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Anna Sing is an escaped abductee who XCOM is sent to rescue from Boulevard Road in order to find out how she escaped and what the Aliens want with the Abductees.

As her and her mission were removed from the Enemy Within expansion, the similar first name, and the method of their recovery: it is evident Anna is the conceptual basis for Annette and her story line.

Anna Sing
Anna Sing

"You're looking for an Anna Sing, the only person known to have escaped from alien captivity. Our mission is to locate her somewhere on that block and get her out of there."

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

Anna Sing's Quotes

  • "You have to help me! There's, there's just so many of them. They're... everywhere! We have to get out of here!!"
  • "Help me! Over here!
  • "Over here! I'm here!"
  • "Where are you?! Help!"
  • "Why did the aliens even come after me? What makes me so special?"
  • "I dunno who you are, but I'd probably be dead right now if you hadn't shown up."
  • "Those...things...they had so many bodies in there ...I just don't understand it!"
  • "Thank god you found me! I would have ended up just like...all the...others."
  • "Nooo! I won't go back! Why did this happen!? No! Stay away from me!"
  • "Thank you! Oh my god, thank you so much!"