ADVENT Turret (LW2)

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Force Level
Pod Max
XCOM2 ADVENTturret.jpg
Armor 1 - 3 Health 4 - 14
Mobility 0 Detection Radius 10 - 12
Aim 65 - 75 Armor Piercing 0
Crit Chance 0 - 10 Defense 0
Dodge 0 Will 50
Hack Defense 30 - 75

ADVENT turrets are AI operated mechanized static defenses. Like most robotic units, they have above average amounts of armor, ignore fire and poison, cannot utilize cover, and are vulnerable to anti-mech weapons and protocols. They are most often found as part of ADVENT checkpoints, hardened facilities, or mounted on ADVENT trains. They possess notably poor aim, but are often stationed on roofs or other high ground.

The durability of heavier turrets increases markedly, while their hack defense reaches a much lower relative ceiling.

ADVENT Turret Abilities
Ability Rank Required
Mechanical Chassis
This unit is immune to fire and poison damage.
Turret (Mk1)
You can target enemies within squadmates' sight, provided there is line of sight to the target.
Turret (Mk1)
  • Turrets have unlimited ammo, never needing to reload.
  • Firing it's primary weapon does not end the turret's turn, effectively giving it Light 'Em Up.
  • The turret AI appears to favor either discarding it's second action or going into overwatch instead of firing a second time.
  • Though much more difficult to do with Long War's environmental damage, destroying the floor under a turret will instantly kill it.
  • Taking control of a turret via hacking while the squad is concealed will cause the turret to be concealed as well.
ADVENT Turret Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
Damage Control
All ranks 20%
Iron Skin
Iron Skin
All ranks 100%