you may want to bring it for the extra 2 Health Points it provides.
    • Thus, they supersede Nanofiber Vests in utility. Particularly on harder difficulties, it may be more cost-effective (and quicker) to skip vests and go for the Implant first, especially in light of Seekers being able to sneak attack past the starting armor's +1 health, putting your soldiers into recovery time, and the many Thin Men you'll be facing (and be at risk of poisoning from) for a while.

Foundry Changes

  • The Foundry now gives adjacency bonus if built near a Workshop or the Cybernetics Lab.

New Projects

Sentinel Drone
  • Sentinel Drone
    • We've been able to adapt an alien drone into a repair module for the SHIV. While we had to sacrifice its autonomous movement functions, we've been able to retain its repair capability and use its spare AI cycles to improve the SHIV's situational firing heuristics.
    • Requires Drone Autopsy Research.
    • Cost: §80, 10 Engineers, 20 Alloys, 10 Elerium, 7 days.
    • Repairs 2hp per turn.
    • Gives S.H.I.V.s an ability akin to Assault's Close Combat Specialist.

Tactical Rigging
  • Tactical Rigging
    • Increasing need for tactical flexibility has driven us to develop tactical rigs that apply to all of XCOM's individual soldier protection systems. These will enable soldiers to bring a second item into battle.
    • Requires Experimental Warfare Research.
    • Cost: §200, 5 Engineers, 4 Days

Shaped Armor
  • Shaped Armor
    • The invaders' mechanized cybersuits are of course somewhat more advanced than our own; by examining the interfaces between the armored shells and the cores, we could improve our overall armor design. This has the potential to increase tactical survivability for all of our mechanized forces.
    • Requires Mechtoid Autopsy Research.
    • Cost: §300, 20 Engineers, 40 Alloys, 20 Elerium, 14 days.
    • Increases MEC stats by 3 HP. S.H.I.V. HP increase unknown.

Advanced Servomotors
  • Advanced Servomotors
    • After a careful examination we've been able to replicate the articulated joints of the Mechtoid, allowing for mobility improvements on both our cybersuits and SHIV Units.
    • Requires Mechtoid Autopsy Research.
    • Cost: §300, 30 Elerium, 30 Alloys, 20 Engineers, 10 days.

Elerium Jelly
  • Elerium Jelly
    • Using Elerium in tactical situations is quite risky; in the absence of a full sized craft's regulator and fuel management systems, adding it to our flamethrowers would be too dangerous. With some additional investment, though, we could devise a formula to increase flamethrower effectiveness without risking our soldiers.
    • Requires Elerium Research.
    • Cost: §200, 50 Elerium, 15 Engineers, 10 days.

MEC Close Combat
  • MEC Close Combat
    • Our advancements in heavy armor technology have enabled us to install better actuators and support structures in the Kinetic Strike Module. This should increase its force output by 50%.
    • Requires Heavy Weapons Platform Foundry project.
    • Cost: §200, 30 Alloys, 5 Engineers, 7 days.

Officer Training School

  • The Iron Will perk now only requires Sergeant rank instead of Major.
  • The Don't Die On Me perk has been removed, due to the addition of the Secondary Heart Gene Mod.
Lead By Example
  • Instead there's a new ability: Lead By Example (§50 cost, Lieutenant rank required) - The squad leader substitutes his or her Will for that of all nearby lower Will squadmates.

Gameplay Changes


  • Difficulty in Classic and Impossible modes has been slightly increased. Tech costs have been increased dramatically for both levels. Plasma weapons cost will also be increased on these difficulties.
  • Eliminating the Alien Base now only removes 1 point of panic in all countries rather than 2 on Classic and Impossible difficulties.
  • The Tutorial cannot be toggled without toggling the Meld Tutorial as well.
    • The Meld Tutorial is named Gateway.

Research Times

  • Research times have been increased by +40% on Classic and by 70% on Impossible difficulties.
  • This applies to all techs, except:
    • Xenobiology
    • Weapon Fragments
    • Alien Materials
    • Experimental Warfare
    • Meld

Satellite Uplink and Nexus Costs

Workshop adjacency bonus

  • The adjacency bonus for workshops has been increased from 7% to 10% when building vehicles, Foundry projects and facilities.
    • Thus: six Workshops, plus the MEC Lab and the Foundry also providing a bonus, all set in a solid block (minus one corner from making it 3x3) provides a 99% refund rate.

Plasma Weapons Cost

  • Building Costs for all plasma weapons have been increased, with the exception of the Plasma Pistol, in the Classic/Impossible difficulties:
Plasma Light Rifle Plasma Rifle Alloy Cannon Heavy Plasma Plasma Sniper Rifle Blaster Launcher
  • Old: §125, 15 Elerium, 20 Alloys
  • New: §180, 30 Elerium, 30 Alloys
  • Old: §200, 20 Elerium, 30 Alloys
  • New: §300, 40 Elerium, 50 Alloys
  • Old: §200, 20 Elerium, 50 Alloys
  • New: §300, 40 Elerium, 75 Alloys
  • Old: §250, 30 Elerium, 30 Alloys
  • New: §375, 60 Elerium, 50 Alloys
  • Old: §250, 25 Elerium, 30 Alloys
  • New: §375, 60 Elerium, 50 Alloys
  • Old: §275, 65 Elerium, 50 Alloys
  • New: §400, 120 Elerium, 75 Alloys

New Second Wave options

The Second Wave settings can be consulted during a game but it can't be changed. Second Wave also has new options:

  • Training Roulette - Each soldier's training tree will be mostly randomly generated. Does not apply to MEC Troopers.
  • Save ScumLoading a save game will reset the random number seed, so taking an identical action may yield different results.
  • Aiming AnglesUnits receive an aim bonus the closer they are to flanking an enemy.
    • Works also against your soldiers: the closer an enemy gets to flanking a soldier, the less cover bonus the soldier receives.
  • Itchy Trigger Tentacle - Upon being revealed, some aliens may attempt to shoot at soldiers instead of moving or going into Overwatch.
  • Mind Hates Matter - Genetically modified soldiers cannot undergo psi testing; gifted soldiers can never receive genetic modifications.
Training Roulette
Rewrite Needed

The contents of this article are outdated, missing key info, confusing or constructed in a discussion format. Possibly due to EXALT sabotage. Please help fight the alien menace by updating or correcting the information on this page.

A Training Roulette killer Sniper with Sentinel, HEAT Ammo and Bring 'Em On

Training Roulette is a Second Wave option made available on the Enemy Within DLC. When it is chosen for a game the description reads: Each soldier's training tree will be mostly randomly generated. Does not apply to MEC Troopers.

After a rookie soldier gains their first rank, they are assigned to a class and receive the starting ability. The choice of abilities afterwards will be from its own class perks, mixed with abilities from other classes. This applies only to abilities that are not dependent of class weapons, such as Rockets. Training Roulette also does not affect the Psionic ability choices.

For save scumming purposes, that soldier's entire ability tree is rolled for at the end of the mission that they gain Squaddie rank in; an in-battle save is needed to re-roll if desired. The exception is with soldiers gotten as Council rewards or after buying New Guy in the OTS, who are rolled for when you receive them.

With Training Roulette activated some abilities will still be locked to certain classes and only be available at determined ranks. All the other abilities can appear as options at any rank, with a few special rules.


  • Non-Cover Aliens (Sectopod, Cyberdisc, Mechtoid) will go on Overwatch when they are activated after the soldier who discovered them has finished moving.
  • Critical bonus of stealth attacks reduced from 100 to 30, likely to balance out the Ghost Grenade.
  • Panicked soldiers will have chance to hit decreased, so friendly fire is less deadly.
  • Alien starting areas have been changed.
  • The orange sound wave has been replaced with a blue one, while the orange one is now used to indicate Meld locations.
  • On Terror missions, AoE attacks will have the "Friendly Fire" warning for civillians.
  • While opening doors or deactivating power nodes and the like still do not cost any Actions, a soldier still needs to have available actions in order to do them: no dashing, and then manual selection of the soldier to trigger a device. Case in point; if a Meld Canister has a timer of 1, your soldier needs to have it within range of 1 move to make it (Assaults activating Run and Gun can still get it). NOTE: You cannot collect Meld on a diagonal, there are only four squares around each Meld canister that allows collection.
  • Civilians (including those on Council missions) now have the following HPs on the different difficulty levels (E/N/C/I): 3/3/3/2. They won't be automatically killed if hit by hostile fire that deals less that 3 (or 2 on Impossible) damage.

New Maps

  • Some of the old EU maps have been slightly tweaked, some to address exploding car issues and to add Meld Canisters such as Street Overpass.
  • There are 44 maps included with Enemy Within. These are broken down in 14 entirely new maps, 6 new maps based on existing ones, 4 old maps with different starting areas, and 20 Covert Operations maps (10 Covert Data Recovery and 10 Covert Extraction), that reuse both old and new maps.
  • The old and new maps are mixed together but the game is set so that you'll see more of the new maps during a gameplay.
  • There are 8 new maps available for Multiplayer, including a different version of XCOM HQ.
  • There's four new maps that deal with crashed UFOs. 3 of those are in a destroyed city environments and one in a Farm, in homage to the original game.
  • The Progeny campaign adds 3 new maps. One (Deluge) takes place in a dam, while the Furies map takes place in the Alps (with a snowy environment) and is centered around an Abductor UFO.
  • One of the new Council missions (Site Recon) takes place on a coastal whaling station.
  • Office Paper has now also a Terror site version, along with the old version.
  • There are more ways for soldiers to enter battlefield (for example they can use ropes instead of slowly walking out of Skyranger).
  • The Museum map has been removed for both Abductions and the Council mission. The Terror version of Street Hurricane replaces the Museum map for the Thomas Hutch extraction mission.
  • GasStation and Demolition maps have been replaced by new versions.
  • The HighwayFallen map can now be played as a Terror mission.

List of New Maps

New Maps Redesigned Maps Different Starting Areas Covert Extraction Covert Data Recovery Multiplayer
  • Small Scout Farm
  • Small Scout Nuked City
  • Small Scout Roadhouse
  • Large Scout City
  • Pier A Terror
  • Office Paper Terror
  • Portent (Progeny)
  • Deluge (Progeny)
  • Furies (Progeny)
  • EXALT HQ Assault
  • XCOM HQ Assault
  • XCOM HQ Multiplayer
  • Meld Tutorial - a.k.a. Ice Cream Shop
  • Chryssalid Hive
  • Demolition (EWI)
  • Fast Food (EWI) - a.k.a. Bank
  • Office Paper (EWI) - a.k.a. Tire Shop
  • Highway Construction (EWI)
  • Street Overpass (EWI)
  • Gas Station (EWI)
  • Research Outpost (EWI)
  • Convienience Store (EWI)
  • Truck Stop (EWI)
  • Commercial Alley (EWI)
  • Military Ammo
  • Liquor Store
  • Trainyard
  • Highway Construction (EWI)
  • Convienience Store (EWI)
  • PierA Terror
  • Street Overpass (EWI)
  • Commercial Alley (EWI)
  • Research Outpost (EWI)
  • Portent
  • Industrial Office
  • Rooftops Const
  • Boulevard
  • Gas Station (EWI)
  • Truck Stop (EWI)
  • Demolition (EWI)
  • Highway Construction
  • Office Paper (EWI)
  • Police Station
  • Commercial Restaurant
  • Rooftops Construction
  • Observatory - Research Outpost (EWI)
  • Stop 'N Gulp - Gas Station (EWI)
  • Ruined Fishing Village - Chryssalid Hive
  • Back Alley - Commercial Alley (EWI)
  • Fast Food Joint
  • XCom HQ
  • Wrecked Pier - PierA Terror

New Missions

Operation Progeny

Main article: Progeny (EU2012)
Annette on the Security Breach trailer

Operation Progeny is a new campaign on the Enemy Within DLC (EW) consisting of 3 linked Council missions, similar to the previous Slingshot campaign. Like Slingshot, Progeny is optional and can be toggled on/off when choosing the game options at start.

Progeny was created to be released as the 2nd planned standalone DLC for XCOM: Enemy Unknown but its release was cancelled after a general less than positive response to Slingshot and Firaxis decided instead to include it on EW. Thus, the narrative has suffered some changes from the original version to fit with the additions brought by EW to the XCOM universe, namely the EXALT and the Base Defense missions.

The campaign consists of 3 missions, called Portent, Deluge and Furies and revolves about a new French character, Annette Durand, who has a special power that makes her a target of interest for XCOM, the Aliens and EXALT.

The first mission, Portent takes place in April and the following missions, Deluge and Furies will only happen after the Alien Base Assault and XCOM Base Defense missions are completed. According to Dr. Vahlen, Annette is the reason behind the assault the XCOM HQ since the aliens managed to use her psionic powers to mass control XCOM personnel and allow the raid to happen.

After Deluge is completed, Annette will become an XCOM soldier at the Barracks, with a random class and the rank of Sergeant, and is guaranteed to be psionic when tested. Successfully completing Furies can also give you up to 3 additional soldiers, all at Lieutenant rank and all guaranteed psionics.

  • Note: Annette and Shaojie Zhang are the only two playable characters with unique voiceovers during combat, and may be worth taking for this reason alone.

As part of EW's expanded storyline, Progeny's missions are not essential, but they add to the overall story of the fight against EXALT and the alien collective, while Slingshot is its own side plot. However, Progeny's missions are not as profitable. For a better comparison of both campaigns check Progeny vs. Slingshot.

Main article: Portent (EU2012)
Mission Intro, Brief & Objectives
Portent (EU2012).png

The Council has been monitoring unusual reports about a hijack attempt on an unauthorized French military convoy. Although the alleged perpetrators were human, our intel indicates the aliens may also have been in the area. If true, this raises a number of questions about the cargo being moved. We'll need a squad to investigate; Central should have our complete report momentarily.

A French military convoy was caught in an ambush. The convoy's current status is unknown. Be prepared for anything.

  • Investigate the area of operations
  • Locate and secure any survivors as well as the convoy's cargo
  • Eliminate any remaining opposition
Main article: Deluge (EU2012)
Mission Intro, Brief & Objectives
Deluge Mission (EU2012).png

The surviving EXALT operative has provided additional intel on the location of our missing transport vehicle, and not a moment too soon. It appears the aliens have cornered the truck on a dam in eastern France. If we're going to recover the cargo, we'll need to act fast.

The transport is stopped on a dam in France; it's likely the aliens have sabotaged the structure. They clearly consider this transport to be high value. Expect substantial opposition.

  • Secure the dam by any means necessary
  • Locate and secure the convoy and its contents
Main article: Furies (EU2012)
Mission Intro, Brief & Objectives
Furies Mission (EU2012).png

The intelligence provided by Annette indicates the aliens are attempting to transfer at least three other captives in a remote area near the Alps. If each of these abductees harbors the same potential that Annette has demonstrated, it is imperative we do not allow the aliens to keep them captive.

The aliens are holding Annette's fellow abductees on their ship and will not easily let them go. Secure the captives as quickly as possible.

  • Locate and rescue the other abductees
  • Eliminate all opposition

XCOM HQ Base Defense

Mission Objectives
XCOM Base Defense Mission Screen (EU2012).png

The invaders have infiltrated XCOM in unknown numbers. Limited reinforcements, including XCOM Base Security personnel, are available. Failure will mean the end of XCOM.

  • Defend our base by all necessary means
  • If all soldiers in the combat area are killed, XCOM HQ will fall


  • This mission is always called: Operation Ashes and Temples.
  • The Aliens can now attack the XCOM HQ once during a game, resulting on a Base Defense mission against the aliens.
  • Base Defense always takes place 2-3 weeks after you've assaulted the Alien Base.
  • While you're scanning for activity the Hologlobe on Mission Control will start to flicker and there will be a cinematic showing sections of the XCOM HQ exploding or being attacked by mind controlled XCOM personnel. Afterwards Bradford will inform you that alien intruders have been detected and you'll need to defend HQ's Delta Section.
  • You'll start with some veteran soldiers and base security personnel (a.k.a. Blueshirts). Delta section has been cut off and you'll have to defend it from the aliens. The aliens will attack in waves.
    • The soldiers you get will always be the ones at the top of the list in the "view soldiers" area of the Barracks, which orders your soldiers first by rank, then by missions, then kills and finally arrival date.
    • Soldiers that are injured, on covert operations, in psionic testing, in the genetics lab or undergoing cybernetic augmentation at the time that the aliens strike are "unavailable" and will be passed over when the game selects your starting soldiers and reinforcement waves.
  • If you lose the mission you'll lose the game.
    • You can restart the mission if you lose with a new RNG seed, this will work with Ironman enabled too.
  • Your combat soldiers will be equipped with what they have at the moment in the Barracks and the base security will have Assault Rifles and Frag Grenades.
    • Keeping your highest ranked soldiers equipped is one of the most crucial things you can do to make this mission easier.
  • You'll get 3 waves of reinforcements each time Bradford informs you that they've managed to reopen the security door.
    • Each time you receive reinforcements you'll get 1 of your combat soldiers, plus 0-2 Blueshirts.
    • You will only receive reinforcements in the second and third waves if you have taken combat losses, as the game will not allow you to have more than 8 active soldiers at once.
  • The Blueshirts will have -1 HP and -10 Will than a Rookie.
    • If you get Tactical Rigging, the base security personnel will have 2 grenades instead of one.
    • Although Base Security personnel may earn promotions during the mission, you won't get to keep them as soldiers.
  • Delta Section has a rectangular design, consisting of 4 linked sections: Rear Guard Station, Command Center, Mech Bay and Forward Access Tunnel.
  • At the end of the mission Bradford will comment that "we still need to find how this was possible", although you'll need to play the Progeny campaign to learn about it.
  • Depending on game progression, the Ethereal may be introduced in this mission

Site Recon

Main article: Site Recon (EU2012)
Mission Intro, Brief & Objectives
Site Recon (EU2012).png

Our sources report a developing incident in Newfoundland, up the coast from St. John's. A fishing village has gone dark; reports from intel sources suggest alien involvement. We should send in a team to investigate the site and figure out what happened.

The fishing village still shows no signs of life. The nature of the aliens' involvement is unknown, as is the type and level of resistance. Extreme caution is warranted.

  • Investigate the site
  • Identify and eliminate all opposition


  • This mission involves a Chryssalid hive.
  • Site Recon is always the first Council mission after you fight Chryssalids for the first time, during your first playthrough of EW, (in other words: anytime after your first Terror mission). In later playthroughs it becomes a random Council mission, although still limited so that it won't appear before your first Terror Mission.
    • The lone Chryssalid in Friends in Low Places of the Slingshot DLC on easy doesn't count towards your next council mission becoming Site Recon. [Verify?]
    • On normal or above, however, it does.
  • To complete the mission you'll need to move a soldier to the ship's bridge and activate the transponder. Afterwards your squad will have 8 turns to get back to the Skyranger deployment zone. Any soldiers left outside after that timer will be killed by the air strike that will take place afterwards.
  • As the whole area is carpet-bombed into oblivion, you will not be receiving a massive surplus of Chryssalid corpses for sale and resources.
  • You will only face Chryssalids and Zombies on this mission. Equip accordingly.
  • The Council reward is Panic reduction for Canada.

Interface Changes

  • There is an inventory button to strip away all items from Soldiers not in the squad lineup ("Make items available").
  • You can now personalize your soldier's voice according to its nationality (French soldiers can speak in French or any other language) using the available audio packs for the current language editions (following languages were confirmed: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Polish, Russian). The personalisation applies to soldiers nicknames as well.
  • As part of the previous, Saudi Arabia has been replaced with Poland in the list of countries where you can recruit your soldiers.
  • Memorial (place where you see fallen soldiers) will have additional information shown: cause of death.
  • A.C. Clarke's quote at the beginning of the game has been replaced with one from the futurist Buckminster Fuller: Those who play with the devil’s toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword.
  • Color customization options now apply also to weapons being carried by the soldier, as well as armor.
    • MEC Troopers have a new customization feature allowing to choose between tiger stripes, flames, or spiral decorations.
    • More helmets, armor decos and colors.

Advanced Options

Before starting a game it is possible to choose between a number of options:

  • Tutorial
  • Meld Tutorial
  • Operation Slingshot
  • Operation Progeny
  • Ironman - Single save, no reloading when something goes wrong. Some people play "Honestman" a no-reloads campaign, but with the possibility to reload in case of bugs, misclicks, glitches, etc.
  • Reduced Beginner VO - To shut up Drs. Vahlen and Shen.
    • Disables: warning about blowing up aliens, new UFO type comment, new armor 'demonstration', new alien type comment,
    • Does not disable: Generator "watch your fire" comment, Computer "Bring it back" comment, Stasis Tank comment in Alien Base, comments at start of Council Missions

New Achievements

Main article: Achievements (EU2012)

The following achievements are available on all platforms.

Image Name Description Xbox Gamerscore PS3 Trophy Notes
The following 30 achievements require the Enemy Within DLC.
Anger Management (EU2012).jpg

Anger Management

Proc Combat Rush on the entire squad (min. 4) 20 Gamescore.png Have at least 1 soldier (easier with 2) with the Adrenal Neurosympathy genetic mod on a mission. 'Pheromones' have significant range, so no need to risk Grenade Bait formations; just be close enough to have all squad members to be affected.
Rise of the Machines (EU2012).jpg

Rise of the Machines

Field a squad consisting entirely of augmented soldiers and SHIVs (min. 4) and win the mission 20 Gamescore.png
Mutatis Mutandis (EU2012).jpg

Mutatis Mutandis

Field a squad where all members have at least two modifications (min. 4) and win the mission 20 Gamescore.png
Mental Minefield (EU2012).jpg

Mental Minefield

Kill an enemy as it is psionically attacking you in single player 40 Gamescore.png Neural Feedback's base damage is 7. Weaken it before the Sectoid Commander's/Ethereal's turn.
Tingling Sensation (EU2012).jpg

Tingling Sensation

Kill an unseen enemy detected by a specially modified soldier in single player 40 Gamescore.png In battle, soldiers with Bioelectric Skin can detect enemies behind doors and walls and such. Use of high explosives (and hoping it's a low-HP alien) is the easiest way to get this.
Steel Martyr (EU2012).jpg

Steel Martyr

Deploy three tactical subsystems on a single soldier in single player 40 Gamescore.png Fully upgrade a MEC unit's Power Armor
Enemy Within (EU2012).jpg

Enemy Within

Get a Soldier to have 5 modifications in single player 20 Gamescore.png
Who Needs Limbs (EU2012).jpg

Who Needs Limbs?

Augment a soldier in single player 20 Gamescore.png
A Little Bit Alien (EU2012).jpg

A Little Bit Alien

Modify a soldier in single player 20 Gamescore.png
Mind the Step (EU2012).jpg

Mind the Step

Jump two stories in one move in single player 20 Gamescore.png Muscle Fiber Density Gen Mod
Someone Your Own Size (EU2012).jpg

Someone Your Own Size

Kill a Muton Berserker in melee combat in single player 20 Gamescore.png MEC unit with Kinetic Punch
The Meld Squad (EU2012).jpg

The Meld Squad

Field a fully enhanced squad and win the mission 20 Gamescore.png Gen Modded squad, at least one each. Essentialy the prereq to Mutatis Mutandis
By Our Powers Combined (EU2012).jpg

By Our Powers Combined

Field a squad with 4 augmented soldiers, each with a different base ability and win the mission 40 Gamescore.png Requires 4 MEC soldiers who were originally one of each class. Can be done with Rise Of The Machines.
Nice Cover (EU2012).jpg

Nice Cover

Use Collateral Damage to blow up a car in single player 20 Gamescore.png Requires a MEC soldier
Taking A Load Off (EU2012).jpg

Taking A Load Off

Stop a squad member from suffocating in single player 20 Gamescore.png
Shieldbuster (EU2012).jpg


Eliminate an enemy's shield and kill it on the same turn in single player 20 Gamescore.png
Guardian of Earth (EU2012).jpg

Guardian of Earth

Designate a highly decorated soldier as the Volunteer 100 Gamescore.png Medals are acquired through missions. There seems to be a limit on how many medals can be acquired. Riskiest medal is the one that requires a soldier to die or be Critically Wounded. After the cap is reached, it seems no more are given.
Best way to obtain this Achievement is to save 1 of each medal until you have your PSI Soldier and then give him the 5 medals before making him the Volunteer.
Pain in the Neck (EU2012).jpg

Pain in the Neck

Cause an enemy to suicide 40 Gamescore.png This is done by successfully stunning an EXALT enemy using an Arc Thrower
An Army Of Four (EU2012).jpg

An Army Of Four

Beat the game without buying a Squad Size upgrade (Classic+ difficulty) 100 Gamescore.png
Solid Prospect (EU2012).jpg

Solid Prospect

Complete Deluge 20 Gamescore.png Progeny (Slingshot type Council mission)
Great Minds Think Alike (EU2012).jpg

Ours are the Furies

Complete Furies 20 Gamescore.png Progeny (Slingshot type Council mission)
A landed Abductor in a snowy level: there is a unique command console in the middle room, just outside the bridge's door. Destroy or deactivate it.
Remington (EU2012).jpg

Remington… Max Remington

Have your special-duty soldier kill three enemies in the same mission 40 Gamescore.png Flanking and grenades help, especially if, with Training Roulette, they're a pistol-carrying class with Grenadier (normally only Heavies). Tactical Rigging from the Foundry is also a big help. Having your full-kit soldiers soften targets is key.
Elite Defense (EU2012).jpg

Elite Defense

Beat a new special mission without losing any assets 40 Gamescore.png
G’day (EU2012).jpg


Kill an elite enemy Sniper with one of your own snipers in single player 20 Gamescore.png Elite Snipers will be carrying the EXALT version of the Laser Sniper Rifle
Regenerate This (EU2012).jpg

Regenerate This

Kill an elite enemy Medic with explosive damage in single player 20 Gamescore.png Elite Medics will be carrying the EXALT Laser Assault Rifle
All Hands on Deck (EU2012).jpg

All Hands on Deck

Get at least 4 kills with XCOM Base Security personnel 20 Gamescore.png Base Security are in blue-tint armor. They're essentially Rookies, so beware Panic chains. Their Assault Rifles have a base damage of 4, so they're 1 point less useless than what you're saddled with in the first mission. The easiest way to get this is to get Tactical Rigging so they carry two frag grenades and throw them around liberally at low HP aliens.
Apotheosis Denied (EU2012).jpg

Apotheosis Denied

Deal with the newest global threat 100 Gamescore.png After "Where In The World", clear out the EXALT base
They Shall Not Pass (EU2012).jpg

They Shall Not Pass

Eliminate all alien waves 20 Gamescore.png Base Defense
Zom-B-Gone (EU2012).jpg


Eradicate the infestation 20 Gamescore.png Complete Site Recon, aka "Operation: Run Like A Bitch"
Where in The World (EU2012).jpg

Where in the World

Make certain of the new threat's location 40 Gamescore.png Either through Intelligence scans or in response to EXALT attacks (at the great risk of lost money, lost research, and Panic gains), sucessfully complete at least 3 covert operations to gain clues to open the chance to accuse a country of harboring the EXALT base. You can do more Covert ops untill all 15 other countries are deduced out (or savescum and go one by one)

Bug Fixes

Several issues have been fixed, including Line of Sight.

  • Teleporting of aliens has been removed.
  • Flanking bugs have been fixed.
    • This includes the 'glitch' of a cornered alien that's flanked and being Overwatched going into "panic" (a.k.a. "Overwatch Freeze") and no longer taking actions.


  • In one of the interviews there's a mention by the lead designer that they moved more settings to the game's .INI files rather than the Unreal script to help modders.


  • You can now edit your squad on offline mode.
  • 8 more maps for Multiplayer.
  • Grenades/Rockets and XCOM Rookies cost have been reduced, because they're considered overpriced.
  • EXALT units can be used.

Easter Eggs

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

William Carter

  • Giving a soldier the name William Carter will bring forth an XCOM Hero in homage to the main character on the Bureau.
  • Carter's fedora hat is now available as a new hair style.
William Carter 2.png
Name William Carter
Nickname "Old Timer"
HP 20 + 8
Aim 100
Defense 0 + 20
Will 80
Movement 12

William "Old Timer" Carter is a unique American Assault class soldier and the main protagonist in the prequel, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

Carter loadout:

As a Colonel, he will have the following abilities:

Run and Gun
Tactical Sense
Close and Personal
Rapid Fire
Close Combat Specialist
Extra Conditioning

He is capable of MEC conversion and Gene Mods, but cannot undergo Psi testing (presumably because Asaru is no longer connected to him). His voice pack is a generic one, and not Mark Hildreth [4].


  • The Meld Recombination research project states on the project results description: "While searching our records for any references to a material with similar properties, I uncovered a number of redacted data stores created in the 1960s, but much of that information appears to be lost".

X-COM: Terror From The Deep

  • During the mission on the Chryssalid Hive, which takes place on a small fishing village off Canada, Bradford will comment "That ship didn't just run aground... it looks like it was overrun. I'd say that's the likely source of our Chryssalid problem... I guess we should just be thankful it wasn't a cruise liner."
  • Afterwards, if the mission is successful, the debriefing will say: "We've got a hint of how at least one of the aliens would transform the Earth, if given the chance. We'll have to assess future risk to the world's oceans from the Chryssalid reproductive processes the squad documented."

Firaxis Games/Sid Meier

DeAngelis game image
  • A picture of Garth DeAngelis, Lead Producer on Enemy Unknown and Associate Producer on Enemy Within, can be seen on the FastFood EWI map, a.k.a Bank.
  • One EW achievement is called Remington... Max Remington (Sid Meier's Covert Action)
  • Two new lines of dialogue have been added to Bradford:
    • "Don't patch that through - No....we're here to track alien activity, not investigate haunted houses." (Haunted Hollow)
    • "I don't want to hear anything else about forming an ace patrol... we don't have time for alien dogfights." (Sid Meier's Ace Patrol)